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Let's get to know each other more.In a non stalker way

So I was scrolling through the old makeup organization tag. and I saw in the background of kimmi's vanity pictures, there was a poster of dean, a character in a TV show called supernatural. So I was wondering...what else do people on beautytalk like, other then makeup? So go ahead and lets post our 5 to 10 favorite activities, things, movies, TV shows, etc. Here are mine:

1. Pretty little liars! the books and TV show are amazing!

2. Japanese anything! Not being racist, I just think stuff from there is supercool.

3. Animated Japanese flimsy. I love miazaki's flims.

4. Graphic novels/manga! lol, I must seem like such a nerd.

5. Art! I love to draw/paint, and really want a career in art one day.

6. chococat! he's the adorable brown cat from hello kitty's little gang of friends. he's discontinued, but i can still find stuff of his online.

Re: Let's get to know each other more.In a non stalker way

1. Watching sports. I especially like football and baseball.

2. Mythbusters

3. Action flicks. My favorite movie is Predator.

4. Asian food

5. Video games. Love fighting games such as Mortal Kombat and Tekken.

Re: Let's get to know each other more.In a non stalker way

@shyvicki Action Flicks are the best!! I can never get enough of them Smiley Happy Another genre I enjoy (that I hope you do too) are Mob Movies such as the Godfather and Scarface Smiley Happy ..... and hooray for liking videogames! (You too @kimmi)

Re: Let's get to know each other more.In a non stalker way

@shyvicki and ssmittys  Action Flicks are fun to watch.  I love the Fast and the Furious franchise.  Paul Walking being in most of the films is an added bonus lol Smiley Happy    I also wouldn't mind have a few cars that are in them either lol.  


Videogame wise, I think I am addicted to some games on my iPhone.  I cannot get enough of Words with Friends lol

Re: Let's get to know each other more.In a non stalker way

well ummm i guess my favorite people are: Jesus, and my Shmexii bf Colton=) -aka my pigeon-

my favorite music genres are: Dubstep, pop, rap and hip hop

my guilty pleasure is: looking at prom hair, and other peoples makeup even though i have no intention of doing any of the styles on myselfXD and dubstep, rage comics, and.... giving people random advice on stuff i prolly dont know a thing about... lolzi=)

i love to walk around my house singing when there arent any people around.. and then i generally notice i butt dialed someone (one time my schoolXD)

ummm i love to draw random stuff... 2012_03_26_18_41_35_963.jpg

and i say "akward" and "random" alot..

ahaha i guess thats meSmiley Happy


Re: Let's get to know each other more.In a non stalker way

Love this topic!!  Still reading some though lol


1)  I love horror and thriller movies/shows.  I own the Supernatural boxed seasons up until the 6th.  Waiting for the 7th to come out so I can get it.  I've also watched a bunch of horror movies since I was young.  I think the first horror movie I ever watched that really used to scare me was Child's Play.  I swear after that movie I never had a doll or a stuffed animal since then.  I also really liked NIghtmare on Elm Street and the Jason movies too.  Can't wait until The Walking Dead comes back on TV.  Want to get the graphic novels too.  Love anime as well but not the new ones they're not all that good but a lot of the old ones are awesome!  I also love watching Mythbusters, they're funny and you learn a lot from them, plus they make stuff go boom!


2)  Love reading too.  I have an ever expanding book case that I haven't all read yet but am working on.  I've read the Vampire Seires from Anne Rice but I've gotten up to the 7th book.  I also love the Pendergast novels from Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.  I've read all of them and they are soooo good.  I'm working on the Ice Limit currently and then I'll start Fever Dream.  I also own a bunch of books from Stephen King and Micheal Chricton (RIP).  Jurassic Park and the Lost World were soooo good!  Way better than the movie versions of them but they do hit good notes.  I also own Fullmetal Alchemist the graphic novels and dvds.  So good!!!!!


3)  I also take many many many photos.  I studied photography for a while but I can't really go anywear with it so I'm moving on into the cosmetology field  since I really have a passion for it.  None the less I have thousands of photographs from b&w film to digital.  Most are printed out and I also have some of them framed.  I love the concept of depth of field and that was always what made my photos mine since I always used it.


