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Makeup vanity design must-haves?

Hi everyone,


We're remodeling our house and turning a spare bedroom into a walk-in closet.  The closet in that room will be become my makeup vanity area.  We removed the doors from the closet.


The closet is only half as deep as a regular closet, as the other half was taken up by the adjoining room's remodel.


I think it is the perfect size for a counter top with a vanity chair in front.  I can put several shelves on the walls on each side to hold makeup palettes, etc.  And, of course, good mirrors and lighting!


What would you do with such a space?  Looking for ideas, either in the design of it, what should be in a vanity, or how would you paint/decorate it?  I am excited about it!

Re: Makeup vanity design must-haves?

I like to go on pinterest and look for vanity themes, they have everything from; glam, to classic, to bright and fun. I also like to search for makeup storage and organization on pinterest because it incorporates the design into the functionality of the setup.

Re: Makeup vanity design must-haves?

How exciting! Smiley Happy


I kinda have a "vanity" in my room. lol.  It's a computer desk turned into a make-up desk.  Love the drawers so I can sit there and grab whatever I need close to me. They are all on one side. I have organizers inside them. I have a big mirror on the wall and an extra light.  So for me drawers by my side is a must as well as an electrical outlet for hair dryer and such. Mine is white because I like the look but it does get dirty a bit. Maybe next time I'll get a glass top. Smiley Wink  Although this is a surface that is "cheap" and does get dirty.


You can paint the wall inside the closet a different color so it becomes a feature wall. =)

Re: Makeup vanity design must-haves?

Yeah I second Pinterest for ideas =)

Re: Makeup vanity design must-haves?

I have always wanted to a customized vanity area... :-)   A friend has a vanity area in her walk-in closet (it is more the size of a room).  One of my favorite features of it is that her counter top area has a glass-top display case (it opens from the top) for her jewels and items that she wants to see and be able to find and reach for quickly.

Re: Makeup vanity design must-haves?

I've been wanting a makeup room/massive closet for years now! I think they're great if you're truly passionate about makeup and fashion...especially if you have to get up early and don't want to disturb your significant other. Plus it's a wonderful place to store girly knick knacks.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Makeup vanity design must-haves?

I really like the wall paneling in one of the previous pictures!another tip is to search YouTube for videos, a lot of times they'll tell you where they purchased certain items which is sometimes difficult with pinterest, but I'd use a combo of both for inspiration. I also think it looks pretty when there's either a cute cushioned bench in the muddle of the room or if more storage is needed a table with drawers/cabinets and a pretty faux flower vase or pretty display on top.

Re: Makeup vanity design must-haves?

All of the pictures are soooo pretty and I would love to add one of these into my house when we move.. unfortunately mine would never stay that pretty! I cannot imagine how compulsive a cleaner I would have to become to achieve this look on a daily basis.

Once all of my kids move out this would be totally doable but for right now I have to keep it all in my stack of Rubbermaid...but make sure you don't use  a bright green paint. Try to stick to softer blues or peaches as they enhance your complexion.

Re: Makeup vanity design must-haves?

#1 for me is good, BRIGHT white light with white walls. Any other color and I won't be able to see that this pink blush is actually coral and it needs more blending.


Re: Makeup vanity design must-haves?

Mine looks something like this, still missing a mirror & stool Smiley Sad 

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