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Just A Thought

I've been watching the news lately and am so saddened by what has happened in Oklahoma.  


It made me think about "what if I lost everything" (material wise)?  One aspect of  what i would miss would be my makeup collection. I know it seems super superficial but I would miss it.  


Is there any way that Sephora could send items to the residents of Newcastle &  Moore, Oklahoma who were devastated by the tornado? Shampoo, conditioner, soap, body stuff, makeup?  I know it is the least of people's concerns right now and maybe it would be better to do at a later date?  


I just read a post about people who have a ton of extra Bath & Body Works items (and I know I have a ton of untouched items too)... I wonder if there is someway we could send items to these people?


I know that the BT community isnt a place to share super weighty topics but this has been on my heart today.

Re: Just A Thought

Hi girls! I know BT doesn't allow external links, but one of my favorite beauty bloggers/vloggers, Emily of Beauty Broadcast recently posted to her blog where you can send unopened cosmetics and other toiletries. She put the address on her blog, beauty broadcast dot net, she mentioned you can send shampoo, toothpaste, and also makeup! Smiley Happy

Re: Just A Thought

thanks @melde!  I checked it out and I love that it is going RIGHT to an organization that is located in Moore, OK. I will also be sending items (I think I'm going to go out and buy some too).


Re: Just A Thought

very helpful, melde! thank you! I am going to send a package!

Re: Just A Thought

I'm sure the Women's Shelter is less picky, they are probably glad to get what ever they can I couldn't even begin to imagine how many women and kids they try to help, I'm sure there are a lot of single moms that have no where else to go with their kids, it's really kinda sad when you think about it.

Re: Just A Thought

I donate a lot of stuff by hand direclty to organizations in my area that need them- paticularly womens shelters and those organizations that help women get on their feet and get a job. 


Such thoughtful posters you all are! Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Just A Thought

That's exactly the way I feel I'm more than glad to give to someone who has nothing or  who has lost everything. I feel like if I'm blessed enough to have those things I'm gladly ready to give. When my little boy out grows his clothes and winter coats and stuff I always give them to places that need them. It breaks my heart to think some child could be cold and if I can give them clothing and coats it makes me feel a little better. We also gather alot of his old toys at Christmas and take them to the local mission and it makes me feel good because he is always the one who brings it up.

Re: Just A Thought

If the Red Cross is too busy to take those types of donations (and I completely don't blame them at a time like this), you could see if a local homeless shelter or battered women's shelter would take them. Those types of organizations are typically constantly in need, and I think a lot less picky when it comes to what is donated.

Re: Just A Thought

YES! The women's shelter by me will take 1/2 used bottles of perfume. They are happy to get donations other than clothes. People don't think to donate cosmetics. 

Re: Just A Thought

So if the red cross doesn't use all the items sent to one particular disaster could they use it some where else that might need it. I wouldn't care who gets it as long as it helps someone.

Re: Just A Thought

Yes they do send items to other location. Most keep a list of items they are looking for. Easiest thing to do is just call them & ask what they want. Blankets are normally low on their priority list, children's clothes tend to be higher up & like I learned today, socks, underwear & bras are in high demand. But if the local office is full & they have no room for stuff, sadly it getts tossed. 

They will never say no to money Smiley Wink The beauty of donating to such a large organization is that it benefits everyone, not just those after a disaster. Some are picky and get mad that the baby formula they donated went to a house fire in Florida instead of the tornado victims because they donated ONLY for the tornado victims. 

I see it differently. There are constantly people in need of help. If they have enough supplies in Oklahoma or it won't get there fast enough because I'm on the East Coast, I don't care. At least I know I donated to someone who is less fortunate than me. 

Re: Just A Thought

I hate to be a party pooper, but I know the Red Cross and other like organizations are inundated with donations that just go to waste, though they are sent with good intentions.  I would imagine these may be the types that are put aside because they aren't absolute necessities at the present moment.


I know I can't link to articles, but if you google "send cash, not clothes" there are some articles that explain it.

Re: Just A Thought

True, but since the Red Cross is such a large organization, and are stationed everywhere, their items don't just go to large disasters. I know the Red Cross always shows up by me when there's a fire. Also during the winter when we had 2 teenage boys drown in the lake and rescuers were on the ice for 3 days before they found them. The Red Cross was there the whole time assisting the families & volunteers. 

My friend volunteers with them on the weekends and they are short on supplies for Sandy victims. They get stuff sent from other locations, but people around here think it's over, even though so many are still without a home because insurance & FEMA won't pay up. 

There's always a need for items, you just have to call your local branch & ask them what they need. Mine said underwear & bras. 

Re: Just A Thought

I agree, you have to call and ask what they need.

Re: Just A Thought

I called my local red cross to see if I could drop off some beauty items & what they needed/don't need. They told me they won't take beauty items unless they are sealed on the outside or in a box wrapped in plastic. They don't have the time to go through it & make sure it wasn't used.

They said what they need the most is undergarments. No one ever donates underwear & bras. 

The other thing to remember about the red cross is that not all the items go to specific disasters. Some are still sending items & money to Sandy victims. Regardless, you're still donating to a wonderful cause, you just don't which disaster it's going to. 

Re: Just A Thought

I see, that make sense. Hmmm, sounds like a great place for my hundred sample packets and deluxe sample/mini kit items....Thanks for clarifying that. ^.^

Re: Just A Thought

not sure if they'd take the deluxe minis unless they are sealed in a bag/box though. 

I'm going to give them my sample packs, but most of my deluxe minis are not sealed on the outside Smiley Sad 

I do know that my local Women's Shelter takes items that are not sealed. 

Re: Just A Thought

I havent seen it on tv cuz its just too heartbreaking to watch such sad news.i am from the philippines and my hometown was devastated with typhoon sendong and i tell you that was one of the worst things ive ever seen. Im sure material things wouldnt be the first thing that would come to mind for these people,whats important is they have their family intact.

you're suggestion is great,i too would love to send them items,i just hope sephora would display boxes in stores where we can drop these items to send to oklahoma. im sure they have an extra space to display these boxes,after all they could put promotional items anytime they want so why not put something thats for a great cause? Plus its great publicity for them. We drop items for oklahoma and then shop to our hearts delight afterwards!

Re: Just A Thought

I love your idea of having a drop box at Sephora. That way they can send the items in and we are in store shopping. win-win?

I agree It would be good PR for them too.


Im sorry to hear about your hometown and the typhoon. That is really so sad.

Re: Just A Thought

That's such a nice thought. And you're right. If my entire home had been devastated  I would ABSOLUTELY miss my makeup collection, especially because makeup is so expensive, and of course, your priorities would be on getting food and clothing, and you wouldn't really have money to spend on extras. I feel bad for all the ladies who have lost all their personal items, especially because makeup can take so long to accumulate Smiley Sad

Re: Just A Thought

Thanks prettyinpa that's an awesome idea!Smiley Happy

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