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January Favorites

Its 2013 and I kinda want start doing monthly favorites on here. See what you all like and what works for you and what didn't


I've been loving:

Givenchy Mister Mat. I have oily skin especially my t-zone and cheek area. I like to just apply this over these area because I don't have the time for touch up or blot most of th time. This really does help with oil control and creating that smooth canvas. I've been reaching for this lately than my Porefessionl

Illamaqua Blush in Lover. I was recommend this blush from one of the mods here, pretty sure it was Diana. Boy do I like this color and pigmentation. This is a  matte blush which I prefer. The lasting color of this is amazing and little goes a long way with this blush. I apply this with either a stippling brush or a blush brush. Its a nice settle everyday pinky coral.

Stila Stay All Day Mascara. I never heard much from Stila's mascara. I got this as part of a value deal I got from buying the eyeliner(which I love). So I was kinda hesitant with using it. This is a waterproof macara. It stays on all day with no flaking. I love how it holds my curl and how it really makes my lashes look natural but fuller. 

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder. I love using this is set my foundation and conceal. Although I only use this on my oily areas. I used to used my Mac Mineralize SkinFinish Natural to set my makeup but I keep going back to this. This is a really nice setting powder for those who have oily skin and this doesn't cut a big hole in my wallet.

Korres Milk Protein Cleanser. I've been using this for about a week but I'm in love! I have a bit of roseca on my cheeks and this does not irrate my skin at all. Leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean. You only need a little bit of this to get it foamy. A really nice gentle everyday cleanser. 


Whats yours?

Re: January Favorites

Pffft, guess who's late to the party? me. =O


Most things I've tried are good but not great, nothing to write about. I dabble in different products, but I do find myself getting samples/using these whenever I get a chance to:


Hourglass No.28 primer: ok, there's a large dose of dimethicone in it so it's definitely better used as primer than serum. But, it's got such a clean/herbal scent (from the 28 essential oil/vitamins) and feels so thick/smoothing/velvety that it's a luxurious treat to apply. It doesn't clog pores or cause/irritate acne (I clean my face well at night). My cheeks tend to get cracked/flaky/dry/tight with the cold wind and dry indoor heat, smoothing this on top of my normal SPF moisturizer fixed that. Oh right, did I mention it's a really good primer?


Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion: I'm of the mind a scrub is a scrub is a scrub. No point in spending so much on things you are gonna wash off your face. The grains in these are finer than sand, so fine you can barely feel it as you exfoliate (so if you are a hard scrubber, don't worry, scrub to your heart's content). However, your face can definitely feel it (a refreshing, tingly feeling, slightly salty clean scent). I usually don't wash my face before this, so it feels like there's an slightly oily layer, but after 20 seconds when I rinse, it's smooth and clean but not dry. Yes, I still like my Clinique scrubs, but they are starting to feel a bit too basic. I can't resist the urge to get a 2nd sample of this (very rare for me), but the $70 for full size...I will have to wait until I finish my 2 Clinique scrub and try out the 3 other top review scrub/exfoliator/microderm on my list first. Because if I get this, I'll prob never want to try the others (the same reason why I'm resisting Peter Thomas Roth anti-aging cleanser).


I'm also enjoying various facial oils and Caudalie products, they are great but not irresistable. Not a fan of Lancome, it's good but too much extras (fragrance, shimmer/illuminator/light-reflector/insert-fancy-word-here). I'm gonna test Algenist, Juicy Beauty, L'occitane and maybe some retinol product this month.

Re: January Favorites

beautytester, you should know that I'll always be the one "fashionably late" to every party!


I've gotta change devices....tablets dying...gotta grab the galaxy s3 to join in this great, fun conversation!


Re: January Favorites

I've only gotten a couple of new things last month but my faves are:


Clinique Oily/Combination Oily Skin Care Set.  I believe in having a good skincare regimen before anything.  Since using this set I've had waaay less breakouts and I feel like now I can really go out without having to wear so much foundation.  It was really life changing since I've struggled with skincare for so long.

OPI "Skip the Gift Wrap" Nail Polish.  I really love this color and it was my way of easily adding Emerald into my wardrobe.  Plus I got some white wavy/zebra print on it (got it done in class) so I love it even more.

