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January Favorites

Its 2013 and I kinda want start doing monthly favorites on here. See what you all like and what works for you and what didn't


I've been loving:

Givenchy Mister Mat. I have oily skin especially my t-zone and cheek area. I like to just apply this over these area because I don't have the time for touch up or blot most of th time. This really does help with oil control and creating that smooth canvas. I've been reaching for this lately than my Porefessionl

Illamaqua Blush in Lover. I was recommend this blush from one of the mods here, pretty sure it was Diana. Boy do I like this color and pigmentation. This is a  matte blush which I prefer. The lasting color of this is amazing and little goes a long way with this blush. I apply this with either a stippling brush or a blush brush. Its a nice settle everyday pinky coral.

Stila Stay All Day Mascara. I never heard much from Stila's mascara. I got this as part of a value deal I got from buying the eyeliner(which I love). So I was kinda hesitant with using it. This is a waterproof macara. It stays on all day with no flaking. I love how it holds my curl and how it really makes my lashes look natural but fuller. 

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder. I love using this is set my foundation and conceal. Although I only use this on my oily areas. I used to used my Mac Mineralize SkinFinish Natural to set my makeup but I keep going back to this. This is a really nice setting powder for those who have oily skin and this doesn't cut a big hole in my wallet.

Korres Milk Protein Cleanser. I've been using this for about a week but I'm in love! I have a bit of roseca on my cheeks and this does not irrate my skin at all. Leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean. You only need a little bit of this to get it foamy. A really nice gentle everyday cleanser. 


Whats yours?

Re: January Favorites

Tarte eye shadows really surprised me!


When I would walk by their palettes the shades just looked so ho-hum and typical of other colors I've seen, but they wear and look so natural like no effort was needed to create a lovely eye look! I bought one for my mom over Christmas!

Re: January Favorites

I love my foundation (NARS Sheer Glow), but I like to try new ones from time to time, just to check them out. I tried Kat von D's Lock-It Tattoo Foundation and was really pleasantly surprised; it's really long-wearing. It's sold out everywhere, though, so I will have to wait for it to come back in stock (it's so richly pigmented, though, that the sample made for me by a Sephora employee has lasted weeks).


I rarely try new skincare, but I had a Jurlique Herbal Recovery Gel lying around (my mother gave it to me). I use another antioxidant serum in the morning, but one day I tried this instead. I really liked this and I wish I could find a way to incorporate it somehow -- it left such a smooth finish (while completely absorbing) that lasted all day. It was really soothing, too!


I started using Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Cream (I don't always use moisturizer, because my sunscreen hydrates pretty thoroughly), and I was really pleased with that, too -- I will probably keep using it, at least for a while!


I also wound up with a Chanel highlighting powder, which is lovely, but had I really considered it, I would not have bought it (I don't advise stopping by any kind of makeup counter after happy hour). I felt too guilty to return it. It's actually really nice...overpriced for what it is (in my opinion), and it's a limited edition, which I try to avoid (I hate falling in love with something only to have it disappear quickly -- things like palettes or really pigmented blushes are fine, but something that I would use up entirely (like a lipstick or highlighter), I don't want to get attached! Smiley Happy)


Re: January Favorites

Shopping with one of my teenage sons keeps me on task - buying only what I went into Sephora for.  Otherwise, I come home with something that I never intended on buying.  However, those purchases are sometimes my surprise favorites!  I will definitely remember to stay away from Sephora after Happy Hour!  lol Smiley Happy

Re: January Favorites

Yeaaahh, not smart -- why are sales associates SO good sometimes?! I'm normally able to resist the alluring (enabling?) "Here, have a seat..." at makeup counters, but not this time. Fail.


Smiley Happy

Re: January Favorites

Haha I can never resist! Whenever I am at a makeup/skincare counter my friends or family have to pull me away reminding me that "I don't need it" and "that's not what we came here for" haha Smiley Happy

Re: January Favorites

LOL! It's like you HAVE to have a designated friend with you there to steer you away and keep you on course!

Re: January Favorites

But at least least it was a really nice product!!!!

Re: January Favorites

LOL! Happy hour purchase!!!

