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Kohl's Beauty

Just an FYI... I know a few weeks ago we were talking about Vera Wang perfume & how it's hard to find now, well it's all at Kohl's 

They are also re-vamping their beauty boutique. 


Wait for it....


The Balm



Real Techniques


Cake Beauty

Frederic Fekkai

Oscar Blandi

Vera Wang


& I'm almost positive you can spend Kohl's cash on cosmetics. So spend $50 on clothes, accessories, cards, house ware... and you get $10 off cosmetics! WOO HOO! 

Re: Kohl's Beauty

Well aren't you the gold mine of information. I just got a Vera Wang mini at my Halloween party!  It is SO cute and has a glass stopper!


I have read and heard that Drew Barrymore's Flower line at Walmart is great. But Walmart, not sure if i can go in there...maybe just to check out Flower Smiley Happy

Re: Kohl's Beauty

If you are serious about checking out the Flower line, it is worth it. Smiley Happy  I have tried the mascara and a nail polish and was pleasantly surprised by both.

Re: Kohl's Beauty

Oh man, I need to check out my local Kohls sometime soon. They haven't sent me one of those $10 gift card in a long time, but now I know what I'm getting with that. =D

Re: Kohl's Beauty

Ooo - LORAC??? I mean, 30% off and bonus bucks and all that jazz on LORAC would be very awesome. I like Cargo for some stuff too. I notice that both Cargo and now LORAC have been/are being phased out of Sephora. I wonder if this is why - getting picked up at Kohl's hardly makes something seem 'high end' or exclusive or whatever Sephora wants to present itself as being.

Re: Kohl's Beauty

Yes I asked about the cake beauty and she showed me where its going but she said it wasn't in yet. She didn't give A date, but I know where my kohls cash is going !! 

Re: Kohl's Beauty

I saw that they had a 3-pack of TheBalm Instain blushes on their website a while ago for I think $39. It's gone now, unfortunately, but some of you might try looking in your local stores.


I waited before buying because I didn't want to pay for shipping, but now I definitely regret that choice.


It looks like TheBalm and Cargo are going the drugstore route, I saw big sections for them at a Walgreen's.

Re: Kohl's Beauty

This is going to sound dumb but what is Kohls Cash?  Is it a rewards program or a coupon?   I'm used to living in a city without a car so Kohl's is usually too difficult to get to besides when I go visit my parents.  Thanks!


@ annekevdb is Lorac definitely being discontinued at Sephora?  I was very disappointed when Cargo left.


Re: Kohl's Beauty

Some weeks Kohl's gives out what they call "Kohl's cash" and it's basically a $10 off coupon you can use on anything in the store during specific dates (usually a one-two week period). To get the Kohl's cash you have to spend $50 to get the $10 coupon. If you spend $100, you will get a $20 coupon. Or if you were to spend $150 you would get a $30 coupon, etc. so every $50 spent = $10 for you! I hope that made sense.

Re: Kohl's Beauty

That made total sense - thanks for the explanation!


Re: Kohl's Beauty

That's what I was told by a make up artist there....

Re: Kohl's Beauty

I finally got out to a Kohl's that I remember carried the blush set. It comes with full sizes of Argyle, Toile, and Houndstooth for $34.

Re: Kohl's Beauty

I work there so I was very excited when I found out about this! You can use dollar off coupons but you cannot use percentage coupons on these higher end brands. 

Re: Kohl's Beauty

Cosmetics: LORAC, Pür Minerals, CARGO, theBalm, Sugar Cosmetics, Jane Cosmetics, eos, Tweezerman, Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman
Skin Care: H2O Plus, Borghese, Hydroxatone
Bath & Body: H2O Plus, be Delectable from Cake Beauty
Men’s Skin Care: ZIRH, Action Solutions For Men


The full list of brands that will now be available that wasn't available prior. 

Re: Kohl's Beauty

They do not allow you to use there regular coupons on these prestige cosmetics though, just so everyone knows! They have a big signin my kohls warning about that. Still the bonus bucks make it worth it

Re: Kohl's Beauty

lorac not being sold at sephora anymore? what brand is taking orac's place?they (sephora) should bring in an outside brand from Europe...

Re: Kohl's Beauty

What? Where did you hear this?

Re: Kohl's Beauty

I had heard that kohls was revamping their beauty section so I stopped in on monday to check it out. I was so excited to finally find a place that carry's thebalm in store. It was fun the 2 sa's were excited too, they were swatching right along with me, lol. I was told these new brands are considered prestige cosmetics so no coupons but you can use kohls cash.

Re: Kohl's Beauty

Well this is massivly exciting news!!!! I can't wait for them to be in stock in my store, I was in there a few wks ago and they were there yet. So excited now!!!!!

Re: Kohl's Beauty

I was in Kohl's last night.  I saw some Cargo items, Lorac, Borghese and H2O items on a shelf display in one of the aisles.  There was a sign that said they are exempt from some coupons.  I did see Frederic Fekkai and Oscar Blandi in the regular beauty section though.


Just wanted to let you guys know that if these brands aren't in the regular beauty section to take a look around the store for the displays. Smiley Happy

Re: Kohl's Beauty

I was wondering if anyone has ordered beauty items from kohls online and how it was packaged. I order a few the balm eyeshadow palettes from kohls last year and they shipped them loose in a giant clothing plastic bag mailer. Everything arrived shattered except the one palette that had its own box because it had a mascara it came with.  Emailed customer service and posted on their facebook page about it. Customer service was very good. Ended up taking it back at my local kohls which was convienient. I was so shocked by it though I swore never to order again but it is a good source for some of the brands. Is this normal or was it a freak fluke I ran into?

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