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I'm sure I'll get backlash, but I have to say it.

The past couple of days have really made me rethink the integrity of this forum.


There have been numerous posts from new members or special guests wanting genuine answers to their concerns, and I have seen many sarcastic remarks made towards them about their questions. Yes, they may be repetitive but these are people too.  Everyone has feelings and I don't think it's fair to make fun of someone because they may have asked the same question another person may have asked an hour ago, or a year ago. Sometimes people come in here not to browse, but to specifically only want an answer to their question.  They don't come in here to search for an answer, but to get one.


It isn't fair to make a smart remark regarding their questions or inserting an ignorant picture meme. When that person comes back to check for an answer they are viewing this and probably getting their feelings hurt; which may ultimately lead to the demise of BeautyTalk. They will not feel the need to come back or even want to be involved in a place like this. I realize that some people do have a certain sense of humor, but take into account other peoples feelings before posting a 'funny' picture or a smart remark. It may even make them feel like they don't want to make a purchase from Sephora. We don't know how other people think and what they feel. Shouldn't we try to be a little more compassionate and understanding?


With a lot of these new posts, we're not sure how old the person is. They could be 12 up to 60. Wouldn't you feel bad if your 13 year old daughter was asking a legit question in a forum and got rude responses? Before we post things, I think we should think first how someone would feel.


I really feel like this is high school again with certain clicks judging other new people. Everyone was new at some point and we're all guilty of doing certain things that are plainly stated we shouldn't do in the BeautyTalk Rules. I made a thread before about how excited I was about BT and how I wish sales associates would have told me about BT and got many comments about how many don't like it shared. Is this what we do when we don't want to share? Push them away with bitter, cutting remarks or taunting? Again, some people may not 'get' your sarcasm. There is a time and place for that and a newcomers thread isn't that place.


I was new at one point, only a couple months ago, so I am still relatively new. I understand that by posting this, I am probably setting myself up for some nasty PM's or will no longer be accepted in this world. But, ultimately I want to express my feelings because I do have such a strong passion about this subject. I was once bullied in high school and when I see certain comments or posts, it brings back bad memories and I empathize with the person whom its directed towards. It's just not fair to do some of the things that have been going on the past couple of days. Treat others how you would wish to be treated.


If I'm not welcome in here anymore by speaking my mind, I will at least bow out knowing that I did what was right.







Re: I'm sure I'll get backlash, but I have to say it.

This is the internet. I'm sure that most people with the tiniest bit of common sense know that if they don't like something they can just ignore it and move along. There is no need to shame people that have a different sense of humor to yours or that think differently to you. It's called diversity of personalities. 


You were bullied in high school? So was I. Who wasn't? High school is an evil place.


You've succeeded in creating a ridiculous amount of unnecessary drama with this thread. You were pretty much begging for backlash with the title that you gave it. I'm not sure which mod quit and appointed you boss of judging people?

Re: I'm sure I'll get backlash, but I have to say it.

I understand that I had some participation in this and I want to clarify several things. I never had malicious intent, the humor was not meant to be directed at anybody specific, I post answers to newbie's questions often and love doing so, and I love BT. I'm sincerely sorry that people's feelings were hurt, and I did apologize on the original thread  Smiley Sad :


Hearts everywhere! 

Re: I'm sure I'll get backlash, but I have to say it.

Re: I'm sure I'll get backlash, but I have to say it.

I log onto BT today and all I see is this: 





I say, all you bickering ladies man up and fight it out to the death --- gladiator styled:



So what say you? Let the games begin! Oh and...




Re: I'm sure I'll get backlash, but I have to say it.

Re: I'm sure I'll get backlash, but I have to say it.

Smiley Very Happy

Re: I'm sure I'll get backlash, but I have to say it.

hahahaha!!! dying!!!

Re: I'm sure I'll get backlash, but I have to say it.

Jenjen, all this post made me think was that I don't want you to leave bt. It and I both need people like you. It's a little rude whats been happening lately. And I agree, we were all new once.. if they can't handle new people then maybe they shouldn't be here.


Re: I'm sure I'll get backlash, but I have to say it.

Even though I didn't say much in that thread...After an hour or so reading others comments, I was concerned about what was happening. Thank you for reading my mind and speaking up for those people who wanted to say something.

Re: I'm sure I'll get backlash, but I have to say it.

My philosophy for online forums is if I don't like it, care about it, know about it, etc I keep on scrolling. Yea it's annoying to see the same topics posted about over and over but I don't open them or even care that much about it. I see all of the threads about traveling boxes and I'm not apart of them but I just scroll on down until I find something I feel like exploring or commenting on. 

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