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Looking for Kat Von D New American Beauty Print-Independence.

Hello, I went to the Kat Von D New American Beauty print event in Miami FL in December 2011. It was absolute pleasure meeting her as I absolutely adore her line and collect a great deal of it. I really loved her independence print but ended up getting the Altruism one instead. I'm 28 and have Cerebral Palsy and currently still live with my family due to my medical situation. I have been on a wait list in FL since 2001 to get on the Medicaid Waiver so I could get the medical assistance I need to leave independently. Now, I am going to have to wait until 2014 until healthcare reform goes through to get the medical assistance I need. Hopefully, I will be moving to North Carolina as each states have different stipulations I have to live under (monthly income, savings cap etc) and Florida is on the extremely low end of the spectrum, plus it is going to take 3 years to reform their system and I'm already 28. Plus, I have to live somewhere with a FANTASTIC public transit with multiple options and Charlotte NC looks like it may be it for me.


Anyway, I did not end up getting the Independence Print because at that time I had no idea when I was actually going to leave my family's home and I thought it would be depressing for me. Now that I have a date and a hope that it would actually happen, I have been searching and searching Ebay only to find a full set from a dealer who wants $250 for ONE print and $45 to ship it. Did anyone here go to one of these New American Beauty events and no longer want their Independence print? I would pay a fair amount for it and it would mean a GREAT deal to me. It would be an amazing motivator for me to look at everyday! She is an AMAZING artist and she creates the most beautiful things! Thanks SO much.    

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