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KVD Tattoo Lock it Foundation Users

Okay....has anyone else noticed that the KVD foundation gets darker throughout the day? As in, when you apply it it looks like your skintone but give it a couple of hours and its 2 shades too dark for you? I never had that happen to me. I LOVE this foundation, I bought the shades 46 and 48. I used to be a 44 but when I tried it on in store the 44 looked a touch too light and the 46 looked perfect. I've been wearing the 46 the past couple of days and I've noticed that at the end of the day my face is 2 shades darker than my neck and chest. I like to look tan, but naturally tan, I don't want my face a totally different color from the rest of my body. I'm keeping both my 46 and 48 because summers here and I do get tan in the summer, but I think I need to go back and get the 44 as well.

Re: KVD Tattoo Lock it Foundation Users

I absolutely love my KVD foundation!  I havent noticed it get any darker throughout the day, but I do know that it warms up a bit once applied.  We had a training on the entire line & they suggested going a shade lighter, if not perfect to your skin tone, to ensure proper coverage.  If you go lighter (like I do in the winter), I just bronzer it up to make sure i dont look too washed out Smiley Happy


xo, Mia

Re: KVD Tattoo Lock it Foundation Users

It is somewhat prone to oxidizing depending on your skin, as the oil in your skin is what will do that. I have dry skin, so I haven't personally noticed it, but combo or oily skin types might want to try a shade lighter. I would definitely give the 44 a try and see if it deepens enough to match you.

Re: KVD Tattoo Lock it Foundation Users

I have normal to dry skin that's either all normal or all dry. Right now its more on the drier side because I've been skipping face cream for a few days (to let my skin regenerate itself overnight without a cream interrupting its natural healing cycle).


Maybe it doesn't actually oxidize or anything, maybe its just one of those "looks perfect in Sephora/indoor lighting but wayyyyy off in natural lighting" things. I wore a lighter powder over the 46 shade and it worked out perfectly. I still want the shade 44 to use on its own and to mix with my other shades just because I don't like using a powder on a foundation that sets to a matte finish (seems like such a waste).


But thanks for your help ladies! Also, is the KVD concealer just as good as the foundation? I haven't worn concealer in awhile, but I did yesterday, and although I don't have any under eye issues, concealer still makes the look look more uniform and just better. I've also been looking at bobbi brown corrector.

Re: KVD Tattoo Lock it Foundation Users

I love the MUFE concealer it's waterproof & you just need the tiniest amount to get full coverage. 


Re: KVD Tattoo Lock it Foundation Users

The KVD concealer is awesome, but the foundation actually gives more coverage so I add use my Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush #57 to buff it under my eyes.  I do LOVE the Bobbi Brown corrector.  If my circles are bad, it cuts the dark pigment so concealing is sooooo much easier. 

Re: KVD Tattoo Lock it Foundation Users

That brush looks nice keely! I usually just swipe on a bit of concealer with fingers but I like that picture! Does it shed or lose shape after washing? I'll have to try both of those concealers! I've developed a "face makeup" obsession lately ( foundation, concealer, setting powder, powder foundation etc) because I run through this type of makeup the quickest so I feel like I can never have enough.

Re: KVD Tattoo Lock it Foundation Users

Not at all!  It's firm so it holds it's shape well and is perfect for buffing in Smiley Happy It's kind of a baby version of our Airbrush for face.

Re: KVD Tattoo Lock it Foundation Users

I agree, it's a great brush.  A Makeup Artist used it on me in the store and I wanted one right away.  It's what made me get the airbrush travel set.  Even when I'm feeling lazy I end up getting this brush out.  With something thick (like Erase Paste) I apply a bit with a regular concealer brush and then use this to blend it in. 


You might even find that you use less concealer with a great blender.

Re: KVD Tattoo Lock it Foundation Users

Yeah usually in that particular foundation you would go with one shade lighter because it  oxidizes. I had to go a shade lighter in my Dior foundation as well thank goodness the Dior lady who matched me knew what she was doing. I would rather have it a touch to light then way to dark and your right you don't want your face looking totally different than the rest of you.

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