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July Birthdays!!

Hi Lovely Ladies of BT. I noticed we have some July Birthdays coming up with myself, @Drrragon, and @Colorobsession! And i just want to wish you all a Happy Birthday along with anyone else in July. If you also have a July birthday let us know so we can wish you a Happy Birthday!!

Re: July Birthdays!!

This year is well bittersweet for me as Im leaving my 20s and hitting the big 3-0!!!! I feel so old already geez!!! My husband got me a gift certificate to a spa for the works facial, hot stone massage Smiley Happy sephora shopping is def a must as well I already received 2 of my bday gifts Smiley Happy New MK bag and clutch Smiley Happy 

Re: July Birthdays!!

Woohoo happy birthday July babies!

Whimsically yours,

Re: July Birthdays!!

Happy Birthday to everyone having a bday this month!!

<3 Melissa

Re: July Birthdays!!

Happy birthday to you fabulous ladies!


My family is full of July birthdays and I'm lumped in as well!


You all make it so wonderful here (be you a July birthday gal or not), happy birthday to my fellow July ladies (and if a July gentleman or two venture in, then happy birthday as well)!!!!!




Ruby hearts for all!

Re: July Birthdays!!

Happy Birthday to all the lovely July- children! Smiley Happy Enjoy!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: July Birthdays!!



Found this...though it was VERY befitting!

Re: July Birthdays!!

Haha I love it!

Re: July Birthdays!!

Happy Birthday, July ladies!  I hope the day, month, and year are wonderful for all of you!  Enjoy some Sephora shopping and summer sunshine!



Re: July Birthdays!!

Love the Picture @Kimmi1115

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