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Little Moments of Awesomeness

Do you have moments or do something that made you feel awesome?  Perhaps it was awesome cause it was something you've never tried before and/or you surprised the people around you.  That kind of awesomeness.


During my birthday weekend, my dad, Lanndan, uncle, cousin (guy), neighbor (guy), and neighbor's son were out behind the barn shooting at skeet targets.  After feeding the Nala, the barn kitty, I went to watch them.  The neighbor said it was my turn to shoot.  I've never shot a rifle before, so I was iffy at first.  I can't stand first person type of videogames, especially shooter ones; I prefer the third person point of view.  Due to that, I figured I would suck and completely miss the targets since they were gliding through the air. 


I did much better than what I though: I hit 4 out of 6 targets, and the first four were the ones I hit!  The neighbor's son actually asked if I really never shot at targets before lol.  According to the neighbor, my first shot was better than most of their first shots!  Since I was the only girl there, I felt pretty awesome lol.  When we went back home, I had to Facebook and Instagram about it lol.

Re: Little Moments of Awesomeness

That sounds like so much fun!


My most recent moment of awesome was getting the highest score on my statistics exam! Because it's a stats class, my professor felt the need to put the "mean, minimum, and maximum" scores up on the board. xD

Re: Little Moments of Awesomeness

Wow, great for you kimmi!  Skeet shooting is very tricky, my dad used to do it when I was a kid, and encouraged me to try. I accidentally shot the barn and that was that! The family joke afterwards was "She actually could hit the broadside of a barn". (For those who aren't country, a joke about people who can't shoot is, "You couldn't hit the broadside of a barn").


Anyways, I've been wracking my brain for a moment of awesomeness in my life, and haven't come up with anything too memorable. Maybe being liked by animals. I have had lots of incidents where a wild animal will come right up to me and mean dogs don't bite me.

Re: Little Moments of Awesomeness

@prettyinpa  I think it's awesome how animals come up to you!  I bet Lanndan's family's dog would love you!  His mame is Skippy, and he's a Belguim Schkeeperkey (sp?  I know it's spelled funny).  Skippy hates Lanndan, but loves me lol.  If Lanndan and I are watching tv, he'll come up to me.  I think Lanndan gets jealous lol!


@lylysa  I feel the exact same way!  I know not at all kids are like that, but I get worried when I see a lot of kids like that.  Sometimes it's like the parents don't even see what all the kids are doing.  And the parents who say "I'm gonna count to 3 and you better stop what you're doing," yet they never make it to the number 3.  


@ialli  Congratulations on yours Stats test!  That's an awesome accomplishment!!







Re: Little Moments of Awesomeness

What a fun thread!


I honestly can't think right now of an "awesome" moment I've had recently (my brain is jumbled with gift cards and account merging!) I've had a few good moments with thankful people and finding secret money I "hid" away which is always good! 


I actually took my dog for a walk a few months/weeks back and saw money on the ground, a full $20 bill! I was super happy but said to myself "well.. it's SO cold out I'm sure someone else may need this. If I find a homeless person I'll give it to them". Which was a random thought considering I was in a residential area of my neighborhood that hardly has any bums around. Lo and behold, I turn the corner and theres a homeless man, the same local one who would always pet my old dog when we would walk past him on the busy street. I figured it was a sign and gave him the $20. I didn't really get much in return but feeling good about myself considering I'm not one to give $ to homeless cuz too many in our city are using them on things other than necessities...Small thing, but it was still nice. Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Little Moments of Awesomeness

@dianabt  That's is a wonderful and awesome story!! 

Re: Little Moments of Awesomeness

@prettyinpa- That's too funny. =D

Re: Little Moments of Awesomeness

@beautylovingirl-  Oh, yeah, my first tries at many activities ended up in mishaps, if not downright disaster. Like the time I was trying to rescue my dog who was swimming for the horizon after seagulls. I had never rowed a boat before, but there was a rowboat on the beach, so I pushed it into the water and tried to row after the dog. I managed to overturn and sink the boat and ended up swimming out after the dog, who meanwhile got much further away. I would have been better off just swimming in the first place.


My first try at barbequeing also ended in disaster. I set the grass next to the garage on fire and it nearly burned up the garage!  Eek!

Re: Little Moments of Awesomeness

@prettyinpa- See that's funny I 'm wondering sometime if they couldn't make TV shows out of some of our real life storiesSmiley Happy

Re: Little Moments of Awesomeness

That's pretty awesome Kimmi shooting skeet is not easy and I didn't do well the first time, the gun I thought almost threw me to the ground, it kicked really hard. I worked in a physician's office for about 10 years and my moment of awesomeness is just having the patients come to thank me for taking that extra second with them, especially some of the older ones that just needed someone to help them with that little extra to make their day special and it did feel pretty awesome everytime one of them came to me and thanked me, I think it meant more to me than it did them. Smiley Happy

Re: Little Moments of Awesomeness

I've had someone random pay my toll before.  Other than that, unfortunately I haven't had many little moments of awesome.  Unless you count my daughter getting the lead in the school play last year, that was a huge moment of awesome.

Re: Little Moments of Awesomeness

A while back my neighbor accidently locked herself out of her apartment pretty late in the evening. She knocked on my boyfriend and I's door and asked if she could use our phone to call a locksmith. She had her cute new little dog with her, which she had found abandoned in the area just a few days prior.


While we waited for the locksmith we watched Apple (her little dog) play with our dogs Remy and Jessie. We exchanged dog tips, had wine, talked about our was a really unexpected fun time! And now we have a new friend in the building. A few weeks later Jill surprised us with a nice bottle of wine with a thank you card, which was such a sweet gesture.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Little Moments of Awesomeness

A long time ago, at my first ever retail job, a grandmother and her two little grandkids came in to put together a gift basket for their mother. The girl was probably seven or eight years old and the boy was maybe six, but they were both so adorable and had these big brown eyes. They were a bit timid and shy at first when their grandma asked me to help them out, but after they picked everything out and I packaged and wrapped it up for them (all the while asking if things looked okay and if it was how they liked it to be sure they stay involved), the little boy hands me a necklace. It was one from those kid's party set packs, nothing fancy, just a orange plastic circle with a goofy, cartoon spider on it tied with a thin, plastic cord. The little girl tells me that it has magic and that they wanted me to have it, I then noticed they had similar necklaces on too.


It was the sweetest thing and one of the most innocent and memorable moments for me. Smiley Happy

Re: Little Moments of Awesomeness

@lylysa  I am not much of a little kid type of person, but that is absolutely sweet!!  


@beautylovingirl  I used my neighbor's rifle, and it didn't kick too much.  I didn't use my dad's because I knew it would kick pretty hard, and his is heavier, too.  

Re: Little Moments of Awesomeness

@ Kimmi, me neither, I can't stand when it seems like all the kids out and about are screaming, whining, throwing tantrums, and seem like they don't know how to behave at all while the parents don't do a thing! Growing up, I was always told to be on my best behavior especially when out in stores or shops and followed my parents around as to not get lost or bump into strangers.


The kids that came into my old job were just the cutest things though! Smiley Happy So well behaved, sweet, and so wide-eyed and innocent!

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