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IPSY worth it?!

I have been debating IPSY (much like what I do with anything before I buy it) for a few months now. I would like to know which of you lovely ladies is subscribed to IPSY and if so do you think its worth it. I am interested in subscribing to the monthly bit; pros and cons about this?! Please and thank you darlings! Smiley Happy

Re: IPSY worth it?!

I am and from my perspective i think it is way better then birchbox.  

Re: IPSY worth it?!

I subbed a few months back for 2 mons-IPSY, honestly i got bored. if you are a makeup lover you might be disappointed .... on the other hand its only $10 lol. I just wasn't impressed, everything was ok but i have so much already and i just wasn't interested in the brands. oh and yes they have more makeup items and some FS items. 


I tried birchbox for 3 mons sometime last year. the samples were way too small and not worth even the $10 to me.they even give you stuff like perfume samples you get for free at macys and sephora.  like everything i like trying it at least once though. i did like that they give you points for reviewing ea product and i think 100pts gets you $10 off a full size item in the shop

Re: IPSY worth it?!

I have both Birchbox & Ipsy and I generally find myself happier with my Ipsy bag. It's not as "high end" as Birchbox but the sample sizes are usually much better & you get a cute bag each month. Also, there are less repeat type things with Ipsy & usually has more "makeup" products than Birchbox. I usually end up really liking about 2-3 items and being indifferent to the others, but I feel like it's worth my $10 & the mail surprise factor as well.

Re: IPSY worth it?!

while its fun to get surprises in the mail, it starts getting annoying when clutter accumulates, and none of the products are really good for you. Ipsy does't really have the best products in their bags,, i am considering other more high end options. it might be wise to save $ for things of my choice...

Re: IPSY worth it?!

I prefer sample society from Allure & Beauty Bar. It includes more high end items and a few months ago my box was worth over $100 (large sample of an expensive moisturizer) & it's only $15 a month. 

For $10, you can't go wrong with Ipsy, but I only end up liking maybe one item a month. I keep saying I'm going to cancel, but want to wait until the next month. I've been doing this since I've signed up hoping it will get better... it doesn't. Take a look on Google images for previous bags & see if the products interest you. Also take a look at previous Sample Society boxes Smiley Wink 

Re: IPSY worth it?!

I just got my first IPSY bag on Friday. It has some nice sizes items for the 10 bucks I spent. This is only the first bag though so I couldn't say if it's always like this. I did some research on youtube and tried to pick the best one. I am currently subscribed to Birchbox as well but I haven't received my first box yet. So far I would say go for the Ipsy. Cons -cs seems to suck Smiley Tongue

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