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Lime Crime's crimes

I just discovered that what goes on at Lime Crime's office is horrible. I read multiple blog posts and this is what I found


In the past, Xenia, the owner, bought pure mica from TKB and sold it as her own 'handmade' eye shadow at a higher price. Most of her stuff in the beginning was repackaged products from other companies. 


She calls her company vegan, but includes beeswax and carmine in her lipsticks...... Her ingredient list is always changing. 


If she sees a bad review of her products, she either threatens to sue the blogger reviewing her products because to her, it's considered "defamation" OR, she sends an email to her fans called futurettes to go on to the blogger's site and talk about how amazing her products are. She can't accept the fact that her lipsticks just don't work for some people. That's the thing that I hate about Xenia and her company. She threatens to sue! She is very unethical, unprofessional, and has no morals.


Another outrageous thing she did was she made a blogger delete her bad review of LC lipsticks and post up scripted apology! TWICE! It was either lie about your review or get sued! This is why you shouldn't support Lime Crime, because the company is so horrible and manipulative!


If you googled "lime crime scandal" a ton of blogs will show you the truth behind her company. 


Sorry I've been ranting about brands so much. heh


Re: Lime Crime's crimes

Yes she does!

Re: Lime Crime's crimes

Every time someone mentions Lime Crime on BT all of this pops up. 😉

Re: Lime Crime's crimes

What pops up?

Re: Lime Crime's crimes

Oh I didn't realize that hahahah.

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