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Inspiration to Keep Up Healthy Habits

So it's mid summer and all of us started the summer with healthy goals and I'm wondering how everyone is doing with those, and if you are sticking with it, what is your inspiration?


I haven't been doing so well.  I had a great beginning of the summer, lots of protein, lots of walking, lots of water, reducing my smoking.  But as the summer has gone on (and as my statistics class came on the scene and sapped my will to do anything but chain smoke and eat unhealthy food) I have had a hard time.


Those of you who are doing well with your summer fitness habits, what has kept you on track?  I'd love to hear your motivators and be inspired by you.

Re: Inspiration to Keep Up Healthy Habits

I have to confess that I slipped during the 4th of July weekend and shortly before that.  We visited relatives in North Carolina, and had plenty of good food!  Plus, I love good barbecue and my mother-in-law's macaroni and cheese.


But, I've slowly gotten back on track.  My inspiration are the clothes in my closet that I'm able to slip into again, not to mention that there is an abundance of fresh veggies and fruits wherever I go.  I also found that after the two fasts I did earlier this year, it's harder to go back to eating processed foods, fatty desserts and unhealthy meats.


Re: Inspiration to Keep Up Healthy Habits

Love this thread! It's hard to stay on track but, what keeps me motivated is starting off the morning right with foods that will make me not starved by the time lunch rolls around.


Eating small meals and making sure I'm never hungry helps! I like to stay motivated also by checking out health magazines. They have good tips and it makes it somewhat fun.

<3 Melissa

Re: Inspiration to Keep Up Healthy Habits

I'm not going to lie, for the past two weeks I've slipped off my work out routine. I'm not going to say I just flat out didn't do them, but these past two weeks were more packed with work, events, and guests and though I could have pushed and packed everything in, I didn't feel that overworking and overexerting myself in those instances would do me too much good so I let the work outs fall to the side.


I hate sounding like I'm making excuses, but hey, I know full well that I skipped and I own up to it. I'm ready for my schedule to calm back down so I can get back into it. My boyfriend and I are work out buddies (we're both following Georges St. Pierre's Rushfit work out) and he keeps me motivated because I see how hard he works and how he exercises because he wants it for himself, not to please me or anyone else.


Food-wise it's easier for me to stay on track as I love to cook so I can control what I make and what goes into my food. It was my birthday last week so I did splurge on some cupcakes that my family brought over (cherry limeaid, anyone???? YUM!) but rather than gorge on multiple flavors/kinds I took each cupcake and cut them into bite sized portions so we could all share.


I think the key on forming and keeping to a healthy habit is patience, time, perseverance, and being realistic. Obviously everything can't happen overnight, so understanding that yes, sometimes things slip or sometimes life gets in the way, it's okay and the point is to keep pushing through and get back on track and as long as you're working toward sticking with something you're doing well. Habits come out of consistency, so working to build that where it becomes second nature is important. 

Re: Inspiration to Keep Up Healthy Habits

i found a really great workout class with a great instructor who keeps it interesting and challenging.  I actually look forward to going to the class and wish it were held more than twice a week, so i think finding something like this is key.  And the best motivation is seeing the results!

Re: Inspiration to Keep Up Healthy Habits

I'm a person who needs discipline when it comes to an exercise routine, yet I'm pretty lazy, I've been doing a lot of online videos, where the individual recommends what I do on a daily basis. I was also inspired that this instructor wasn't thin as a stick. I like to have realistic expectations, so if the instructor looks like a ballet instructor, that may not be something I want aspire to become. I was literally inspired because I saw a blogger showing off her toned abs while wearing a crop top and I was like, "How does someone who is premed have that great of a physique?!" I found out, and it has changed how I look in strengthening my body, and I've been on this exercise kick since May. In terms of eating, I don't change what I eat because it's not like I need to lose weight. I hope this helps and good luck!

Re: Inspiration to Keep Up Healthy Habits

One thing that helps me with my workout is to keep track of my workouts on a small pocket planner (it shows a full month at a time with a little bit of space to write in for each day).  This is a visual reminder of how I'm doing.  I also leave my workout clothes where I can see them, another visual reminder.  Finally, I don't get upset with myself if I miss a day or two.  Rather than saying, "I have to workout X times a week," I say, "My goal is to workout a minimum of X times a week."  This way I'm working towards something.  If I don't make it, at least I tried and I still feel good about my efforts.

