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Knock Out, Protect Yourself

This made me so sad. A friend posted it on Facebook. I shared it with my family and best friends because I wanted them to know to be aware of their surroundings, not be caught off guard, and to be ready to protect themselves. This made me pretty mad. What is the world coming to?


You can find it by google searching: Hot New Game Called "Knockout" Java Joel


Please be safe everyone and avoid traveling in areas alone. 

♥ ♥ ♥

Re: Knock Out, Protect Yourself

just read that a 60 year old woman was "knocked" out by 7 young men. She was still conscious and they were going to knock her again, she had a gun and shot two of them and two of the men who were "playing" this game are no longer living. 


I am so glad this woman was able to protect herself. Im sad that it had to come to loss of life but I am so glad this woman is still alive.

Re: Knock Out, Protect Yourself

Any type of behavior that injures another for "fun" is disturbing at best. Always take in your surroundings and be aware of changes that seem off. For those of us with children, we can teach them a much healthier way to express themselves for fun, in life and also about staying away from unsafe/injurious types of behavior, such as the game example you have given.

Re: Knock Out, Protect Yourself

This game sadly has been around so long in my area, most of us girls who don't carry guns have tasers (i have a taser), or pocket knives, but its usually not the girls who are injured, guys usually do this to one another or guys usually "knockout" homeless people where i'm from! i can't believe it, 


in miami where i live there are homeless people everywhere, and down by miami beach they sleep on the beach, sidewalks, parking lots, everywhere. 

so guys got this idea to go and beat them senseless and think its funny, record it and put it on youtube.


i think its disgusting, but thanks for letting us know roxystar4 its better to be safe then sorry Smiley Tongue

Re: Knock Out, Protect Yourself

UTTERLY DISGUSTING!!!! This so sooo sad, just breaks your heart to know that kids are being influenced by these types of acts and then thinking that they are "so cool" so they go out and do it too. Definately be vigilant, safe, and ultimately aware of your suroundings. I just had am email come across my desk for a RAD class. Its a self defence class and although I am unable to make it I will definately be looking into something like this. These incident make us more and more aware of how dangerous this world is coming to. Please be safe ladies and gentleman!!!!!

Re: Knock Out, Protect Yourself

@panage2000 , I love you for that comment.
And so true, I love Texas, love love Texas and how you all do things.

I plan to conceal carry once IL gets there crap together.


Re: Knock Out, Protect Yourself

This would not go down in Texas.  With how many concealed guns are carried, after a few times, these kids would stop.

Re: Knock Out, Protect Yourself

I may not be from Texas, but my family was born and bred there. Just because you have a concealed weapon on you doesn't mean you'll be expecting a surprise blow to the head from someone behind you. Know your surroundings, and know your weapon. 

Re: Knock Out, Protect Yourself

Another Texas girl with a CHL here Smiley Happy Don't mess with this mama!

Re: Knock Out, Protect Yourself

This sounds like a game that has been going around the area I live in called "Point Em Out, Knock Em Out".  Kids pick out a random person and either go up to them and punch them in the face or tase them.  All while it is being filmed.  A group of 3 high school boys just tried to play this game on an undeserving man a couple months ago while he was waiting for his little girl at her bus stop.  The kid approached the man from behind with a taser, luckily the man saw the kid out of the corner of his eye.  The situation turned unlucky for the kid because the man was carrying and has a concealed weapons permit.  He shot the kid in the behind before the kid had a chance to "knock him out".  I think that stupid kid is probably regretting his decision now!  The kid of course received a punishment and was sent to boot camp but I think getting shot in the behind was also a great punishment for him. 


I agree with you roxystar4, what is this world coming to?

Re: Knock Out, Protect Yourself

So horrible, ok not saying all kids or people, but seriously this world is forgetting the value of life and respect.

I am so horrified by all these stories and hurting the homeless, babies and animals in a cruel way makes me cry instantly because why?!?!?

Hurting people period for no reason is horrible and just plain evil.


This is so sad.


I am always watching my surroundings though, my parents told me to never trust anyone and always watch who follows you or who stands too close.

If a car has been following me too much I lose them, just incase.

I dunno just stuff I do that I got used to doing to protect myself, because you just never know. I don't want to be a victim.


But this is just ridiculous and ugh makes me sick and angry.

If I see this, I would totally step in and help, call the cops asap and help. And just be completely super angry yelling at those **bleep** kids, grab there cells and call their parents and **bleep** them out for not raising them well! UGH argh

Re: Knock Out, Protect Yourself

Those kind of teens are just brought up in a wrongful manner. I know it's probably difficult to bring up a child in a bad envoronment, and when peer pressure comes into play anything goes. Yes, these kind of acts are uncalled for, but we all have to remember it's not our skin color it's the decisions we all make. Still though, I agree what is this world coming to?! Smiley Sad

Re: Knock Out, Protect Yourself

I realize the video was trying to be more authentic by interviewing kids who do this, but that is just adding to the hype. Can't they see how excited these kids were to talk about this "new game"? Can you imagine if you start talking about something you do iN FRONT OF A CAMERA? It will just reinforce this negative behavior.

Re: Knock Out, Protect Yourself

This stuff goes in cycles, the cycle will continue until one of the victims happens to have a concealed carry permit and one of the idjits gets the Darwin Award they deserve.

Re: Knock Out, Protect Yourself

someone commented that there was an occurrence where one of the "knock-out punks" got killed because the guy they knocked out had a knife. 


I really hope this stops. People need to stop and think about things before they do them. Think "would I want someone to do this to me". Could I make someone permanently damaged? 


I'm sorry this is so off topic I just wanted to mention this because I don't want this to happen to any of you!

Re: Knock Out, Protect Yourself

Permanently damaged nothing, there's every chance they could kill someone.  One punch homicides aren't uncommon.  What gets me is that when someone defends themselves and one of these criminals dies his family will try and portray him as a victim.  That idiot who brake checked a family in NY and then got run over, his aunt was crying in our local paper for days until the truth came out.  Criminal record as long as your arm and a known thug.

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