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Makeup & Shoes; like peanut-butter & jelly, right? ;)

Hello ladies! I was wondering if any of you have checked out or ordered shoes off For those who aren't familiar with it, it is an online shoe store put together by Rachel Bilson, designer Steve Madden, and stylist Nicole Chavez, and it is basically a monthly membership where you can order these limited edition designer shoes for just $80!!! (You can skip as many months as you want so there is not a requirement to make a purchase every month.) Anyway, I instantly fell in love with these cowboy booties and to make matters worse after I signed up they sent me a 20% off code....oh how they tempt me! I'm trying to resist but they fact that they're almost sold out and LE is driving me crazy. (I told you all I wouldn't last in a January no-buy!) If you haven't checked it out you definitely should, and if you HAVE let me know what you think Smiley Very Happy

ShoeMint Janice in Taupe Suede 1.jpg

Re: Makeup & Shoes; like peanut-butter & jelly, right? ;)

Oh my . . . CUTENESS! Those boots are adorable. They look like you're able to pull it off with many outfits. Shoes and makeup are also my obsession. I feel like I buy many pairs, but only use a couple. They sure are lovely to look at in my closet though. Smiley Very Happy Like Janine, I'm also signed up for Shoe Dazzle and lately their selection hasn't been as great. I'll definitely check it out. Thanks for the post. 





Re: Makeup & Shoes; like peanut-butter & jelly, right? ;)

AHHHHH I'm so excited for these cowboy booties!! I have really muscular calves, so regular cowboy boots look funky on me Smiley Sad But I'm like, 99% sure that these booties are something I can pull off! I'm super stoked to know that they exist! Thanks for sharing you all! Smiley Happy

Re: Makeup & Shoes; like peanut-butter & jelly, right? ;)

Thank you @kimmi and @prettyinpa for the advice! I definitely will try on similar boots before I purchase! That is definitely the downside of ordering shoes off line; you can't test them out first. But, you don't have to twist my arm to get me into a shoe store Smiley Happy


I'm glad I'm not the only one here addicted to shoes!


@ssmittys - I am right there with you on the muscular calves and its part of why I fell in love with these. I also really love that they have a small but thick heel. I have horrible coordination and I'm 5'10" so when I wear anything over 3" I look like a clumsy giant!

Re: Makeup & Shoes; like peanut-butter & jelly, right? ;)

Ooh, those shoes are CUTE with a capital "C"!  Shoes, makeup and jeans are my obsessions!  I have way too many shoes and now that I have to wear orthotics, most of them don't fit and I can't wear high heels any more but do I get rid of them? No!


Kimmi's suggestion of trying a rounded toe cowboy boot before you get these is right on. I have trouble with some of my riding boots because my pinky hits the outside of the rounded toe, they are definitely a different feel than regular shaped cowboy boots. 

Steve Madden makes some of the most comfortable boots around though, I have about 7 pairs of his motorcycle boots, riding boots (tall and short) and a pair of booties. 

Re: Makeup & Shoes; like peanut-butter & jelly, right? ;)

I've not heard of that site before, but those cowgirl boots are cute!  Before you do decide to order, try to find a pair of boots somewhere to try on with a similar toe style if you've not worn boots like that before.  Some styles may feel more comfortable to you than others.  From the angle of the picture, it looks like they come to a rounded point.  I have a pair of Justin Gypsy cowgirl boots I wear a lot that have a rounded toe.  I'm on my second pair that I got back in 2010.  My first pair I got when I was a Sophormore in high school.  After a few years of wear, the leather on the inside busted.  They're very comfortable, though.  They keep my feet warm, and I sometimes wear them while on my dirt bike if I'm not wearing my Fox riding boots.



Re: Makeup & Shoes; like peanut-butter & jelly, right? ;)

OMYGoodness!! Great another addiction.. ;-) Both Boots are Adorable, Girls!! I don't think I should get online and shop.. Ahhhh! I have to though.. AngieB. ( Maybe I shall Check VonMaur Shoe Clearance first.. )

Re: Makeup & Shoes; like peanut-butter & jelly, right? ;)

I cannot agree more. Shoes and makeup are two of my biggest obsessions!


Cute boots sara505 and kimmi1115! I'm actually in the market for a few new booties and knee highs. I've actually never used any of the various monthly shoe websites, but I have heard really great things from all of my friends that do. I'm signed up for ShoeDazzle but rarely like any of the shoes that they pick out for me, so perhaps I'll give this site a chance. I can't even remember the last time I purchased something in a store. After years of working in retail I no longer really enjoy shopping in stores; the chaos, the lines, the scavenger hunt for finding your size...and then being disappointed when they don't have it.



Whimsically yours,

Re: Makeup & Shoes; like peanut-butter & jelly, right? ;)

I LOVE shoes. I have way too many pairs and considering I must be 28 going on 78, my feet always hurt and I can't wear nearly ANY of them now! Smiley Happy 


Shoes and Lipgloss were my obsessions a few years back. I've managed to calm down and just be obsessed with lipgloss but the shoe bug still hits sometimes! Smiley Happy That definitely looks like a fun site, especially just for browsing and looking at all the different styles. I still have a brand new pair of leopard print stiletto heels I bought from working in a department store a few years back. I had a great discount and HAD to have them.. But have I worn them yet? NO! Still wrapped in tissue paper in their box and they only come out to try on with outfits. Then I realize "wow I won't be able to walk in these" and back in the box they go. Waste of money maybe, but knowing I bought myself designer shoes helps me not think of it. hahaha

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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