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Local sayings

I recanted the following story to my kids the other day and it got me wondering... Are there any sayings (or names for things) that are completely normal where you're from, but are considered strange elsewhere?


Several years ago my Mom came to visit me here in NE from where we're from in WI.  We were out shopping and as she's looking in her purse she says to me, "I'm low on cash.  I need to find a time machine."  I paused and just blinked for a moment until I realized what she was talking about.  "Mom, you can't say that.  They're just called ATMs out here.  If you ask for the nearest TYME machine people will think you're crazy."


(In WI many ATM's said Take Your Money Everywhere on them.)


Also, who knows what a "bubbler" is?

Re: Local sayings

I'm from Buffalo and we use:


Jive- which means that it's fine, cool, okay, etc (depends on the context)


Jank- disappointing, messed up, etc. (depends on the context)


Pop ( I say soda)



Re: Local sayings

I'm not originally from rural Indiana but here they have different ways of pronouncing words:


crick = creek

winder =window

ye'ens = y'all or something similar


I'm originally from Florida and still call it "soda" even though they call it "pop" here.


Re: Local sayings

Thought of another one!  "Fixin'" instead of "getting ready to".  A couple of people I know from Tennessee both say it. As in, "I'm fixin' to eat."

Re: Local sayings

omg everytime I visited WI , I would start getting that accent! It's such a catchy accent, same with Minnesota.

Mmmm as far as words, I don't know, I can't really remember any weird one's. The whole Soda vs Pop thing makes me laugh, because you can just say Soda Pop.


Bubbler = Hot Tub??? wild guess. Or Champagne???

Re: Local sayings

Bubbler = drinking fountain. When I was 12 we moved to South Carolina, the first time I asked someone where the bubbler was they thought I was crazy. When I explained they were all "ohh the water fountain" and I just thought, no, water fountains are for displays in malls and parks. XD


Mr. Husband swears when me and my mom are around each other our accent multiplies exponentially. So we really lay it on when we are together around him. Oh jeepers ya, dontcha know? Smiley Wink

Re: Local sayings



(pronounced as a long A vowel sound for you non Northern natives)

Re: Local sayings

Yep. This whole conversation is making me homesick. XD

Re: Local sayings

It's not really a local saying but most people in California DON'T refer to our state as Cali. If you do you're almost instantly put into the 'tourist' category. Those born and raised just don't really do it. Same with calling San Francisco 'frisco'. I have noticed that those outside of SF do have a bad habit of doing that too which is annoying.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Local sayings

lol I always say cali, never been. not frisco lol but san fran. 

Re: Local sayings

Shoot, I did that, but in a joking way (I hope)...I'm from here!


No Frisco, No San Fran...San Francisco or SF ("The City" is also acceptable though other people will think of Manhattan)...

Re: Local sayings

My husband and I have a long standing battle on supper vs. dinner. Then I heard some Minnesota friends call the noon time meal:  dinner! Goodness gracious is there no meal moniker that can be agreed upon!

Re: Local sayings

From what I know dinner is a big meal at the end of a day.  Supper is a big early afternoon meal.  My grandparents, who farmed, always had supper because after being out in the field all morning were very hungry when they came in.  Then there would be dinner at night but that was usually just sandwiches made from the leftover bread and meat from supper.  

Re: Local sayings

Hahaha bubbler. That is so very Wisconsin. Me and the rest of my friends from MN used to go there for camp every summer. We used to laugh about bubbler vs. water fountain vs. drinking fountain. Soda vs. pop vs. Coke... Catty corner is a Midwestern thing. Also directionals seem to be a very midwestern thing. You always go down to somewhere and come back up from it, no matter where it is. 


Though come to think of it, I can't think of anything particularly strange I've picked up on in Seattle. Maybe you guys can tell me?

Re: Local sayings

We say "kitty corner".

Re: Local sayings

I'm from WI and I use kitty corner!

Re: Local sayings

I live in California + grew up in LA county but my relatives are from all over the US (and I have a lot of them!) so I use a lot of different terms and pronunciations interchangeably (I say "aunt" both ways without even thinking about it, for example).


I don't know which one of them I picked up "catty-corner" from, it means "across the street diagonally", is that a local term for any of you? I think it might be a Midwest thing but I'm not sure.

Re: Local sayings

I've heard "kitty corner" as well but only from my mother who inherited many northern midwest terms from her mother.

Never heard "catty corner." lol

Re: Local sayings

Oh, how odd! I've always heard it as "kitty-corner" from where I grew up in Canada. I've never heard "catty-corner" before. 

Re: Local sayings

My mom says that all the time! I haven't heard any one out here in the west say it though.

Re: Local sayings

I grew up in WI and live in NE now.  I've always heard it as "kitty corner".

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