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Last Minute Hauls, Anyone?

Alright, so with the buzz of Chic Week there were TONS of posts about hauls, I'm not even going to lie, I took full advantage of CW and made 2 hauls and a third last night! Though the majority of the money spend and products purchased was for friends and family (I'm their resident Sephora-holic and rounds everyone up when I get a coupon), I did get to do a tad of shopping for me.


What I want to know is, did anyone here make any last minute hauls, and if so, what did you get? Was the ticking of the clock and the tempting discount that finally drove you to making your purchase? Was it just timing and you were finally able to make it in a store or shop online? Did you finally get that email notification of an item being in stock?


Last night I purchased MUFE's Mist & Fix Setting Spray (for my cousin), Sephora's Smokey Studio 2 palette (birthday gift for my friend's daughter), and Sephora's Pantone Universe Dazzling 4 lip gloss set (birthday gift for my friend's daughter). Made it up to a little over $50 after the discount too so yay for free shipping!


Now, tell me tell me, Beauty Talkers, what are your last minute hauls?

Re: Last Minute Hauls, Anyone?

I bought the Ole set that's currently being offered for 500 point perk last Christmas sale for $10 & I definitely stocked up on them!  =)

Re: Last Minute Hauls, Anyone?

I have a ongoing love affair with that serum.....we're in love!!! Smiley Tongue

Re: Last Minute Hauls, Anyone?


Re: Last Minute Hauls, Anyone?

My friend wants me to pick up some items for it appears I'll be up for another haul post Chic Week soon!


Let me know how you like it Triciaann!

Re: Last Minute Hauls, Anyone?

last night i got the big bottle of devacurl no-poo shampoo and a big bottle of marchesa parfum!

Re: Last Minute Hauls, Anyone?

I got the Marchesa set on Thursday- not quite a last minute thing, but I'm already in love!

Re: Last Minute Hauls, Anyone?

I got three benefit cream eyeshadows (Bikini, RSVP, Birthday Suit)

Boscia facial scrub

Sephora liquid eyeliner

Buxom Lipstick (Rogue, Scoundrel)

Sephora sharpener (I had an urban decay one and it ruined my eyeliner pencils =( and they are urban decay 24/7 Glide Ons)

Makeup Forever Primer in 0

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Facial Cleanser and Makeup Remover


All in all I'm extremely happy with my purchases but I mayyy have to return my sephora liquid eyeliner because it started smudging today when I wore it =(. 


Re: Last Minute Hauls, Anyone?

The best sharpener I ever owned is Chanel's free pencil sharpener, the eyeliner pencil will look like brand new just as store bought after sharpening, it's amazing.  I got it for free - bought one of their eyeliner pencil & it was included inside the packaging, I didn't even know until I came home & opened it up!  =)


Try Makeup Forever's Waterproof Cream Shadow collection as eyelining product if you don't mind the work - a popular beauty YouTuber who has super oily eye lids said it worked the best, even better than the MAC's popular eyeliner.


Re: Last Minute Hauls, Anyone?

I was springcleaning my makeup stash and finally decided I should return my hourglass ambient light in Dim. It evened my skintone but made me dull? 

Anyways, I returned it for $45 store credit + 15% off and I got my moms bday present, Murad rapid age spot and pigment lightening serum $60 - for $6!


I'm really excited about this because I'm on a low buy lol.

I know I technically still spent the $45, but theres nothing like handing over $6 for high end lol

Re: Last Minute Hauls, Anyone?

Niiiiice! I once got my mom the Murad serum too for her hyperpigmentation. She's using Ole's Enlighten Me serum now, it's a touch more gentle and doesn't have hydroquinone which can make the skin light sensitive.


That's so nice that you use the credit for your mom!

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