Josie Maran Argan Oil Daily Moisturizer.  I use this mostly at night so it soaks in really good and I no longer wake up so dry or oily.  I also use it on my winter hands and it works wonders!

Clinique Chubby Stick in Mega Melon.  I got this as my 100pt reward.  It's the perfect color for me with just a little bit of shine and plenty of moisture.  I have other pink and peach nudes but this one takes the prize because it doesn't make me look washed out or like it doesn't belong.  It doesn't add a whole lot of color but it does add just a hint and really finishes a naked look for me.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette.  I always stray toward neutrals since they're the easiest but the neutrals I've always had were sparkly.  I just love the ease of looks with this and the simplicity.  It makes me look put together and polished without looking like a little girl or like I'm gonna go party.

Benefit Cosmetics High Beam.  I actually have had this for a while but I could never figure out how to best use it.  It comes out white-ish and kind of stains.  But I was watching something in class and they put the highlighter under the foundation where you want to accentuate then lightly blend and put foundation on top.  So I tried it and even full coverage foundation doesn't cover it up completely so it looked totally natural.  None of the white showed thru but the lightness did and it just looked like I was glowing!

Michael Kors Very Hollywood Perfume.  Another I've had for a while.  I just really like the scent now, it's mature and sophisticated.  A little floral but not heavy.  I dunno how to describe it I just love it.  And it's such a cute bottle too! 

Re: January Favorites

I have a sample of High Beam and never could get it to blend well with my foundation.  I will try putting it on underneath.  Thanks!

Re: January Favorites

Sometimes I mix a little high beam directly into my foundation, moisturizer or primer, it makes it a lot easier to blend!

Re: January Favorites

January FAVE:




Best thing ever. I gravitate towards the lighter neutral shades, and those are pretty hard to find in palettes. So far I've only worked with 4 of the colors but they are godsend for pale skin. I dont own the naked or naked 2 palette (yet) but I'm really enjoying my little *taste* of the naked collection right now Smiley Very Happy And I LOVE the packaging, I wish that the naked and naked 2 palettes were in this exact packaging---its super sturdy, snaps shut securely, has a big mirror, so portable and the case doesnt get dirty!

Re: January Favorites

I love my Naked Palettes. They are amazing. Great for traveling and creating different looks. Love them. Can't wait to see more from them.

Re: January Favorites

Absolutely, and I am *such* a big fan of slim packaging, there's just no reason for bulky palettes. I dont have the space for them and company's just make big and bulky cases to try and justify the big pricetag. The naked basics palette has 6 full sized shadows, the pans are the exact same size as the pans in the naked and naked 2 palette and yet...its very tiny compared to naked and naked 2 so I can put it in my organizer without it taking up too much space and I can toss it into my purse for travel. The new bright palette by MUFE is also around the same size as the naked basics but it contains more shadows, and costs way more but I'm OOGLING it now! So pretty! But there's shades in there that I just would not use like black and yellow.

Re: January Favorites

I'm a sucker for packaging LOL. I love cute packaging but I still like the slick and modern ones as well. I love how UD came out with Flush. You get bronzer, highligher and blush! Color wise I'm not that excited about the blush but its great for traveling. I haven't seen the new MUFE pallette yet in person but I did look it up and boy do I love that blue color shadow and that lilac one is gorgeous too. I need to stop myself but I end up getting another pallette

Re: January Favorites

I saw the MUFE one in person and its pretty cool. Half the colors are brights, half are neutrals. I like the size (tiny) and I'm really getting into this brand. Because of the price, I thought that it would be about the size of the KVD palettes but its WAAYYY smaller, like the naked basics. I put myself on project 10 pan though (have to use up 10 beauty products before I buy anything, unless I run out of something completely). Plus I have at least a handful of brand new items in my makeup box that I havent even tried yet.

