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January No Buy

I'm in for the win. Who's with me?


Re: January No Buy

prettyinpa wrote:

I'll be your cheering section. My birthday is today and I have already been soo bad.I haven't gotten my Sephora Birthday present yet.. Maybe I can do partially January and the first week of February to make up for this month's lost time.

Oh my gosh, Happy Birthday! When you get your bday present can you tell us if it is different than last year, or is it still philosophy?


Oh ya, I'm on the no buy as well.


~~We are all beautiful~~

Re: January No Buy

@berniebeauty: They change it every year -- this year it's a mini lip treatment set (I think of 2) from Fresh.

Re: January No Buy

Happy Belated Birthday, PrettyinPA!!! I hope you had a great day Smiley Very Happy


I would say I'm in...but I'd be lying. I am running out of a lot of things and don't think I'd make it to February. Also my immediate family was pretty broke Nov-Dec and decided to celebrate Christmas a month late, so I have a few gifts to get! I will be cheering with the birthday girl though! Smiley Wink



Re: January No Buy

Thanks to all of you for the birthday cheer, it feels great to have so many good wishes!


I had a great day shopping and I went to the National Aquarium in Baltimore- it was really beautiful and educational as well. 

Re: January No Buy

katie1724 wrote:

@berniebeauty: They change it every year -- this year it's a mini lip treatment set (I think of 2) from Fresh.

And what if you're a man ??


Smiley Sad  Antoine



Re: January No Buy

@antoine- They are giving an Anthony Logistics Birthday gift for men, it looks like a Glycolic Face Wash. (The picture in the birthday email is small, but I think that's what the label says).

Re: January No Buy

@antoine: As prettyinpa stated, they always have a separate gift for men. However, my own had the picture of the Fresh balms on it, so that's all the information I had.

Re: January No Buy

i think i'll have to join the january no-buy (even though the $8 left on my sephora gift card is freaking me out! lol) 

i really have enough products to last forever and at the rate i'm using them, i will NEVER finish. (time to get back on the 10-pan and rotation... hmm) 


i just put together a nice shopping basket on the bobbibrown website (plus they have a great gwp!) and then my bf looked at me and said do you really have $100 to spend on makeup right now? I groaned, cause obviously he's right... i'm having such a tough time with my student loan payments + i'm saving up for a DSLR. ahhhh

Re: January No Buy

Have a Happy Birthday and a wonderful year!Smiley Happy

Re: January No Buy

A no buy in January ?  Sounds like a plan.  Already cleaned out some old makeup that is probably hazardous to apply (ancient). 

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