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July No Buy Alumni!

Hey all my No Buy BBFFs!  Or is that NBBBFFs? LOL!  Just curious now that it's August, how are you all doing?  I know some of us are waiting for the Aug 12-18 points event, and others plan to continue the no buy, and some will be going on insane shopping sprees.  What's everyone up to?


For myself, I already pulled the trigger on some LORAC clearance items that I just couldn't resist.  The mint edition set that came out at Ulta this spring and that I forced myself NOT to purchase back then showed up for only $17 on the LORAC site!  Then to go the whole hog I also picked up the Red Carpet Reveal set (hoping it's not too stale since this is an older item).  


Re: July No Buy Alumni!

Honestly I have to pay for my tuition and books -.- and I pay it all out of pocket so I know that I can't spend a lot of money, also I have a lot of stuff that I was itching to get. Once the 12th comes though lol that's an entirely different story.

Re: July No Buy Alumni!

I really do want to still be good in August, but definitely not no-buy.  Just not MEGA buy. Smiley Happy


Lorac broke me, too.  I had been wanting a couple of shadows. They're such great quality and the containers don't have lots of extra packaging so they;re great for travel.  Right now I just have one individual one, and I really wanted a mid-brown that the Aqualillies palette just doesn't have.  And I wanted to try a blush.


Well, that Mint palette got me, too.  So I got that, two shadows, a pink blush (I don't have lots of blush and what I have is coralish) and concealer.


And then I managed to get the Hautelook summer bag and I got theBalm's Balm Jovi palette, too.  I know, I know, I know I don't need more eye palettes, but I do love them!


My mom and I are going to Sephora on Sunday for "custom makeup applications".  I am hoping that I don't leave with too much more than samples so that I can try things and decide what to order with bonus points a week later.

Re: July No Buy Alumni!

Yaaaay mafan! high five!  (i'm so glad i'm not the only one!)  I have 4 of their older baked satin matte eyeshadow singles which I really love.  Just barely stopped myself from picking up even more this time around.


ooh that sounds fun to have a Sephora day with your mom!  If you do break down, I hope you post your goodies in the Haul thread so we can celebrate with you Smiley Very Happy

Re: July No Buy Alumni!

I looove LORAC but heads up that mascara is THE PITS to get off lol

Re: July No Buy Alumni!

I haven't purchased anything yet. I think I am going to wait for the 12th.  But, I am still not going to go all out, I have to be good which is really hard!! (My husband just does not understand!) Big purchases are just not in the budget right now.

Re: July No Buy Alumni!

You finally changed your avi to join the SephoraAnimal team lol

Re: July No Buy Alumni!

LOL yeah it was just too much fun not to jump in on the idea too!  Smiley Very Happy

Re: July No Buy Alumni!

@Drrragon- I love that kitty icon, so cute!

<3 Melissa

Re: July No Buy Alumni!

@melissa- when the goggles go on, there is only Sephora. LOL!


Re: July No Buy Alumni!

LOL! That's awesomeSmiley Happy! Love it.

<3 Melissa
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