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I would love your opinion!

This is totally off the subject of  makeup. I will recently be celebrating one year of sobriety and I wanted to something special for it. I found the most beautiful diamond ring and thought it would be perfect. Then whenever Id look at it  I remember  how far I've truly come. Now it is fake but it looks real. Also is it okay to wear the finger you would have a wedding ring?  Feel free to give me some advice. I will really be looking forward to your responses. Thanks!

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Re: I would love your opinion!

Congrats!  That's a huge accomplishment and you should definitely get something to show off for it (beside soberiety which is more than enough)!


As for wearing the ring on your lefthand-- I dunno.  If you are single or wanting to get engaged/ married, I think that it's nice to have that finger just for an engagement ring... but I never wore a ring there until I was engaged while some of my friends did.  But I will tell you that more people notice than you'd think they would, so if you're hunting for a relationship or would like to meet new people, you may want to just have a lovely reminder on another finger.  Plus you wouldn't want to have to take it off when someone buys you another ring!?

Re: I would love your opinion!

Congratulations!  That is quite an achievement and I wish you much success in continuing to stay that way.  A diamond ring would be a great gift to yourself, reminding you that you did it.  If you get engaged or married, you can always switch the ring over to the ring finger on your right hand.  That's what I did with the sapphire and diamond ring my husband gave me when we got engaged!


Again, congratulations.  I'm so happy for you.

Re: I would love your opinion!

I think it is rather brilliant actually.  You have worked hard and committed yourself to sobriety ... what better finger to wear a ring on.  It says, "I am married to my sobriety."  Good for you and congratulations!  


Re: I would love your opinion!

First off Congratulations. That is a huge accomplishment so you should be proud. I hope you continue your sucess with your sobriety Smiley Happy


Like others, I think it really depends on the person. Some might find it odd that you have it on your ring finger, but if you don't really care then I see no problem with it. It might attract some creeps, though. You know, those people who actually seek out the married because they consider it a mission. Lol. Btw, I think your reasons for purchasing the ring are great. That and it would probably go with everything.

Re: I would love your opinion!

Congratulations tarahbear on all the hard work that you put in!  You totally deserve that ring, and it is such a powerful reminder of all the effort that you have invested in yourself!


I think you should wear your ring on whatever finger you want, now that right hand rings are so popular, it fully frees up your left hand for other fun things! And it's nobody's business but yours who got you that stunner of a diamond ring!  Go for it, you deserve it 

Re: I would love your opinion!

Thank so much for your encouragement and support. Its comforting to know that I can even find support here. Thanks to all of you!

Re: I would love your opinion!

Go for it! I wouldn't see a problem with that, unless you have a boyfriend... Then I'd ask or at least tell him first so he'd know you weren't thinking he had proposed, ha ha!! Smiley Wink

But I don't see a problem with it, and also, Congratulations! I'll pray for your continued sucess!! Smiley Very Happy


xoxo, Charlotte

Re: I would love your opinion!

First, congratulations to you and your ongoing success -- it's tough every day to battle an addiction, and I really commend you. Stay focused and I wish you the best of luck Smiley Happy


Second, it depends on the person you ask, but I'm not a traditionalist and I say if you want to wear it on your left hand ring finger, go ahead and do it. You've worked hard and you deserve to do exactly what you want in this instance. People may assume that you are married / engaged / etc., but that wouldn't matter to me.




Re: I would love your opinion!

Thank you it means a lot to me! I think I will rock it on my so called wedding ring finger.Smiley Happy

Re: I would love your opinion!

WOW!  Congratulations, what an achivement.  I think that you should reward yourself, you deserve it.  Seeing that on your finger will keep you going in the future, keep it up.  Not to mention you could get a beautiful gift from this site, if you want, jk, I will pray for your continued success.

Re: I would love your opinion!

Thanks! I appreciate all the support I can get!

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