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Last Minute Hauls, Anyone?

Alright, so with the buzz of Chic Week there were TONS of posts about hauls, I'm not even going to lie, I took full advantage of CW and made 2 hauls and a third last night! Though the majority of the money spend and products purchased was for friends and family (I'm their resident Sephora-holic and rounds everyone up when I get a coupon), I did get to do a tad of shopping for me.


What I want to know is, did anyone here make any last minute hauls, and if so, what did you get? Was the ticking of the clock and the tempting discount that finally drove you to making your purchase? Was it just timing and you were finally able to make it in a store or shop online? Did you finally get that email notification of an item being in stock?


Last night I purchased MUFE's Mist & Fix Setting Spray (for my cousin), Sephora's Smokey Studio 2 palette (birthday gift for my friend's daughter), and Sephora's Pantone Universe Dazzling 4 lip gloss set (birthday gift for my friend's daughter). Made it up to a little over $50 after the discount too so yay for free shipping!


Now, tell me tell me, Beauty Talkers, what are your last minute hauls?

Re: Last Minute Hauls, Anyone?

What's funny is I was looking at my bottle of AL wash and am getting down to the wire...maybe still good for a half of month's use, but then I would need a new bottle...should have checked and gotten a new one! Darn!

Re: Last Minute Hauls, Anyone?

I'm still trying to hunt down the KVD tattoo lock it foundation. I have 4 liquid foundations, a powder foundation and a BB cream so no rush lol but I want it sooooo bad!

Re: Last Minute Hauls, Anyone?

This is my first time ever purchasing during chicweek... I love discounts and if there's one at Sephora im defiantly going to take advantage!!!


Bought the Benefit fine one one, Benefit fakeup, UD naked basics (finally!!), Tarte 12 hour foundation, NARS turkish delight gloss... a few more.



Re: Last Minute Hauls, Anyone?

I received my sephora package right now but did not use the 15% promo image.jpg

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