Re: Inspiration to Keep Up Healthy Habits

Adding something new to my wardrobe every few weeks have kept me in check, especially since I don't step on the scale, but rather turn to clothes as a measure of whether I have gained or lost weight.Adding new tracks to my iPod every so often has been a good motivator for me. Also, knowing that the gym is usually less than busy this time of the year and not having to worry about having to beat the crowd is another reason I've been sticking to my workouts Smiley Happy

Re: Inspiration to Keep Up Healthy Habits

My motivation just comes from within because I know by keeping up the fitness with running and eating healthy I'm going to feel good by putting good things into my body and it's gonna run a lot better with the good stuff and not junk. Now don't get me wrong I indulge a little sometimes but I don't lose control because it's just not worth it to me.

Re: Inspiration to Keep Up Healthy Habits

I love this thread!  I'm trying to get back on the health wagon myself.  Like Prettyinpa said, sometimes we all fall off the wagon and the best thing to do is try to get back on.  Stress does that to me too!  I'm getting married in February so I need to get it together immediately. lol What helps me is setting a reasonable goal or what I think would be reasonable and then modify if necessary.  Nothing discourages me faster than thinking I should have been able to do something, even if it wasn't realistic (ie. I'm going to lose 20 lbs this month!) .  It does really strengthen my motivation to see progress on my goal even if it is just a little bit at a time.

Re: Inspiration to Keep Up Healthy Habits

Holy cow, married!?!?!? Congrats, Keely!!!!! I know you'll make a beautiful bride! 

Re: Inspiration to Keep Up Healthy Habits

This is a fun post- I'll admit it can be tough when there's all sorts of snacks and yummies around (cough work potluck cough) but I try to remember the stomachache I have from eating certain foods Smiley Wink


Plus I still have my 5k so I've been walking a mile or two each day so I don't end up walking the whole thing and being at the end! Seeing how much easier it is to walk around and not be out of breath running up stairs is huge payoff and so is the energy I have without coffee! Keep in mind I still took the bus all the way home and DIDNT walk yesterday and also had a brownie the other day haha- can't be that strict!


And of course.. CONGRATULATIONS KEELY!!! xo 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Inspiration to Keep Up Healthy Habits

@keelybt- Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Bet you'll be a gorgeous bride!

Re: Inspiration to Keep Up Healthy Habits

@Prettyinpa Aww thanks! 

Re: Inspiration to Keep Up Healthy Habits

My fitness habits don't change much, I made the switch to vegan eating last winter and just feel so much better. I can tell when I have been eating badly, I feel crummy the next day and don't have the energy that I'm used to. My motivation comes from looking in the mirror when getting dressed, if I've been sedentary, I look flabby and tired, so exercise is key! I also like to download new music periodically, it brightens up my running. 


Don't beat yourself up too much if you fall of the wagon- just pick yourself up, reaffirm your goals and start afresh. Every journey starts with the first step, and you are bound to take a wrong turn here an there. The destination is all that counts, not how long it took you to get there! Smiley Happy

Re: Inspiration to Keep Up Healthy Habits

I must admit that despite my best efforts I have not been able to make it to yoga this week... the instructor was sick and cancelled class on Sunday, and both tuesday and yesterday I worked way, way too late and was not home in time to make it to class Smiley Sad


I hope to go on saturday, though! 


And i'm still trying to drink lots of water!

Re: Inspiration to Keep Up Healthy Habits

I didn't really set and huge goals, just small steps and I have definitely stuck to them, more water less soda and less eating after 7. I've also stopped eating out as much.

Re: Inspiration to Keep Up Healthy Habits

It's a vicious cycle staying fit. I kind of fell off my healthy routine this month too thanks to a vacation and a cold : /. I find that purchasing cute workout gear helps, taking a new workout class, and downloading some new motivating music helps.


On days that I'm really not keen on working out I'll do something more mellow like going for a walk around the lake by my home or going for a swim.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Inspiration to Keep Up Healthy Habits

Downloading new music is definitely something I should do.  Having the right music helps me so much during workouts, but my workout playlist is getting kind of stale.  Thanks for the great idea!

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