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Love BT Promotions

I think it is so awesome that Sephora did the eyeshadow promotion for the BT community a few months back.  I think it was a win-win. It got us in the store (I'm sure some of us picked up a little something when we went to swatch...) and then we get to try a new product!


I just really wanted to post a huge thank you!  (I haven't received mine yet but I'm like a hopeful puppy each day when I look for the mail).


I hope that we can do more of these really neat promotions within the BT community in the future. Smiley Happy Thank you!



Re: Love BT Promotions

Totally agree with you on all points.

Re: Love BT Promotions

@roxystar4- Thanks for your positive way to view both sides.Smiley Happy

Re: Love BT Promotions

@dannyc I understand your comment but I was just pointing out that I wasn't able to participate and it is nice when online people can. This is an online community.. many people only shop online because there aren't stores around/they just choose to. I definitely don't feel "entitled to" anything or not thankful for promotions.. that wasn't how I meant it or anyone else meant it I'm sure. We were just stating something we wanted. There isn't anything wrong with that. I didn't mean my comment in any way of a negative form which is why I put a smiley face and said that it was a great opportunity for people who were able to participate. Sorry if you read it as me being a brat and being ungrateful because that is the last thing I am and I think I can say for other people who also posted the same concerns is that that is not how we meant for our comment to come across. It was just pointing out an aspect to the promotion that would be nice if they changed in future promotions.

Re: Love BT Promotions

Not at all, just a general comment that it's impossible to please everyone. I remember a while back a youtuber I was following was having a contest. Like most youtube gurus she was cross promoting on twitter & FB. There were multiple ways to enter, all entires would go into a form & one was chosen at random. My tweet won (I entered on YT, FB & numerous times on twitter). Everyone was pissed off because she was a YT guru, who announced the giveaway on YT but chose a winner from twitter. She has many followers on twitter who aren't subscribed to her YT because of her witty tweets... she's funny! 

It is what it is. It would be nice if contests & promos could include & please all, but it's just not possible. 

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