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Love BT Promotions

I think it is so awesome that Sephora did the eyeshadow promotion for the BT community a few months back.  I think it was a win-win. It got us in the store (I'm sure some of us picked up a little something when we went to swatch...) and then we get to try a new product!


I just really wanted to post a huge thank you!  (I haven't received mine yet but I'm like a hopeful puppy each day when I look for the mail).


I hope that we can do more of these really neat promotions within the BT community in the future. Smiley Happy Thank you!



Re: Love BT Promotions

I think it was a great opportunity for everyone, but hopefully they do things for people who can only shop online! I can't make it to a store very often and it would be nice if they did little perks like that for the online shoppers (which a lot of us BTers are!) Smiley Happy

Re: Love BT Promotions

I'm with KD006, I wasn't able to get to the store and I don't have a camera anyways, so I am so envious of all you guys who got a shadow.

Please, Sephora, think of us stay-at-home shoppers who spend our time on BT, and include us in your promotions.

Re: Love BT Promotions

 you can use the camera on ur phone!

Re: Love BT Promotions

Oh, my phone is so ancient that the camera doesn't work! Where I live is so far from cell towers that the phone doesn't work half the time, so I never got a new one. (Even if I had a camera, I take rotten pictures anyways, or so I've been told, lol)!

Re: Love BT Promotions

Maybe if Sephora chooses to be generous again, they can do an online/BT community promo and include the people who live far from the stores? 


I just think it is really great that Sephora wanted to give back to their online BT community. 

Re: Love BT Promotions

Hi Roxystar4, I'm so glad you enjoyed the eyeshadow promo! You should be receiving your shadow very soon. Keep checking back for future promos! Smiley Happy

Re: Love BT Promotions

I loved the idea of an interactive promo! Sure the relaunch of the newly formulated shadows would have been exciting enough, and I'm sure the Sephora staff could have always created their own swatch photos, but it was a great way for us users to go and actually get a feel for the product and even post a variety of different skin tones so we can see what the shades look like on!


I say keep the interactive promos coming! It was great and boy, did I find some shades that caught my eye!

Re: Love BT Promotions

i agree, the promo got me in the store and looking. I like the interactive part too.  I wonder if there is a way to make it interactive and yet allow for online only girls to participate? 

Re: Love BT Promotions

@prettyinpa- I agree I'm the same as you an at home shopper and I hope Sephora keeps that in mind the next time they promo.

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