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Lime Crime's crimes

I just discovered that what goes on at Lime Crime's office is horrible. I read multiple blog posts and this is what I found


In the past, Xenia, the owner, bought pure mica from TKB and sold it as her own 'handmade' eye shadow at a higher price. Most of her stuff in the beginning was repackaged products from other companies. 


She calls her company vegan, but includes beeswax and carmine in her lipsticks...... Her ingredient list is always changing. 


If she sees a bad review of her products, she either threatens to sue the blogger reviewing her products because to her, it's considered "defamation" OR, she sends an email to her fans called futurettes to go on to the blogger's site and talk about how amazing her products are. She can't accept the fact that her lipsticks just don't work for some people. That's the thing that I hate about Xenia and her company. She threatens to sue! She is very unethical, unprofessional, and has no morals.


Another outrageous thing she did was she made a blogger delete her bad review of LC lipsticks and post up scripted apology! TWICE! It was either lie about your review or get sued! This is why you shouldn't support Lime Crime, because the company is so horrible and manipulative!


If you googled "lime crime scandal" a ton of blogs will show you the truth behind her company. 


Sorry I've been ranting about brands so much. heh


Re: Lime Crime's crimes

Thank u sephora for taking down lime crime.  U rock 

Re: Lime Crime's crimes

Lime Crime's most recent instagram post (about how they apparently have great customer service) led me to this thread, and I ended up looking into the subject. It was very disheartening to learn about all the things Lime Crime has done because I've wanted to order from them for so long (I'm now glad that I didn't). Afterwards, I commented on the picture about how I'm glad I postponed my order after learning about all the stuff that they have done. Not only was I attacked by several of Doe Deere's adoring fans, but I am now blocked from viewing Lime Crime's instagram account (which is run by Doe Deere herself!). How can someone like this be a CEO?


Proof that I'm actually blocked:



Re: Lime Crime's crimes

Sadly that doesn't surprise me even the slightest bit. A totally unprofessional CEO running the company leads to terrible behavior by her and her followers. ๐Ÿ˜ž

Re: Lime Crime's crimes

I shared this in the other thread, but couldn't help but want to share it here too!



Re: Lime Crime's crimes

Didn't sephora do their homework at all? How could they not know limecrime is not cruelty free and vegan? This is so upsetting.

Re: Lime Crime's crimes

Here is a photo of Lime Crime's owner Doe Deere dressed as Hitler for Halloween in 2007. But don't worry; it was just a joke and her grandma is Jewish, so it's totally ok.


Edited: Took down the photo since it might upset some and that is never my intention. And the photo is easily found online by searching Google.


If you Google Lime Crime, here are the types of results you see: 



Re: Lime Crime's crimes

Just gonna bump this up again, in light of Sephora's decision to carry this brand....

Re: Lime Crime's crimes

Seriously disappointed in sephora right now!

Re: Lime Crime's crimes

I just saw that sephora took down limecrime

Re: Lime Crime's crimes

Wow, I've never used their products but have definitely heard about them before. I usually like supporting small businesses or growing brands, but in this case I am disgusted. 


The whole sueing because-things-don't-go-your-way type of culture is seriously a disease that needs to be stopped.


Will not be buying any of LimeCrime's items given these new insights. 

Re: Lime Crime's crimes

I read something about her threatening Christine of Temptalia, who is a sweet and beautiful goddess, because she put out a bad review of one of her products. Christine no longer reviews her products. It's disgusting what this woman will do to sell her line, and for that reason alone I will never try it

Re: Lime Crime's crimes

I'm disappointed to hear Christine acquiesced to Xenia's bs.  I hate it when people don't stand up to overly litigious tyrants.  Those kinds of people get by on life by playing chicken with everyone because they just assume that they can scare people into cowering to them because nobody wants to deal with a lawyer.

Re: Lime Crime's crimes

Honestly, I don't view her actions as acquiescence. She didn't rescind her review and was perfectly open about why she was no longer going to review the brand. To me, it was more like she, in a much classier response than Doe deserved, basically said, "I'm not going to deal with this unprofessional nonsense. I refuse to participate." Temptalia has a large following and has refused to give any more exposure to the brand. I'm okay with that response. 

Re: Lime Crime's crimes

Wow I can't believe that Temptalia was threatened as well. I really love Christine's reviews and feel like they are some of the most detailed and carefully researched input about beauty items on the web. So yeah, what a shame...

Re: Lime Crime's crimes

Yeah Lime Crime is sketchy as all get out. Whenever I see a site recommending them (and I don't mean a blogger, I mean a legitimate beauty site) I just shake my head and wonder how they didn't do any research at all before clicking "publish" on their story. Will never buy any LC items. No great loss - I've got a wish list about a million products long anyway!

Re: Lime Crime's crimes

Wow, I did some more searching on this company, LIME CRIME, because you peaked my interest. How sad buying small containers and just adding small amounts of pre-colored micas and buying others stock and adding a sparkly unicorn sticker. This lady sounds crazy, and I have never seen nor heard of her as a model.I looked at their site and its funny how the items that can simply be put into a new, smaller container from a large bag are in stock , but items that must be produced are out of stock.

The way she seems like a child, not a CEO just makes me wonder how she can stay in business.Her entire concept seems silly to me ( I have another word to use but I can not use it in public forums)


Thanks for opening my eyes and mind into this company and possibly other small start up, low employee companies that may also be doing the same things... and going by the UnicornQueen...I do not even know what to say about that...lmao!


Re: Lime Crime's crimes

I just searched it and all that came up was how it is highly reviewed, sold at Urban Outfitters,and you can buy it on Ebay and choose your color...



I have never used Lime Crime Listick and I never will, it is a definite PASS for me !

Re: Lime Crime's crimes

I won't purchase from Lime Crime after googling the company. And I'm always disappointed in YouTubers I watch who rave about her products. I've unfollowed people for it, not that they give two cents' worth of care about it. I really don't understand why people continue to support this woman and her products!!

Re: Lime Crime's crimes

I've also read of lime crime's scandals. Can you really use a blogger for defamation of an honest review? I do not think she would win that case at all. That is like saying all bloggers and youtubers who do not like products and review it can be sued for defamation. Seriously, she needs to get over herself. 

Re: Lime Crime's crimes

No, you can't seriously sue someone for writing their honest opinion, but not everyone knows their rights and some people are easily intimidated.  It's unfortunate.

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