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Let's get to know each other more.In a non stalker way

So I was scrolling through the old makeup organization tag. and I saw in the background of kimmi's vanity pictures, there was a poster of dean, a character in a TV show called supernatural. So I was wondering...what else do people on beautytalk like, other then makeup? So go ahead and lets post our 5 to 10 favorite activities, things, movies, TV shows, etc. Here are mine:

1. Pretty little liars! the books and TV show are amazing!

2. Japanese anything! Not being racist, I just think stuff from there is supercool.

3. Animated Japanese flimsy. I love miazaki's flims.

4. Graphic novels/manga! lol, I must seem like such a nerd.

5. Art! I love to draw/paint, and really want a career in art one day.

6. chococat! he's the adorable brown cat from hello kitty's little gang of friends. he's discontinued, but i can still find stuff of his online.


Re: Let's get to know each other more.In a non stalker way

What a fun thread!


I remember chococat! That's really unfortunate that they discontinued him. My favorite Hello Kitty character is Pochacco, although I haven't seen him around recently...they may have retired him too Smiley Sad. Miyazaki films are amazing! My Neighbor Totoro was one of my favorite movies growing up. I remember only watching the Japanese version (I don't think the dubbed version was out) and still being able to understand what was going on; you don't need dialogue, all of the character actions speak for themselves Smiley Happy

1. I'm a horror movie junkie. I started watching horror flicks when I was very young, I remember watching A Nightmare on Elm Street when I was around 5? I've just always loved the suspense and eerie nature of the genre. I have a massive horror DVD collection that I'm always adding new movies to. last good scary movie that I saw was Insidious, it was different and a nice break from all of the excessively gorey films that have been coming out...yuck.


2. I love fashion! Putting together looks, reading fashion books/magazines, watching fashion shows...I  would love to attend New York Fashion week one day. In the meantime I have no problem streaming the live shows on YouTube!


3. My favorite show right now is True Blood. I'm so eager for summer to get here to find out what the upcoming season has in store! Any other Trubies out there?


4.I enjoy traveling! Rather it's to a relaxing beach resort or a busy city, expericing new cultures and tourist attractions is so exciting. This year I'm hoping to visit several friends that live in different states. My sister is going to live in London for a year, I've been once before but wouldn't object to going again.


5. I hate being bored so I'm always actively doing something. Some of my favorite hobbies are: painting, jewelry making, and reading.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Let's get to know each other more.In a non stalker way

1) OMG- I can't believe that you nanobear and janine love Miazaki films as I do!!  My favorite is My Neighbor Totoro, followed by Whispers of the Heart. I cry when I watch Pom Poro (sp?), that's so sad with the little raccoons..... There was a film festival of Miyazaki films several years ago on TCM, that's how I got interested in them.  I think I have DVD's of all except one or 2, they might not be English subtitled. In the film genre, I also love old 1933-47 movies.


2) I love to read and to write. I am working on a novel, which I should live so long as to finish it or get it published, but it is relaxing to do. 


3) Horseback riding. It is a never ending challenge, to become a better rider myself and to teach the horse to do ever more interesting things.


4) I like to travel, but not if I have to fly. It used to be such fun before the world got screwy, the seats were bigger so my long legs fit easier and the airlines treated you like a valued customer instead of a cow. I love a good car trip, just not the Thelma and Louise kind! lol


5) Cooking, I love to cook up a Chinese banquet for us, it's just fun to do all the chopping and stir frying. Plus I make a mean chocolate cake!


6) Picnics!  Pack my dog, hubby and picnic basket and I'm ready to go!


7) Kayaking, I have done a lot of long distance paddling, fresh water and ocean.

Guess I'm either on the sofa watching movies or outside having fun!

Great thread nanobear, thanks! 

Re: Let's get to know each other more.In a non stalker way

This is a fun topic and a great way to get to know everyone


1. I am fully addicted to The Vampire Diaries on CW. My obsession is a little too extreme for someone my age. Smiley Embarassed I have a Damon Salvatore shirt even (that I only wear for sleeping in, I can't go out in public with it on LOL)  but it's such a great and dramatic show without being too extreme or too cheesy.  I have the first 2 seasons on DVD and watch it every Thursday night and follow my favorite cast members on twitter. 


