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Love BT Promotions

I think it is so awesome that Sephora did the eyeshadow promotion for the BT community a few months back.  I think it was a win-win. It got us in the store (I'm sure some of us picked up a little something when we went to swatch...) and then we get to try a new product!


I just really wanted to post a huge thank you!  (I haven't received mine yet but I'm like a hopeful puppy each day when I look for the mail).


I hope that we can do more of these really neat promotions within the BT community in the future. Smiley Happy Thank you!



Re: Love BT Promotions

I'm with KD006, I wasn't able to get to the store and I don't have a camera anyways, so I am so envious of all you guys who got a shadow.

Please, Sephora, think of us stay-at-home shoppers who spend our time on BT, and include us in your promotions.

Re: Love BT Promotions

 you can use the camera on ur phone!

Re: Love BT Promotions

Oh, my phone is so ancient that the camera doesn't work! Where I live is so far from cell towers that the phone doesn't work half the time, so I never got a new one. (Even if I had a camera, I take rotten pictures anyways, or so I've been told, lol)!

Re: Love BT Promotions

I think it was a great opportunity for everyone, but hopefully they do things for people who can only shop online! I can't make it to a store very often and it would be nice if they did little perks like that for the online shoppers (which a lot of us BTers are!) Smiley Happy

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