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Makeup vanity design must-haves?

Hi everyone,


We're remodeling our house and turning a spare bedroom into a walk-in closet.  The closet in that room will be become my makeup vanity area.  We removed the doors from the closet.


The closet is only half as deep as a regular closet, as the other half was taken up by the adjoining room's remodel.


I think it is the perfect size for a counter top with a vanity chair in front.  I can put several shelves on the walls on each side to hold makeup palettes, etc.  And, of course, good mirrors and lighting!


What would you do with such a space?  Looking for ideas, either in the design of it, what should be in a vanity, or how would you paint/decorate it?  I am excited about it!

Re: Makeup vanity design must-haves?

Did you have this custom built? I have been looking for a makeup desk like this for years!  Smiley Happy

Re: Makeup vanity design must-haves?

where is that lower mirror from? Love the design! 

I built it with IKEA pieces. All the vanites I wanted were way too expensive or didn't hold enough. This is my temporary fix until I find the right piece. It's in our bedroom (picture is taken from the door) so I want to spruce it up a bit. We're more shabby chic kind of people, all out furniture is rustic & handmade. This is a little too modern for our liking, but it will do for now Smiley Tongue 

Re: Makeup vanity design must-haves?

I completely forgot about IKEA when searching for a desk/vanity!  Like for you, the desk is a little too modern to match with our furniture (we have a more old-world European decor), but I need something that is somewhat portable and can be moved, and I am frankly desperate for something with a lot of drawers Smiley Wink 


Both mirrors I posted are from Vanity Girl Hollywood. The vertical mirror is called the Broadway Lighted Vanity Mirror, and the horizontal mirror (the one you like) is called the Starlet Lighted Vanity Mirror.  They also make an all-in-one make-up station with a mirror, but unfortunately the stations do not have any storage space!  The mirrors and stations come in gloss white, black, and silver.

Re: Makeup vanity design must-haves?

By the way - these were the makeup mirrors I was considering.  I think they would work perfectly on the desk/vanity like yours.  I am just trying to find the perfect spot for mine since this house is already cluttered with  



Re: Makeup vanity design must-haves?

The shelves look similar to the Alex drawer units from Ikea.  I really want to get one to store my makeup in.

Re: Makeup vanity design must-haves?

that's what it is Smiley Wink 

Re: Makeup vanity design must-haves?

How do you like them?  I keep looking at the wider one on rollars.

Re: Makeup vanity design must-haves?

It's IKEA... I don't like much about it. It's cheap & won't last... that's what happens when you pay $300 for a vanity you built. It will do for now, but it's only temporary. 

Re: Makeup vanity design must-haves?

I'm refinishing my mom's old vanity now, but it only has 2 drawers and I need to find something else to use in conjunction with it to store my palettes, etc in. It would be nice to be able to put all my nail polish bottles in there too. 

Re: Makeup vanity design must-haves?

The two thinner drawers on the top are perfect size, the thicker 3 towards the bottom I feel are a waste. Right now I have makeup bags in one, nail polish double stacked in another, and some recent purchases that haven't been sorted. The this drawers are nice and organized, the larger ones are mess. 

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