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Income Tax Refund = OH NO

I just got my income tax refund and I know I should save it or buy something constructive but I am DYING to go shopping (especially at Sephora)! Anyone else out there planning on spending their refund? I'm definitely going to buy some new eyeglasses but after that it's gonna be a free for all lol!


Re: Income Tax Refund = OH NO

Awesome! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Income Tax Refund = OH NO

My refund has been gone for months now. I used most of it to move into a new apartment Smiley Happy. Right now I've been eyeing the entire DryBar brand! I got a sample of their 100 Proof with my last order and instantly fell in love. Unlike most hair oils this one actually absorbs into the hair, rather than just sitting on top. I really want a bottle of that along with their blow dryer! It's adorable.


Whimsically yours,

Re: Income Tax Refund = OH NO

I want this dryer too, especially after seeing the new DIY videos on Sephora TV:

Re: Income Tax Refund = OH NO

I REALLY want to buy some Tarte LipSurgences (like 6 lol) and some new nail polish for the summer. I've had my eye on some polishes for a while now so I might just splurge & get them. I LOVE makeup but I only wear it on weekends & special occasions. Nail polish I wear all the time though so I don't feel as bad buying it. I don't wear makeup for work because no one sees me as I am on the phone all day and my office is in the back of a workshop. Also, sometimes after wearing makeup for a few hours I HAVE to take it off as it bugs me. I keep trying to tell myself that I don't need anything but makeup is just so pretty and I'm such a junkie!

Re: Income Tax Refund = OH NO

I was in need of a new computer so I was good this year. Most of my tax return went to a rMBP, the rest went to our shared bank account for house stuff. I think my boyfriend ended up getting another piece of furniture from Restoration Hardware with the money I put in. 

I have a separate stash for Sephora spending Smiley Wink 

Re: Income Tax Refund = OH NO

I got my refund so long ago and I decided to be good and save it. I have more than enough makeup I don't even use and is still sitting in boxes brand new! I'm saving my money to either pay off a big chunk of my college student loan or use it as a down payment for a new car Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Income Tax Refund = OH NO

I didn't buy much with my refund. I put most of it into savings so I wouldn't touch it! I bought some new jeans and black pants, I think that's about itSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa
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