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IMPORTANT: To all my beautiful women (that's YOU!)

Dearest Ladies,


My community just recently lost a beautiful, talented, smart, caring, wonderful girl to suicide over the weekend. She was extremely young and it was not her time to go. I just wanted to put this message out there, that no matter how bad it is, it gets better, and if you feel you can't make it better on your own please know that there is ALWAYS someone who will try to help you. There are always people who love you and you have to let them try to make your life worth living if you feel it's not. Daron Richardson was a popular, fun-loving, smiley, active 14 year old girl; she didn't let anyone know how she was truly feeling and those feelings, bottled inside her, drove her to kill herself. But she had people around her that would have done everything humanly possible to help her if they had known, she just didn't reach out. 


Please, if you ever have thoughts of suicide, tell someone, reach out, call a hotline, call a friend, call your family, write an email, or write on a discussion board like this one, and you'll see that someone loves you, many people love you and you are not alone. Today we live in a global community, and just like every community, we are all here for those in need of a laugh, or a hug, or a reason to keep pushing one more day, because for all you know, tomorrow could be the best day yet. 


Love you all! 

Re: IMPORTANT: To all my beautiful women (that's YOU!)

thats so sad Smiley Sad

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