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Anyone else going to IMATS in Pasadena next week? (Janurary 18 or 19). I am beyond excited since it is my first time. I am expecting huge crowds but fun booths. I am kind of stalking the booths I want to check out. SO far I am stalking the Velour Lashes and Makeup Geek booths the most. 


Anyone else excited or having a problem stalking the booths?

Re: IMATS LA 2014

no but i am going to the one in nyc in the spring. if you have time, take lots of pics and show us what you saw/bought as well as what kind of discounts you got. i have heard that it is a good idea to bring a bunch of cash and that it does get very, very crowded. good luck!

Re: IMATS LA 2014

I'll be sure to post the haul damage that happens Smiley Wink

Re: IMATS LA 2014

yes please! looking forward to it.

Re: IMATS LA 2014

Ugh I wish but not this year. Maybe next year, Pasadena is so close to me.

Re: IMATS LA 2014

I've never gone to IMATS, but I really want to! Especially since Kandee Johnson is going to be teaching a class... Why did school have to start next week?? Maybe I'll try for next year lol. Take lots of pictures, have fun, and tell us all about it!

Re: IMATS LA 2014

I am so jealous! My friend and I are obsessed with makeup, skincare, and beauty and we are dying to go. Too bad we are in the midwest and have to decide IMATS NY or LA? It is our goal to go before we are 30! One day!!!

Re: IMATS LA 2014

I wish, it seems like a lot of fun! I don't really know anyone locally yet who's into makeup enough to make the drive out to LA county through since it's a longish drive and gas is $$$$. I dunno if I have my social anxiety under control enough to deal with crowds that big either. It's definitely a goal for me though - one day!

Re: IMATS LA 2014

Where are you? I wish I had someone willing to make a trip like that with me too, I have a hard time believing I could talk my husband into driving to LA for such a thing, hahaha. Even if that were possible he'd be a total buzzkill. San Diego is  not THAT far from LA though. 

Re: IMATS LA 2014

Oof! Yeah, San Diego is not that far from LA but it's a bit of a drive when you're going there and back in the same day, when I'm visiting family in San Diego I usually stay overnight. I used to live in Pasadena and there's a ton to do out there even during the day, if your husband gets tired of all the makeup there are definitely other options - art museums, movie theaters (including a really excellent independent one), plenty of really good eateries, etc !


I'm only about an hour from LA, so not too far... Though, I'm a recent college graduate and most of my friends are the same or still in school, so we're all pretty broke right now! Smiley Very Happy It's basically a money issue.

Re: IMATS LA 2014

When my husband tried to move to California the first time he was living in Pasadena. He didn't find a job, so he came back home to Canada, which turned out for the best, or we never would have started dating! He doesn't mind making the trip to Anaheim/LA and back in one day to see a hockey game, maybe next IMATS will line up with a team he wants to see play, hahaha. 

Re: IMATS LA 2014

I am in SD also.  I was really contemplating going on my own as I don't have anyone here who is obsessed like me.  But I decided not to go.

Re: IMATS LA 2014

Woo I'm so excited! It will be my second year going Smiley Happy . Yes, definitely expect HUGE lines, especially at MAC!


The only booths that are really catching my eye this year are Hakuhodo and Naimie's. The list is so overwhelming though!


You will have SO much fun! Smiley Very Happy




Re: IMATS LA 2014

i will be there! =) this is my fourth year going, woohoo! the discounts are amazing!


40% off - stila, makeup forever, lorac, smashbox, bobbi brown, too faced, laura mercier, nyx


30% Sigma Beauty


MAC Pro is also 40% off if you have a pro card, otherwise it's 20% off for the public =)

Re: IMATS LA 2014

I'm so jealous -- I've always wanted to go! I hope everyone comes back with fun haul photos Smiley Very Happy

Re: IMATS LA 2014

I really wanted to go, maybe next year. Wish they would have one closer to me, I should have gone when they were in Vancouver, but I have yet to apply for a passport, I always forget I should have one by now lol.

Re: IMATS LA 2014

Aah stop making me jealous! My parents would never take me across the country for a makeup convention during midterms week. Maybe someday...

Re: IMATS LA 2014

I would go if I could. Maybe next year! 

Re: IMATS LA 2014

Hello all! SO, IMATS LA is over. I went on Sunday (the 19th). It was fabulous! I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted b/c it just got a bit overwhelming (plus, I was distracted by all of the people and vendors! Smiley Wink). Sorry the pictures don't really capture how packed and exciting it actually was Smiley Sad. Ack, I loved it!



photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG

photo 3.JPG

photo 4.JPG

photo 5.JPG

photo 1 copy.JPG

photo 2 copy.JPG

^Sugarpill - Loose Eyeshadows in Paperdoll and Starling; Pigment in Supercharged


photo 3 copy.JPG

^Hakuhodo!!!!! - Synthetic Cream Shadow Brush; Blue Squirrel Crease Brush (OMG, lilahtov!); brush cleanser


photo 4 copy.JPG

^Stila - Smudgestick in Canary Heart


photo 5 copy.JPG

^Embryoilisse - Body Lotion (makes my skin soooo soft!)


^Sugarpill and Stila swatches!


Welp, that's all I have for now Smiley Happy. Please feel free to post your IMATS haul photos, I'd love to see them!




Re: IMATS LA 2014

thats awesome and thanks so much for posting! can you comment on how good the discounts were? 

Re: IMATS LA 2014

For PRO members or MUA, the discounts were 40%, and for the general public, the discounts were either 20% or 30%, depending on the vendor (Stila had a 30% discount, plus, you get a one-time use 30% + free shipping coupon to use online).


One of the vendors - Naime's - had Lime Crime, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Too Faced, and Smashbox, to name a few, so this is DEFINITELY the place to go if you want to try new things (or things you wouldn't easily find at Sephora/Nordstrom/etc) or stock up on some repurchases. Highly recommend!

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