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Interfaith ICC Donation

The first tsb I did has been donated, and I have been sorting through pictures to calculate the cost.  I haven't added all yet, but this is proof.  Please call them if you wish.


My address has been blurred for security reasons but the organizer/director wrote all of this, and she stamped it.

Please let me know if you have questions

Re: Interfaith ICC Donation

This is the first time I've ever seen someone post a receipt. 

Re: Interfaith ICC Donation

I've seen several people post thank you cards from the donation center - most don't usually get the receipt, as they donate the items without thinking of the tax deduction

Re: Interfaith ICC Donation

I am not getting a tax deduction.  I asked them if they could write a letter for me stating the proof.  She said she cannot do that.

Re: Interfaith ICC Donation

oh, dear. unfortunately many of us are smart enough to notice that there are two different handwriting styles on this paper. and regardless, she can't write the value of the donation weeks after the donation is made. not only that, BUT it says right on the paper "The donor determines the value of the donation."



bless your heart. 


Re: Interfaith ICC Donation

Hi jamielove! I understand there is a lot of passion on this topic, but please let's tone it down. If we can't have cordial conversations we am going to have to close this thread. Thank you for your understanding. 


Your friendly Community Manager, 


Re: Interfaith ICC Donation

i apologize. i'll edit and tone it down a bit. 

Re: Interfaith ICC Donation

I have never seen someone so mean spirited.  every single time you really just crush whatever i offer.


what would you like me to do?  

Re: Interfaith ICC Donation

they don't call me jaimeNOlove for nothing!


what we, as a collective, would like for you to do is stop lying and just be straight. no more shade. 

Re: Interfaith ICC Donation

I have a question, why did you have the thread of your first box deleted? I think it was so people couldn't look through the pictures and compare them to the spring box. All of the ladies who contributed, including myself, deserve an explanation. Besides what you told me that Kevin thought it was getting out of hand and deleted it without you asking him to. 


Still waiting for a confession whoops I meant an explanation 

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