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If You Had Unlimited Money For Sephora

If you could walk into a any Sephora or go online and not have to worry about how much you spent (say, because you just wont a 10 million dollars from some contest), what products would be on your list?

There's just so much it's difficult for me to say. I would start off with most of the Urban Decay's... everything. I'm a sucker for their products and I adore them all! Second I would go for skincare. I can't quite say which ones (again, soo many). In reality I need to stock up on my Juice Beauty Green Apple peel so I could be buying a couple jars of that for sure!

Out of pure vanity I would also want the Hello Kitty Crystal Dipped Handheld Mirror with Swarovski Elements. So there's just a small list off the top of my head of what I would buy with unlimited money in Sephora. Smiley Happy

Re: If You Had Unlimited Money For Sephora

Ooh and Fairydrops Scandal Queen Mascara... It looks a little scary and awesome at the same time.

Re: If You Had Unlimited Money For Sephora

@_@ I would have to share the wealth.  After grabbing things for myself (tons of stuff who knows what it would be), maybe send stuff to family and extended family who have always been there for me.  Then I would randomly pick and choose fun and more practical things and donate to the community to various charities.  Maybe even go back to my hometown and do the same thing. 


Perhaps even arrange events in those areas for all expenses paid Sephora makeovers to those going to prom (or any dressy event) but wouldn't have had the means to pay for it.  Would arrange a similar event for the mature (and still beautiful) because I respect them and sometimes feel that some industries neglect their presence.  They deserve pampering too. Perhaps even arrange to visit assisted living centers and/or retirement communities and at least offer all expenses paid manicures and pedicures.  Even at 98, my grandmother loved getting her nails done.


And get some stuff and sneak it into the finance's bathroom area.  He's kind of a difficult case.  Smiley Tongue

Re: If You Had Unlimited Money For Sephora

That's a great answer! the idea of donating makeover to the girls and women who deserve is exceedingly compassionateand I would jump in your boat of donating (if we had that $10 mill). And as for the finance, I'd say good luck lol. My boyfriend loves it when I choose out different products for him and give him facials and massage his hands with The Body Shops Hemp Hand Lotion Smiley Happy. I have a long list of products I'd have to buy for him too if I could Smiley Happy.

Re: If You Had Unlimited Money For Sephora

OMG, just thinking about that gets me excited!

I would have a long list:

clarisonic mia

some new makeup brushes

soms stuff from too faced an benefit{just for fun}

the eye primer from ud

a bronzer from clinique

too faced's bronzed and the beautiful palette

benefit's dandelion{i know, i know, i really want to get it soon!}

benefit's lemon aid

And the list goes on and on... If I actually could spend unlimited amounts of money at sephora, the list WOULD go on and on... Smiley Happy

Re: If You Had Unlimited Money For Sephora

To be honest, I wouldn't buy much.  A few brushed, some makeup that I need, and some replacement brushed for my Mia.  Other than that, I would donate most of the money to the National Railroad Muesum, who I give money to already.

Re: If You Had Unlimited Money For Sephora

Wow, that's a tough question!  But if I had unlimited amounts of money that could only be spent at Sephora first of all I would buy the Opal (which I've wanted since it first came out) and then I would definitely buy anything that I don't already have from Urban Decay, plus a backup of everything that I already have (ha, ha).  Then I'd move on to Smashbox and buy all of their eyeshadows, mascaras, lipsticks, cream eyeliners and blushes.  If the money didn't expand beyond spending at Sephora I'd have to stop cause I'd run out of room in my house to store everything, but if I could buy a bigger house for my new makeup then that's a whole different shopping spree altogether (ha, ha)! Smiley Happy

Re: If You Had Unlimited Money For Sephora

As much as I would love to say that I wouldn't buy much, I know my inner crazy would be ignited by the prospect of "unlimited funds," and I would go on a massive binge (which would also include things for my nearest and dearest, plus items to donate).


First, I agree with tenngal; the Clarisonic Opal would be first on my list (I was going to buy this with my tax refund, but -- surprise!! -- I owed big time, and it was nonexistent!). I would also buy backups of the things I absolutely love -- because too frequently, something is discontinued before I can restock. I would get all of my "staples," like Smashbox Halo, Too Faced Lash Injection, NARS Cruising, NARS Black Moon and UD 24/7 in Zero.