Re: January Favorites

Same here girl. I seriously need to start using up my products before buying more. I don't think thats going to happen. My shopping list is getting bigger and bigger. LOL 

Re: January Favorites

Same here. Yesterday I bought an extra set of 3 drawers to plug into my 5 unit makeup drawer because things were getting pretty cluttered. Now its all good lol. Every drawer has breathing room now. I have to have everything in *one* spot, I am not the type that can have makeup all over the place, it would take me ages to get ready that way. I dont know how other people do it. They have some of their makeup in bathroom drawers/cabinets, in boxes around the house, in their bedrooms etc. I have to know what I have, how much of it, and where it is. I really love my makeup drawer set though! So awesome Smiley Very Happy

Re: January Favorites

What type of makeup drawer organizer do you have?  Does it fit on a countertop or do you place them inside drawers?  I need help organizing my makeup as it's starting to accumulate.  I know I need to go through and get rid some old stuff that I don't use anymore, but I would like to find a more conventient way to store all my faves. 

Re: January Favorites

wingatprsct-----I actually have a picture of my makeup drawer organizer in my profile. I have to update the picture because now its a stack of 8 drawers instead of 5. The one in the profile picture has 5 drawers and I got it at Walmart for less than 10 bucks. I added another set of 3 on top a few days ago (the drawers all individually pop/lock into each other and its super sturdy). I really love it because it doesnt take up much space. I have it in my bedroom. It takes up very little space and yet it holds so much stuff!! Walmart only has the stacks of 5 but Big Lots has stacks of 3. Its real easy to add more drawers (or remove them) to customize your perfect size. Its holds everything except my BIG palettes (like UD Book of Shadows). I love that its CLEAR, so I can see my makeup in there from all sides and its not this big bulky thing that takes up space. I almost bought this medium sized 6 drawer leather like material over cardboard organizer from TJ Maxx but I'm so glad that I didnt because its HEAVY, and its not see through and the drawers dont pull out that easily, its 40 bucks btw and thats 40 that I would rather spend on makeup thank you very much lol...I'm so glad that I added drawers to the one I already had (real easy, pop off the top layer, plug in your new set and viola!). I have a space for everything now, its all organized, and I have a TON of stuff and this baby has plenty of breathing room for more stuff. The 5 drawer one held all my makeup but the thing was cluttered up (to the max!) with no breathing room. I have everything OUT right now, I know every item that I have and where it is, and for a 8 drawer stack, its not even that big/high. And the whole thing cost me around 15 bucks.

Re: January Favorites

Thanks for replying!  I will check out your photo and look at Wal-Mart and Big Lots.  My recent purchases need to find a home - a Sephora bag is not a makeup organizer!  I had looked online at The Container Store and of course, they are more expensive.  What you're describing is exactly what I'm looking for.


Thanks again!

Re: January Favorites

No prob! I looked at the Muji which is a clear cube dupe but I decided against it because the drawers are very narrow so not everything fits in there, and they only come in sets of 5. You can buy more drawers and just put it on top but thats not secure and I dont want the 2 units to move around/seperate from each other. The clear cube is a waste of money, no set of plastic drawers is worth $350. I'm so glad that I added to my drawer set instead of wasting more money on another drawer set because I LOVE what I have. Its lightweight and sturdy at the same time, I can pick up the entire box and move it to whereever and it wont be in the way. Its shocking how much money people spend on a customizable organizer....and I've custom made mine for around 15 bucks.

Re: January Favorites

I did a bit of traveling this month, I was completely and hopeless obsessed with the following:


Urban Decay Naked Palette: I've had my Naked Palette for way over a year now. It was on a bit of a hiatus for a while but I recently rediscovered why I initially fell inlove with it. Such a good travel palette!


KVD Setting Spray: Another MUST for traveling. It sets your makeup and keeps it looking fresh for hours. It's great.


Laura Mercier primer: This primer feels so nice on the skin. I have a tendency to get a bit dry during the cooler months so this gives my face some extra hydration.

Whimsically yours,

Re: January Favorites

doesthe setting spray set your makeup with a less matt finish than a powder does?  Does it set it as well?  My face seems to look too dry ..want that more dewy look

Re: January Favorites

It provides a matte coverage to a certain degree but not as much as the powder would.Hope this helps!

Re: January Favorites

Another favorite of KVD setting spray. Now its a must try/get on my list

Re: January Favorites

I have been loving:


1.L'Occitane shower oil and body creams.

2.Tarte eye shawdows.

3.Tarte eyeliners

4. YSL cream blushes(never thought I would give in to cream blush but with this I was definitely missing out!)

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