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L'Occitane Coupon?

Did anyone get a L'Occitane Coupon because of a class action lawsuit? I was a L'Oocitane Passport to Provence member and I guess there was a privacy issue that happened so that California consumers got a $12.50 coupon. 

Anyone get this? Anyone use it? 

(Valid only at the L'Occitane boutique... unfortunately) 

Re: L'Occitane Coupon?

Are businesses allowed to give out coupons for class action settlements?  I always thought it was a check only.  Weird!

Re: L'Occitane Coupon?

In California it is usual for companies to give out gift cards and such for class-action suits.  I don't know the legalities of it, but that is what has happened in my experience. Louis Vuitton is currently supposed to send us all $41.00 merchandise credits for the recent California class-action suit.

Re: L'Occitane Coupon?


Re: L'Occitane Coupon?

I was not even aware of the suit, and I live in California and am a L'Oocitane Passport to Provence member.  Did they mail or email the info on the suit?  What a bummer.  So many businesses are having "privacy issues".

Re: L'Occitane Coupon?


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