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KVD Tattoo Lock it Foundation Users

Okay....has anyone else noticed that the KVD foundation gets darker throughout the day? As in, when you apply it it looks like your skintone but give it a couple of hours and its 2 shades too dark for you? I never had that happen to me. I LOVE this foundation, I bought the shades 46 and 48. I used to be a 44 but when I tried it on in store the 44 looked a touch too light and the 46 looked perfect. I've been wearing the 46 the past couple of days and I've noticed that at the end of the day my face is 2 shades darker than my neck and chest. I like to look tan, but naturally tan, I don't want my face a totally different color from the rest of my body. I'm keeping both my 46 and 48 because summers here and I do get tan in the summer, but I think I need to go back and get the 44 as well.

Re: KVD Tattoo Lock it Foundation Users

This is what happened to me and I tried several different shades, but they all ended up looking orangey.  I thought this foundation would be the one to make me switch from my HG foundation (estee Lauder Double Wear) but the color and staying power just didn;t work for me Smiley Sad

Re: KVD Tattoo Lock it Foundation Users

Went to Sephora today and picked up my KVD lock it tattoo foundation in shade 44, a new tube of too faced shadow insurance, a polish and topcoat and some samples of the KVD concealer and NARS TM.

Re: KVD Tattoo Lock it Foundation Users

@sephoramusthave   what do you think of the KVD foundation?  

Re: KVD Tattoo Lock it Foundation Users

Oh I LOVE it! I tried some samples a while back and fell in love.....but it was sold out for mONTHS and months and months and now that its in store I went out and bought 4 bottles ( 3 for me, 1 for mom). Right now I have the shade 44 (my actual color match), 46 (when I get a touch more tan), and 48 (when I come back from beach vacation).


Its a thick cream in a pump bottle, not a liquid foundation, so a little goes a super long way. One pump is MORE than enough for your entire face and the pump is easily controlled that you don't *have* to use a full pump. It works best with fingers. I tried a sponge, different brushes and fingers just work best. Its like a moisturizer with really really good coverage. It doesn't break me out or irritate my skin. I put on a thin layer, it sets to a matte finish so no powder needed (major plus), and one bottle will probably last me months. I have pretty good skin but with this baby its dammmn near flawless Smiley Very Happy

Re: KVD Tattoo Lock it Foundation Users

@sephoramusthave  I really want to try this foundation! Thanks for all the info Smiley Happy  I have a list of a few foundations I want to get but told myself I need to use one full size up before buying another one. :/

Re: KVD Tattoo Lock it Foundation Users

Face makeup and polish is pretty much the only thing I'm allowing myself to buy right now (give or take a few things of course Smiley Very Happy) because I have soooo much of everything else!

Re: KVD Tattoo Lock it Foundation Users

@sephoramusthave- This is something else that I noticed wearing my Dior foundation when I use a primer like Bare Minerals the foundation turns darker but when I use my hourglass mineral veil it's stays the true perfect color all day and I have no idea why. Just wanted  to throw that in  there. Smiley Happy


Re: KVD Tattoo Lock it Foundation Users

I found that this happens to me too. I think it's because, most of the shades have a beige under tone and oxidize throughout the day. Have you tried using it with a primer? I noticed on days that I use a primer it doesn't get darker or look heavy on my skin!


Perfecting Ultra-Smoothing Primer



<3 Melissa
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