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Makeup Tutorials for Hooded Eyes

I've noticed that the majority of makeup tutorials seem to feature women with big eyelids (which sounds a bit strange, I just mean to say that they have plenty of space between lashline and crease). I have hooded eyelids with just a bit of crease showing. It's not at all a bad thing: Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence and Aubrey Plaza are all super gorgeous and have hooded eyes. I'm just a bit frustrated when I reach the end of the tutorial I'm watching and Michelle Phan or whoever tells you to finish it off with a thin line of black eyeliner and I know that if I line my eyes with black eyeliner that's all that would show. So many tutorials are completely irrelevant to me. I know this is an issue that girls with monolids face with a lot of popular makeup tutorials. 

I guess I don't really have a question, I just wanted to share my hooded eyelid inner turmoil with any girls who feel the same. It's not as if our eye shape is uncommon, it's just that larger eyelids have the most visibility (pun?) in the makeup community.

Maybe we could put together our own tutorials of how we wear our eye makeup to help beginners with hooded eyelids and just to share looks.collage.jpg

Re: Makeup Tutorials for Hooded Eyes

i love this, i don't have hooded eyes but i do have small eyes and always wanted to see a tutorial on how to make small eyes pop.

Re: Makeup Tutorials for Hooded Eyes

Great feedback tashalicious!


I think hooded eyes (and all eyes!) are gorgeous! SO many makeup tips and tricks you can do to really enhance your lids and make them look even more beautiful. Shimmers and neutrals are your friends for enlarging the eyes and so are nude or white liners in the waterline Smiley Happy Subtle colors as well as dabs of shimmer in the inner corners of the eye are beautiful to make your eyes stand out as well as brow highlighting-  easy little tricks that you will notice make a huge difference!  The trick is to avoid too dark colors or matte shadows which can cause the eyes to appear smaller. Sticking to brown or grey liners (even navy blue!) is your best option instead of going for solid black tones.


As long as you are sharing your inner eye turmoil, I will share mine which is the opposite! I have to say, I would "technically" fit in the larger lid category except my eye type is known as "protruding eye" which I actually find quite offensive and insulting, as if my large eyes are popping out to the point of sounding like something is wrong with them. Often the makeup tricks featured in magazines don't apply to me as they just look ridiculous and too much shadow looks silly on lots of lid. Or as an old coworker told me I had, "lots of real estate". =/  I am constantly trying to "smallen" my eyes on a near daily basis.


Just to get the idea of what I mean:



Nicole Richie


Betty Davis


Emmy Rossum

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Makeup Tutorials for Hooded Eyes

Thanks for sharing. I guess we all have our pet peeves about ourselves. We should be glad with what we were blessed with and celebrate it for what it is-- Beauty is how we define it.

Re: Makeup Tutorials for Hooded Eyes

I also try to do the techniques I see in videos with my hooded eyes. I either look incredibly strange, or you can't even tell I did anything. It is very frustrating - which is why I usually stick to the same simple look Smiley Sad

Re: Makeup Tutorials for Hooded Eyes

That's why I think it could be a cool idea to share our hooded eye looks. We can't all being doing the same thing, so we're bound to learn something new!

Re: Makeup Tutorials for Hooded Eyes

I'm not sure if mine are considered hooded or not.  I always just thought I had a saggy brow bone Smiley Wink  


But I agree with jellybean917--I try different things and can't tell I did anything.  


I was looking at tutorials about this yesterday.  One of them is exactly what I do (just pure coincidence).  I guess I'll just focus more on lipstick and leave my eye simple.  

Re: Makeup Tutorials for Hooded Eyes

I feel your pain!! I wish I had a nice crease. I have hooded eyes but also a lot of space between my eye and my eye brow... I've tried to do that middle look you posted and it never comes out right! All those YTvideos made it look so easy on girls with a crease... I wish!

Re: Makeup Tutorials for Hooded Eyes

I have a very small crease and little space between my crease and brow. I'm glad I've figured how to work with my eyes though. I've liked a lot of pictures of runway models with cool makeup and hooded eyes on tumblr, maybe I should gather them up and start a hooded eyes blog Smiley Happy

Re: Makeup Tutorials for Hooded Eyes

I have the same problem! And i wish i could do everything they do... But it just doesnt look the same!

Re: Makeup Tutorials for Hooded Eyes

SweetFirefly, I sent you a private message Smiley Happy


I like to look up tutorials on youtube that are specifically for hooded eyes. I have semi-hooded lids and round eyes. So I have to do my eye makeup differently than most. 

Re: Makeup Tutorials for Hooded Eyes

Appreciate the share, i guess we all have our bugaboos. So the take away is be happy with yourself and make the most with what the Lord gave you. Beauty is how we define it.

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