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Macy's BF - 20% EXTRA Savings + Ebates + Thanks for Sharing!

Excited so I have to share - and maybe someone else can double up this way too...Just placed an order for two Cashmere sweaters and some hand towels at Macy's online -- and get this


1 Sweater was$39.99 (marked down from $129)

One was $69.99 (marked down from $129)

Hand Towels 2x16.99 (regularly $20 each)


PLUS 20% Off of that with Macy's rewards pass (or online code, just google it -- or 15% off with code THANKS)

PLUS 10% Back for Thanks for Sharing on my Macy's Card

PLUS 10% Back from Ebates

PLUS Free Shipping over $99



SO basically I paid about $95 (after my rebates) for what would be $280 at regular price. Wohoo.


I feel like I really made out!

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