2. I LOVE to read! I have a brand new Hunger Games book to read (which Olivia and Janine totally sold me on!) but I just went to the library yesterday and checked out 6 more books! I love all sorts of books, but am not into romance novels or sci-fi. I can read and read for hours on end, that probably explains my horrible eye sight


3. I'm a new found (well, maybe old-found) gym junkie and have boosted my gym trips up to 4x a week. I can't believe a few years ago I would go 5 or 6 days and stay for 2 or 3 hours on end! Maybe one day I can reach that level again but for now.. no time! Smiley Happy 


4. I love Dogs. I had a cocker spaniel that was 19 years old that I had to put to sleep a little over a year ago and I miss him everyday! I also took care of my sisters rescue pup and let him stay with me until she was settled in her new home in Portland. My parents ended up driving north from SF to Portland with him.  I also went to the mall last summer looking for a party dress.. came home with another dog! Ended up keeping him a bit and then flying him up on the plane with me (extremely well behaved may I add!) to my sisters house where he has a new happy home. I have a terrible habit of finding and taking in stray pets/unlucky pets (dogs, rabbits, birds, fish) that need homes.. BUT they always find HAPPY homes with me! Another little dog I got ended up going to a good home to a new neighbor I met, so he's only 3 blocks away. I just love animals, I can't wait to have another dog


5. I also love horror movies too! I just found a $5 set at Target for the first 4 Nightmare on Elm Street movies. SUCH A DEAL!! I can't wait to sit and watch them all. In a row. for 5 hours straight. Smiley Wink

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Let's get to know each other more.In a non stalker way

1. Currently my favorite TV shows are Boardwalk Empire and The Big Bang Theory.  Both are completely different, but very awesome in their own way!


2.  I am a big sports fan. I grew up watching all types of sports and played tennis from jr high through college.  I don't get to play much anymore but am still a big fan of the sport.  I am also a big baseball fan - nothing better than going to a ballgame in the summer (Go Phillies!!) Smiley Happy


3.  I really enjoy reading but don't have much time for it.  I have a million books on my Barnes & Noble wishlist but haven't been able to get to one in a while.  There's one I purchased a long time ago that I want to read next - it's called Retail Hell: How I Sold My Soul to the Store Confessions of a Tortured Sales Associate.  I worked in retail through my college years.  I loved many parts of it but anyone who works in retail knows of the not so glamorous sides (especially around the holidays!).  I think this should be a funny read!


4  I also like to travel! My goal is to find more time for this! I have many places on my list of places to visit, but my ultimate dream vacation is to stay in one of those over water bungalows in Tahiti! Pure paradise!  (Maybe if I stop spending all of my money on beauty supplies I could save up enough money for this super expensive escape! - hah!)


5.  My other obsession (other than makeup) is jewelry.  A close friend of mine sells jewelry for a company called Lia Sophia and their pieces are absolutely gorgeous! I have acquired quite a collection over the past year and am very exciting for the new Spring line that will be coming out soon!  

Re: Let's get to know each other more.In a non stalker way

I am definitely an cat lady.  I have four cats-Gizmo, Lady, Lucky and Smoky.  Two boys and two girls. 


Some of my favorite things to do are dance, read and play video games such as Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy series.  I can't wait for FFXIII-2 to come out on Jan. 31!  I really loved the storyline in FXIII, so I think I'm going to enjoy the continuation of it.


This will probably make some of you laugh....but I have a habit of youtubing old seasons of Power Rangers and watching it.  I don't know why....reliving my childhood maybe?  30 years old and I youtube Power Rangers.  When I was pregnant, I spent hours on end catching up on all the seasons after the 1998 ones.  I just think they're funny, since they're so cheesy and overacted.


@Diana:  your sister lives in Portland, OR?  You realize that's literally just across the Columbia River from me, right?  Vancouver, WA.  I go into Portland quite a bit.  My sister also lives in one of the suburbs just outside Portland.

Re: Let's get to know each other more.In a non stalker way

@waterbaby1981  Power to the cat ladies!  lol.  Cats have such unique personalities.  My cat, Doobie, and my bf's cat, Foxy, are nothing alike.  We call them brother and sister, though lol. 



@xoxcharlottexox  Boxers are a very affectionate breed, and love to have playmates.  My family has a boxer mix (I don't know what he's mixed with cause he looks more boxer than anything), and he is a big baby lol.  Going from the breed's characteristics, it should be fairly easy to introduce a new friend to Rudy.  Perhaps you could remind your mom that boxers love having a friend for company lol.    You are not alone on your addiction with Words with Friends lol.

Re: Let's get to know each other more.In a non stalker way

@kimmi he's actually a boxer mix but looks like a boxer, so i forget to mention it sometimes lol. and I've tried to convince her but it hasn't worked so far! i'm hoping for a cute stray to wander into our yard and I'll take care of it lol

Re: Let's get to know each other more.In a non stalker way

@Kimmi LOL crazy pet ladies! I will totally be the crazy DOG or BIRD lady.. hopefully dog lady.. I'm allergic to cats! so no cats for me =(


@Waterbaby1981 I had no idea! I'll be up in Portland next week and staying for a bit to catch up with my sister and HOPEFULLY there may be a little bit of snow again like they had this weekend! San Francisco definitely does NOT have snow! I'm looking forward to the tax free shopping. 


@Charlotte see, I'm not so crazy for loving Vampire Diaries! I was sad to find out Stefan is married in real life LOL

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Let's get to know each other more.In a non stalker way

@Diana - Tell me about it! I was a little [no, a lot! lol.] heartbroken! I mean even though he's waaay older than me and I have ZERO chance of marrying him, him being married just confirms that! Smiley Sad lol.

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