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International swaps

Has anyone ever done an international swap? How did it go? As a makeup lover, I am so interested in foreign brands we cannot get in the states, especially from the UK and France. It sounds like such a fun experience, but it can go so horribly wrong...I wonder if there is a site to find a swapping buddy?!

Re: International swaps

Good feedback ladies! I think I will hold off on the swaps.

Re: International swaps

I don't know if I would do one on MUA, I've seen too many people get swaplifted.

BUT, I have done a few international swaps that all went smoothly. 

One was through a blogger, who set the whole thing up. To participate you had to be active on her site, have an active twitter and/or FB prior to the swap. 

I also did a few through LUUUX, but that was on the old site where we could still send PM's to other members. I didn't swap with new members, only those who've been active on the site for a while & I got to know who they were through their posts. These were awesome because we made "wish lists" of brands & products we wanted to try, but couldn't get our hands on. Now with the new site & not being able to send PM's I don't know how it would work with exchanging addresses. 

Re: International swaps

Also, be aware that postal costs internationally are quite high and if things are properly declared there can be high import duty and taxes and fees, especially in some countries. 


I done international exchanges with different groups (but not for cosmetics), but always with a group where I feel I know people pretty well. 


Silly me, I forgot I wanted to try some UK products until too late, and I've got my MIL here who could have brought them to me. At least she brought me tea and lots of heavy books!

Re: International swaps

I was swap lifted on MUA by someone who took over an old account that had tons of positive feedback. Looks like theres a few people whove scammed alot of people.  I haven't swapped since but prior to that had great experiences. Just know there's some risk involved. Stick to small value swaps

Re: International swaps

What a bummer! It is so risky because not everyone is honest. Thanks for the feedback.

Re: International swaps

I did an international swap and ended up swaplifted!  I was swapping on Makeup Alley, which is a good place to begin because they have a way to give tokens for successful swaps. You can read your prospective swapping partners feedback before you enter into a trade.


 Be very careful with anyone you swap with, in country or out. Make sure that they have a long record of positive swaps, and turn down anything that you feel uneasy about. It's better to not swap than to lose your stuff. 

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