4)  Comedy!  I love to watch Comedy Central especially when they have Last Comic Standing and the 1/2 shows of just one comedian.  I love Jeff Dunham and all his puppets.  Gabriel Iglesias is also hilarious and he does all kinds of voices. 


5)  I also love to cook.  I don't use recipes often so I just make stuff up.  I also have a ton of dry seasonings.  I've always believed that you have to love your food and make it your own.  Give it your own flavor!  Salt and Pepper sometimes just don't cut it. 


6)  Jewlery and Sunglasses are things that are an absolute must have.  I have mostly sterling silver and white gold since it really stands out and shines bright.  I love big cocktail rings and diamond anything.  I have about 6 or 7 different sunglasses from cheap to expensive.


7)  Cars.  I love cars.  I've driven at least 11 different cars and I've only had my licsense for less than a year.  I love to drive too.  I'll give myself any excuse to just go and drive.  Right now I drive a Ford Expedition and I really really really want a new Jeep Grand Cherokee or an Audi A6, whichever comes first lol.


8)  Video Games is another passion of mine.  I loove to play.  Right now I'm trying to finish I Am Alive which is a survivor type game.  It's a lot harder than I originally thought.  I also love the Prince of Persia seires, it has such a great story that expands over the 3 games.  The other 2 games were also good but different.  I love the Assasins Creed series also.  It's a little hard to follow sometimes but it's a lot of fun.  Another of my favorite seires are the Final Fantasy series, I still have to finish XIII and The Legend of Zelda series, I also have to finish Skyward Sword then I want to play Windwaker again.  You see why I can't follow a game well lol.

Re: Let's get to know each other more.In a non stalker way

@diannabt: I love Draw Something! I'm not much of an artist in that respect though. Haha~


This is such a fun thread. c: Well, let's see.


1. I love Disney movies. I'm in the process of trying to get all my old vhs copies in their new dvd versions. I still wish I had a vcr though. I'm not much for horror movies. I get uber freaked out and paranoid for weeks thereafter. I like thrillers, scifi, and documentaries (some of them). I love series' like The Tudors and Weeds. I honestly don't watch too much t.v. so I'm not familiar with all the new shows that have come out (I'm curious about the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones). I love food network. Iron Chef, Chopped, and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives are my favorites. I watch anime as well, but I won't bore you guys with all that nerdiness.


2. I used to read a lot, but I find by the time I get home from work~ I'm just too burnt out. Devoured the Hunger Games series in like a week though. Liked the first book way more than the rest. The movie was just disappointing in comparison. Anyways~ Harry Potter was my major jam. I love all sorts of fiction works. I really dig the Anite Blake Vampire Hunter novels. They're amazing.


3. I always wanted to go to cosmtology school. I ideally would like to go to Complexions in Canada. Someday, perhaps. I used to work as an artist and color consultant for Sephora. Best job of my liiiiiiiiiife~ I really hope to get back into it when my fianancial situation allows.


4. I. love. animals. I have three kitties now. One of which I rescued. He was a stray in my apartment complex that someone abandoned. Smiley Sad So I took him in. He's such a good cat. I also have a liliac point ragdoll named Lu and a black/white dsh named Arielle. They're like my fur babies. Smiley Happy I've had Arielle since she was palm-sized. Once my boyfriend comes back from deployment, we intend on getting a house. At which point we both would like to get a dog. Undecided on breed though. There's just too many cute dogs. D: I love corgis, shiba inus, german shepards, huskies, and chow chows (they're so fluuuuuffyyyyy~!). So we'll see how that goes. I also have a thing for squirrels. So cute. <3


5. I like cooking quite a bit. I just got a mini deep frier, so I'm experimenting with it. c: made fried chicken the other night. Turned out pretty good. I usually jack my mom's recipes because everything she makes turns out amazing.


6. Steven Colbert, Katt Williams, Whitney Cummings, Robin Williams, and Gabriel Iglesias will have me on the floor in stitches.


