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Local sayings

I recanted the following story to my kids the other day and it got me wondering... Are there any sayings (or names for things) that are completely normal where you're from, but are considered strange elsewhere?


Several years ago my Mom came to visit me here in NE from where we're from in WI.  We were out shopping and as she's looking in her purse she says to me, "I'm low on cash.  I need to find a time machine."  I paused and just blinked for a moment until I realized what she was talking about.  "Mom, you can't say that.  They're just called ATMs out here.  If you ask for the nearest TYME machine people will think you're crazy."


(In WI many ATM's said Take Your Money Everywhere on them.)


Also, who knows what a "bubbler" is?

Re: Local sayings

In California (particularly in the Bay Area), people say "Hella". Not sure if people say that anywhere else.


Haha time the TYME machine thing is funny.

Re: Local sayings

Instead of "hello"?  Can't say I've heard that.

Re: Local sayings

No like as in "a lot" like "I hella love ice cream."


Or "I hella love Cali."



"Do you like this?"




Re: Local sayings

Oh!  I have heard "hella good" before!

Re: Local sayings

Oh! Same here. I live in the Bay Area too, and people say that, it annoys me a bit.

For example, 

"She's so hella big!" 

it sounds really uneducated in my point of view.

Re: Local sayings

I'm in the bay area too and everybody at my school uses hella. Another thing we say is "I'll put you on" which is like setting someone up with someone else. Not sure if that is used other places or not though. 

Re: Local sayings

I can't say that I say it much anymore (I'm 31), but I definitely used "hella" a lot growing up!

Re: Local sayings

Hmm can't say that I've heard it used as double adjective at all and I've lived in the bay area my entire life. Usually people will just say "that's hella crazy" or "you're hella late". Just a slang version of hell of.



Whimsically yours,

Re: Local sayings

Hella NorCal kids say hella! I also hear Obvi a ton in SoCal and people still say Broseph -_-*. hella.jpg

Re: Local sayings

People still say Obvi? I remember saying that in college over 10 years ago LOL 

Re: Local sayings

haha. I had a coworker move from cali and said hella a lot and i couldn't get it. Another was australian and use to say obvi and totes a lot lol. not sure where she picked that up or if they used that in australia too. I say obvi once in a while but i don't remember that being popular in HS or even college. and sometimes me and my friend joke around like thats cray or cray cray. 

Re: Local sayings

Is "obvi" short for "obvious"?  What is "broseph"?

Re: Local sayings

Like Bro + Joseph together??? I think it was from some boy movie and a bunch of Santa Barbara kids spread it around. And yeah, obvi for obvious. The same girls that say "Oh Em Gee"

Re: Local sayings

What an interesting topic! Although i have no clue if anything i say it strange in other places. When i travel or talk to people not from the South i try my hardest not to say "yall" 

It's super hard! Haha

Re: Local sayings

Ohhhhh, I somehow have this problem too, but when speaking to people FROM the South. Despite never being to the southern US east of Vegas. I worked taking phone orders for Neiman's for a while and had tons of Texas and other Southern callers and I swear my brain would flip a switch and out would pop a "y'all" or I'd realize at the end of a call that I started out with my usual Canadian accent and ended it with a full out drawl. Eek. 


This is already happening to me every day in California. I keep noticing myself pronouncing things in ways I never have before, hahaha. 

Re: Local sayings

In Pittsburgh, the plural of you is "yinz" and around where I live in PA, people's phone message is "Let your name and I'll get back to you".


From when I lived in WI, I think a bubbler was a drinking fountain?

Re: Local sayings

Yes!  A bubbler is a drinking fountain.


Can you put "yinz" in a sentence?  I'm having trouble with this.

Re: Local sayings

If you wish to ask your friends if they are going to the Steelers game-


"Are yinz going to the game?"


It's a group thing, you wouldn't ask only one friend that way, it would be the standard, "Are you going to the game?"

Re: Local sayings

I have never heard of that! I would definitely be confused if i heard someone say that! 

Re: Local sayings

Kalex and prettyinpa I use tyme machines all the time but it's been a while since I drank from a bubbler.  I live in WI (born and raised) Smiley Wink

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