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Post in Besides Beauty

I must say I love BT!!!

Seriously, I do! lol I go on every day to see what's new, if there are any new promos or point perks and to see what everyone's chatting about. I don't get involved in too many of the discussions unless it's something I am crazy about but I do read most of them and they are enlightening (and entertaining at times).


I have learned alot from my beauty talk friends and have fun reading posts. So I had to start a thread on the fact that I really enjoy BT and the people who are on here. I don't have friends on my friend list (plus i just got started a few months ago lol) but  do consider a lot of you my friends. 


When I see posts from certain ladies I think oh yay let me see what my girl has to say..... lol


So thank you BT and ladies for your advice, your help (also to the mods!) and your friendship. Smiley Very Happy

Re: I must say I love BT!!!

I have not been on very long either. Now I wonder how I missed such an awesome part of Sephora. BT is Sephora's best perk IMO. The sharing is incredible to learn about products in every aspect. How many times do we read something and hop out for a second to order an item or add it to our loves? Guilty!Smiley Wink

Re: I must say I love BT!!!

It's like we all live in one BIG BT apartment building!Smiley Very Happy

Re: I must say I love BT!!!

I haven't been here very long myself, but I'm always happy to hear when someone's having as great a time here as I am!  Smiley Very Happy

Re: I must say I love BT!!!

I'm hooked. Everyone night my friend and I text to see what the other is doing and just chat since she lives in FL..... Every night I tell her I am on BT and she laughs and says she figured. lol 

I never knew about Ulta until BT (thanks a lot ladies for giving me a new obsession although it is no where near as bad as my sephora obsession!). There's alot of of things I never knew about before BT and I probably saved myself a lot of money then too! lol But I am having fun so I don't mind.

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