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Post in Besides Beauty

Just A Thought

I've been watching the news lately and am so saddened by what has happened in Oklahoma.  


It made me think about "what if I lost everything" (material wise)?  One aspect of  what i would miss would be my makeup collection. I know it seems super superficial but I would miss it.  


Is there any way that Sephora could send items to the residents of Newcastle &  Moore, Oklahoma who were devastated by the tornado? Shampoo, conditioner, soap, body stuff, makeup?  I know it is the least of people's concerns right now and maybe it would be better to do at a later date?  


I just read a post about people who have a ton of extra Bath & Body Works items (and I know I have a ton of untouched items too)... I wonder if there is someway we could send items to these people?


I know that the BT community isnt a place to share super weighty topics but this has been on my heart today.

Re: Just A Thought

I think it's really nice that you suggested this, I saw this last night on T.V. and read also where some kids actually died from drowning in puddles of water under the debris. We can't begin to even imagine what they went through but we can let them know we care. I'm in if we can do something.

Re: Just A Thought

@beautylovingirl- the things I have read are horrible too. It really makes my heart feel heavy to think about it.


I know that many big name companies give money/items to help disaster victims and was thinking maybe Sephora could as well?


I have a few contacts outside of Tulsa OK and just looked up where Moore is (it is right outside of Oklahoma City) so that idea is out the window. 


I wonder if there is a local person from OK City who we could send things to? Or maybe the Sephora store in OK City could host something? I dont know, I am really just typing what ever I think.

Re: Just A Thought

I don't know either but just think yesterday was a normal morning for all these people I'm sure no one thought about in a matter of hours they would have nothing. So sadSmiley Sad maybe someone on here will see it and help or maybe one of the mods will know something. I'm like you a little lost but if I'm blessed enough to have stuff I'm blessed enough to give to who ever needs it.

Re: Just A Thought

Check with your local Red Cross- they are always first on site during disasters. Maybe they can coordinate your donations so that they can be delivered to people in need.

Re: Just A Thought

good idea. and if several people do it, I think it will really make a difference



Re: Just A Thought

Thanks prettyinpa that's an awesome idea!Smiley Happy

Re: Just A Thought

That's such a nice thought. And you're right. If my entire home had been devastated  I would ABSOLUTELY miss my makeup collection, especially because makeup is so expensive, and of course, your priorities would be on getting food and clothing, and you wouldn't really have money to spend on extras. I feel bad for all the ladies who have lost all their personal items, especially because makeup can take so long to accumulate Smiley Sad

Re: Just A Thought

I havent seen it on tv cuz its just too heartbreaking to watch such sad news.i am from the philippines and my hometown was devastated with typhoon sendong and i tell you that was one of the worst things ive ever seen. Im sure material things wouldnt be the first thing that would come to mind for these people,whats important is they have their family intact.

you're suggestion is great,i too would love to send them items,i just hope sephora would display boxes in stores where we can drop these items to send to oklahoma. im sure they have an extra space to display these boxes,after all they could put promotional items anytime they want so why not put something thats for a great cause? Plus its great publicity for them. We drop items for oklahoma and then shop to our hearts delight afterwards!

Re: Just A Thought

I love your idea of having a drop box at Sephora. That way they can send the items in and we are in store shopping. win-win?

I agree It would be good PR for them too.


Im sorry to hear about your hometown and the typhoon. That is really so sad.

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