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January No Buy

I'm in for the win. Who's with me?

Re: January No Buy

@sephoramusthave - I think we'd have to do a whole lot of January No Buys to afford that cake. It looks yummy! And yes, I am goinna say it...........the shoe on's like the icing on the cake, for me. sorry. bad. couldn't help myself.  We'll have to check out the Cake Boss website, maybe they give prices. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to go make a cake right now. Really. Made a football shape a few years back for Superbowl. Since NY is in 'The Bowl' hopefully, it will be a celebration cake. Yeah.

Re: January No Buy

Congrats @sephoramusthave! Smiley Happy That cake is cute and looks YUMMY haha!


Excluding my Alterna Hair Oil purchase I did FINE not buying any other beauty products! As a result I did an order on as soon as my paycheck arrived so I could buy my new cleanser and send my mom a new moisturizer as well. Smiley Happy I did well NOT buying more makeup though! I think as long as I can keep my constant mascara and lipstick and eye makeup down.. I'll be okay! Well except for a new eyeliner I need... hmm..



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: January No Buy

Congratulations sephoramusthave!  I actually finished January No-buy from when I started right after my birthday (1st week of Jan) and plan to continue through February. I spent way too much on my vacation and am completely tapped out of fun money, so no more makeup for awhile! But the vacation was great and very relaxing so it was money well spent, I was so frazzled before I left and depressed from the dark cloudy weather, so fun in the sun was just what I needed!

Re: January No Buy

Too late for me for January. The tinted moisturizer I had ordered online turned out to be too light. So I sent it back and went to my nearest store to get Smashbox BB Cream. I had in-store credit I hadn't used yet plus a Simon Mall gift card I got for Christmas. I could easily do a February no-buy, though. BTW, love the BB cream.

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