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Lottery ticket fever

At work this morning all the employees are passing around this envelope so one of them can go drive 2 hours away to purchase lotto tickets (mega millions). I think I was the only one that didn't put any money in it. Personally, I wouldn't want to win the lottery. Too much greed and spoiled lives, not to mention the bickering between family and friends. That's ok I'll pass and live contently not having to worry which charity or people I would give away my winnings to. Talk about a stress factor, then again you could have a lifetime supply of Sephora products! Do you think having a business doing the "lotto run" together is a nay or a yay? What about yourself, do you buy tickets or are you oppose to it? 


Re: Lottery ticket fever

My parents friend was almost going to win the 400 mil but he didnt buy the one that was the winning ticket bc it was stained. He filed out a second ticket of random numbers and bought that instead later to learn the other ticket holds the number to 400 mil.

Re: Lottery ticket fever

Funny you posted that pic, I just watched that movie two nights ago....I wanted candy.....luckily I had red velvet cupcakes around!

Re: Lottery ticket fever

I love the original movie, even if it is the most creepy kids movie ever!

Re: Lottery ticket fever

I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


.....She was a bad egg.....

Re: Lottery ticket fever

I have a friend that is totally creeped out by the oompa-loompas.

Re: Lottery ticket fever

Ahh, Gene Wilder at his that movie.

Anywho, I had a friend who got a lottery percentage when she went in with her company and they won. It worked out really well for her.


Personally I'd have no problem winning the lottery though I don't play all that often. One of my besties & I have a deal that if one of us wins, the other gets a share. Smiley Happy

Re: Lottery ticket fever

I Loooooove Gene Wilder and that prat fall into a somersault he took as he walked towards the monsters,....errr......umm...I mean the children, when he walked towards the children - well, I think it was sheer genius beginning to end. Did you catch him on Will & Grace? Another amazing performance. Do you remember Gilda Radner? They were married, can only imagine all of the laughs they must have shared. Wonderful people. Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

Re: Lottery ticket fever

Totally. The guy is a total pro.

Re: Lottery ticket fever

You picked the perfect picture! Love this movie and did enjoy Johnny Depp in the remake, some truly funny moments.


As for the winning the $$$$, I could put that $$ to good use. Unfortunately, there are so many headaches that go along with it. I think I'd try to get in touch with former winners and see what they would advise, whether they got through the experience and fared well or if their lives became a living hell. Hopefully, they'd be willing to help me avoid certain pitfalls and negotiate some of the unforeseen issues that come along with it.


A neighbor won big money, don't know the exact amount but, maybe in the area of $25 - $30 Million. They ended up losing their beautiful home, all of the fancy cars, and ended up divorcing. Smiley Sad They did acknowledge the fact that the money helped them out in regards to their youngest child, who was ill. They were able to get him great care, although, they might have been able to afford it even without the Lottery $$, who's to say. Their son is well, thank Heavens. They do believe they would've stayed together if the money had not come to them and changed their lives so unpredictably. We didn't know them before the money so it's hard for us to tell how it changed them and their relationship.

So that's why I sit here, on the fence, eternally debating with myself....

I'll buy a ticket now and then and put it in someones else's hands, if He wants that for me, it will happen. Smiley Happy

Re: Lottery ticket fever

I usually will buy lotto tickets weekly. The current jackpot is something like $600 mil, which is far too good to pass up.


I generally will do individual purchases, but I have gone in with co-workers before. It's nice, BUT in the back of my head there's always that 'what if'. What if 500 other people play the same numbers? That cuts into the overall jackpot AND would leave me to have to split even more with my coworkers. It's risky, but it does up your chances of winning I suppose.


Oh what I would do with 600 million. I'd probably spend the first year/year and a half traveling the world. I'd buy a decent sized home, donate some to charity, and probably start my own business.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Lottery ticket fever

I would happily split it with 1,000 people tonight!

Re: Lottery ticket fever

We have a work lottery pool.  I think it's a lot of fun for everyone to talk about what they would do if we won, but it's understood that the chances are astronomical.


We are all in it together!  

Re: Lottery ticket fever

People at work went in and I put in $2 and got also 2 tickets on my own. I rarely buy tickets. However, I do get $6 of entertainment playing the mental game of "What would I do first if I won" and "what would I spend money on" and "how would I quit my job" for days before the drawing. 


Lawyer first. Then idk. LOL. Pay off house. Hide from publicity. Buy something with cash - like a new car - and not even give one second thought to the cost. 

Re: Lottery ticket fever

I bought $15 worth of tickets.  I only buy tickets if the pool is up pretty high.  I do give myself those 20 minutes to imagine what I would do with the $ - buy a small house in TX near my bestie to live in while I build my dream home, set up trusts for my bestie's daughter to pay for college or if they get scholarships they'll get on their 30th b-day, give money to various charities (CF foundation, Alzheimer's foundation, some local children's hospitals), set up a girl's spa retreat for my closest friends, then every year play Santa to families in need.

Re: Lottery ticket fever

Honestly, I think it's a waste of money. I've never purchased a lottery ticket, nor do I plan to. I know this doesn't apply to everyone, but once you win big, you'll have your family, friends, and long-lost relatives popping from every corner to share the wealth. Greed will subsequently take over. I'd rather work hard and enjoy purchasing whatever I want that way. I will sleep better at night knowing I am where I am in life because of me. Smiley Happy

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