7. I'm a bit of a video game nerd and used to work at Gamestop too. Between myself and my boyfriend, we have 2 360s, a ps3, a wii, a 3ds, and a ps vita (if you would like my gamer code/tags, just message me :] )  I love the Assassin's Creed games, Need for Speed (Carbon, Hot Pursuit), Tekken series, Kingdom Hearts, Mario Kart, Wii Sports, Mario Party and Batman. I love games that have great story lines, or are just fun to play with friends. Due to the fact that I completely suck at first person shooters such as Call of Duty, I avoid them like the plague. I like the graphics for Borderlands though. I'm also awesomely bad at guitar hero. Dance Dance Revolution used to be my jam in high school. But I haven't played in forever. I'm a beast at mario kart wii and will destroy lives. I also play it on the 3ds. Also, I still play pokemon (don't judge me).


8. I have an unhealthy love of Bath and Body Works, Target, and William Sonoma.



Re: Let's get to know each other more.In a non stalker way

Heh, how did I just found this thread now?

In any case, top 10 activities, hmmm.....


1. nerdy/mathy/engineering jokes and pick up lines. Yup, you read that right. You know that asian girl in high school who plays string instrument, goes to every single math competitions, and is awkward when socializing/gossiping etc? that's me. I loved googling math jokes and pick up lines in HS. I'm out of college now, but a good mathy joke or pick up line can still get a chuckle out of me.


2. Drawing. I'm good with pencils, but like watercolor better because the soft color and long gentle brush strokes feel more theraputic. I can draw most things pretty well, but I can never get faces right (human or animal, the face always don't look quite the way I want it to). I also like drawing things in photoshop and do web design sometimes.


3. Manga and anime. I like how the art style compliment the story, and unlike movies with real human, you can make the scenes as epic or dramatic as you want. And there's manga on such a wide variety of topics from innocent little kid tales to high school romance to darker side of society to adult relationships to science-fiction.


4. Fashion. I guess this is partially art. For clothing, I enjoy the mixture of colors, patterns, and textures (yellow+mint, chiffon+leather etc etc). I also like shoes, how some of them look so structural, and how some of them make me feel flirty or cute or sexy or powerful.


5. Baking. I love sweets and once I taste the difference between homemade and grocery store brought desserts, there's no going back. Besides, I'm sorta bad at cooking, so baking allow me to impress all my friends (especially the ones from Asian countries since kitchens there don't come with oven so no one bakes) at potluck dinners and it's easy to make 10+ portions.


6. Music. I love listening to music, feeling the emotions they evoke, and dreaming/fantasizing/making up stories that go with certain songs. It changes depending on my mood. It started in my teens with classical orchestral, then disney, then instrumental because each instrument is so unique, then musical, then Chinese pop, then American pop/rock and now everything.


7. petting animals. I don't have any pets, but I love animals, so I pet/watch them whenever I get a chance (watching puppy cam, ducklings rolling around in the wind, baby elephant taking bath...or chasing down strangers to pet their dogs).


8. Skincare. Once I was introduced to a good skincare and knows how good it feels, it's hard to go back. Now my skin changes and my past regimen no longer works and I'm looking into anti-aging for my mom, I like reading articles about different skincare ingredients, products and test them out. Seriously, there's nothing more distracting and annoying than an itchy/hurt face from acne.


9. Colbert Report. I don't care for news and don't have a TV. I figure if it's anything worth knowing, there will be 10+ posts about it on Facebook from my different friends. Besides, I think it's important to know at least a little bit about the nation's economy or politics, and Colbert Report is the only source I found bearable.


Re: Let's get to know each other more.In a non stalker way

I am a crazy pet lady too! I liked reading everyone's posts so far! Thank you for sharing!! I have an 11 year old boxer and a cat. I got the cat from my sister who had 6 of them. She's very old and partially blind. My dog is my favorite pet though! Lol. I love fashion, even though I dress very dowdy. I like to wear multiple layers of comfortable clothing! I don't watch much TV. I would prefer walking everywhere to driving. I should have been born in the 1800's! I like camping and the outdoors. I am an accountant and love my job! I feel so lucky and blessed in life even though I don't have much!! Updated action movies, foreign films and I get my movies from the library because it's free and they have everything there. It is really nice because I don't feel bad if I don't like the movie - I didn't spend any money on it! Oh yeah, I am frugal -except when it comes to make-up! Lol
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