Next, I would head for the Fresh section -- I love that line. I would stock up on the Black Tea moisturizer, mask and eye cream, and probably buy every shade of the Fresh Sugar Lip Gloss (LOVE that stuff -- and my favorite, Angel, was discontinued, so I'm glad I did think to buy an extra). I would get a few NARS Eyeshadow Duos I've been wanting. In terms of skincare, I would also buy a few eye creams I've been wanting to try (still can't find the perfect one!). Hmmm...and more shades of the Tarte Amazonian Clay blush, even though I will never need another shade of blush, ever (I have more than I could ever use in decades)...some Guerlain Rouge G lipsticks, and the Smashbox Ultimate Eyes (Blue) set I've been wanting, but not yet able to justify buying. Great question Smiley Very Happy


Re: If You Had Unlimited Money For Sephora

Right now I really want "Benefit Beauty in a Box" and a good bronzer...havent found the right one yet.


I have a really big list of things that I want to try in the future, but generally I dont like to hoard stuff and have it lying around until it expires. I like to get through things one by one, and restock when I'm completely out. Right now I have too much skincare that I'm working on using up before buying anything else.

Re: If You Had Unlimited Money For Sephora

unlimited money?


I'd buy the whole line of UD shadows and liners, even if I probably wouldn't use it.

the full line of NARS blush and multiples. 

Probably every mascara in the store, every eyeliner too.



hell though, if I had unlimited money, I could just buy everything in the store and call it good.

Re: If You Had Unlimited Money For Sephora

Unlimited, If I had that much I probably would have to start my own business. And I would definitely convince sephora to sell other lines that they don't carry, like Moroccan Oil.

Re: If You Had Unlimited Money For Sephora

I would buy the Makeup Forever and Smashbox lines and Philosophy and Body Shop for face and body products. Maybe even Tarte.


That is after I pay off my debts, buy houses for myself and my parents, kiss my retail job goodbye while working on my Bachelors and Masters degrees, and get my car fixed up like they did in "Pimp My Ride". I'd also donate to my church, the church group I was a member of at my first college, and my favorite charities.

Re: If You Had Unlimited Money For Sephora

I wanted to bring this thread up again because the holiday's are approaching and everyone seems to have a lot of wants lol. I looked at my last post in this thread and I HAVE the two things I wanted last time ( Smiley Very Happy ). So at this moment, if I had unlimited funds to ONLY spend at Sephora I would get


WonderstruckCreaseless Cream Shadow/LinerAll Eye Need Eye Shadow Palette - HenriettaDior Addict Ultra GlossSugarbombCabana BoyMaison Lancôme Gentle and Long Lasting Powder Blusher

Re: If You Had Unlimited Money For Sephora

Okay, so in this scenario all of these products are available at SephoraSmiley Happy  


Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Lipsticks

MUFE 12 Flash Color Case

New brushes

The Opal

Mac Paint Pots

All of the Tarte Amazonian Clay products

Fresh perfumes and moisturizers especially Sugar Lychee

Bobbi Brown Corrector

Philosophy shower gels

Illamasqua eye shadows and lipglosses

Ren skin care


I'm sure there's more...


Re: If You Had Unlimited Money For Sephora

Oh goodness!!  Thank you for reviving this thread, sephoramusthave!  It was started before I signed up for the forum, so I had no clue of its existance. 


Unlimited money for Sephora is a wonderful and scary thought at the same time lol.  I would stop myself from buying the entire store, though.  I'd put some money back for school, buy stuff for family, and donate to the shelter.  Now back to the topic, some things I'd get off the top of my head are:


  • UD Naked Palette
  • Benefit Coralista and Bella Bamba
  • Benefit Boi-ing Concealer
  • Benefit It's Potent! Eye Cream
  • Benefit Moisturizer
  • Beyonce Pulse Perfume (if they have it, I'd take the giftset)
  • Kat Von D Art of Elysium Palette: Kimberly
  • Kat Von D Saint perfume in a bottle
  • Marc Jacobs Daisy Gift Set
  • NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Hula Hula
  • Sephora by OPI 18 piece mini set
  • the darn tokidoki brushes I've had my eye on lol
  • Too Faced Gorgeous Lips Everyday
  • Too Faced Size Queen mascara
  • UD Single Eyeshadows in Hot Pants, Naked, Urb, Kiddie Pool,
  • Vera Wang Lovestruck perfume


Well, it's time to go play the lotto lol

Re: If You Had Unlimited Money For Sephora

If I had won that much money I would buy Sephora. At the very least I would buy everything at my local Sephora.  Can you imagine walking into your own personal Sephora every morning to do your makeup??!! 



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