Re: January Favorites

LOLs here too, that line about stopping at makeup counters after happy hour made me laugh! ;D

Re: January Favorites

What a great idea!


I feel like I always have some new products that I'm excited about, here are mine:


KVD Foundation. Amazing! I like to use it when I know pictures are going to be taken or I need it to last ALL day. Perfect matte finish.


Tarte BB cream! I've tried so many of them, currently loving this one.


I haven't ordered it yet but the UD The Glinda Palette looks amazing. I think that I would wear all of those shades daily.

<3 Melissa

Re: January Favorites

I didn't really venture to trying any new products this month, but here's what I've been favoring:


1. Fusion Beauty Tinted Moisturizer, I used this stuff a while back and have since used other items after. As of late I've slacked on the daily make up regimen, only applying it if I'm going out or it's the weekend. I saw it on Amazon for a killer price and picked up a tube again, since then, I've been using it as a motivation to start wearing make up daily again. It's very light, the texture is lovely, I don't even have to top it off with powder.


2. Ole Heriksen's Truth Serum, I've recommended this in threads all over, I love how versatile it is be it to treat post acne marks or help with anti-aging. It's a great day time friendly serum that doesn't have light sensative ingredients and it has such an energizing scent that just makes you feel good when you put it on. I started using this product when I got samples of it through Sephora and loved how it softens my smile lines and brightened some post acne marks on my cheeks.


3. Lorac Multi Plex 3D Lip Gloss, another old product that I rediscovered and fell back in love with. Though the glosses range in glitter/shimmer to just pure, dimensional shine, I love that the formulation of the glittery ones don't rely on rough, textured mica particles but rather intense, reflective pigment so it feels smooth and slick on lips rather than gritty. The scent is delicious and it even feels nice on lips without lip balm underneath! The shades are amazingly wearable, and 3D is my favorite because of how it straddles the world of neutral and pink. It looks amazing topped off on any shade of gloss and is gorgeous even on its own.

Re: January Favorites

Maracuja Oil, 'nuff said there Smiley Very Happy I've never been so darn impressed by such a versatile product!  Hence it being my recommendation for darn near everything XD

Re: January Favorites

This is a fun post, I have a lot of favorites right now, not sure if it's because my skin is so dry and I had no choice but to change EVERYTHING or just that there are some great new products coming out! Smiley Happy  speaking of new products, UPS should be delivering my Theodora palette sometime soon! Smiley Happy 


1. Urban Decay BB Cream it doesn't have much color or coverage for me but the texture has been AMAZING underneath my powder foundations and with concealers. It's a great texture and so smooth but I just wish the color and coverage payoff was slightly more intense. 


2. Clinique Moisture Surge intense, this is a great lightweight gel-textured cream that has been amazing at hydrating my skin while it's so dry and cold out. Nothing else was helping! 


3. speaking of dry skin, Korres Lip Butter is saving my chapped lips from the dry air and wind! Who knew tall buildings were such HIGH WIND meccas!? A bit of color and moisture and I'm set. Smiley Happy


4. KVD Lock It Makeup Setting Spray has saved my life for keeping my makeup in place. I've been so busy that I forget to touch up my makeup but having my makeup set with the spray helps to keep it all lasting a bit longer than normal. 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: January Favorites

I love Clinique Moisture Surge as well. It really does help in this weather! 

Which one do you prefer UD De Slick Spray or KVD Lock It Makeup Spray? 

I've been using De Slick ever since I started using makeup and can't imagine leaving my house without using it. I want to get the KVD one now, LOL Thanks Diana! Tell us what you think of that palette once you get it! I'm planning to get that one as well.

Re: January Favorites

wow just realized I entirely overused the smiley faces hahaha! 


I really like the KVD spray, I tried the UD one and it was a bit too thick, almost sticky on my face? I'm pretty sure almost all have that sticky sort of feeling but the KVD one feels less heavy on me.  I'll be sure to share my thoughts on it once it arrives! Hopefully any minute now... ! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: January Favorites

Haha, when you're passionate about product, there's no such thing as using too many smiley faces!

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