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I'm going to a friend's wedding, any wedding basic 101?

So I'm never one of those girls obsessed with weddings nor have I ever attended one. But, I will be this time. The schedule is 4:30- guest arriving, 5:00 - wedding, 6:00 - dinner. I've got a flight (booked before I knew about the wedding) where I will arrive at 3:00, and it's 1hr 50min drive to the wedding location. I've managed to figure out what I will wear, and they have a registry so I'll contribute to that.


Are there anything I should do pre-wedding? any wedding ettiquette I should observe? any post wedding whatever? tips?


I dunno, I thought I'd just buy a gift, drop it off and eat, and done...except it seems to be more fancy/complicated than that and I'm friends with both person so I don't wanna end up doing something stupid/awkward.

Re: I'm going to a friend's wedding, any wedding basic 101?

I have to agree with wingatprsct.  The shadow & lips would be great with that dress.  And you gotta love a cute dress with pockets! Smiley Very Happy

Re: I'm going to a friend's wedding, any wedding basic 101?

I know! It's hard to find dresses with cute pockets. I don't understand the design of formal/evening wears. If it's summer, then the guys must be sweating to death under all that layers. If it's winter, then us ladies are frozen solid. I understand that purses are kind of implied, but if you don't want to carry one then you are reduced to....come with a guy and stuff all your things in his pockets?


Anyways, ok, everything all set. If anyone's interested, the travel kit I prepared for my bride friend is a multi-compartment clutch. You have the primping pocket (hair elastics, hair clip, eyeglasses clothe wipe, compact mirror, mini of: perfume rollerball, mascara, eyeliner, tinted lip balm), and fresh&clean pocket (foamy hand sanitizer, stain remover, hand lotion, floss, mini one use tooth brush, band-aid, flashlight/bottle opener keychain, 2 sample packet of face/body SPF, Dragon Tiger Balm). I'm not sure how TSA feels about sharp metal things so no scissor, clip or needles. So, that's that.


Ok, I'm done. Thank you ladies!

Re: I'm going to a friend's wedding, any wedding basic 101?

Well, it seems I've gained a bit weight since last time I wore the polka dot so it fills out and is not as revealing *cough*. I won't have a problem pairing things with the b/w dress. However! I just discovered my polka dot dress have pockets! which means I won't need a bag when I'm walking/standing/dancing around!


So, I'm gonna go with polka dot dress, gold/clear bangle, those bronze sandals (maybe a white shrug). As for makeup, aside from mascara and some mattifying products, I'm thinking of Dior Addict lipstick in Lucky and this vanilla/green eyeshadow set. Does it look like it will go with the dress?


If the green is too much I can always go with a more neutral eye (shimmer brown shadow + black eyeliner) like this (not my pic):


Re: I'm going to a friend's wedding, any wedding basic 101?

I think green shadow and Lucky lips would be very pretty since the dress is fairly neutral in color.  It will add some color.   I love a dress with pockets!  They're even making wedding gowns with pockets now....who'dathunkit!

Re: I'm going to a friend's wedding, any wedding basic 101?

I would make whatever you get from the registry a joint gift to the bride and groom. That is really customary unless it's not for the culture of the couple. If you want to give the bride a little something extra, that's fine. Your extra gift sounds a bit more like a wedding shower gift.  It sounds great for taking on a honeymoon or having around for the day of the wedding, but it will be too late for the day of and unless you know they will get around to opening gifts before they leave, you might miss that, too. But definitely it's traditional to give a gift to the couple. And if you don't see something on the registry that you want to give them, a gift certificate to the place they registered or a check is just fine, especially if the couple is older or has had a house together for a while or you know that's really what they need. 


Wear makeup that will be comfortable in the expected weather. It's the kind of occasion where people are morer likely to wear full makeup, but wear what you'll be comfortable in given the weather. And the black and white dress sounds fine, too. 


Relax if you can, have a good time, talk to the people near you. I hope you will be near friends, but everyone is a friend of the couple so you'll usually find something to talk about. And if you don't want to drink alcohol, it's perfectly acceptable to make a toast with anything that you're drinking. 

Re: I'm going to a friend's wedding, any wedding basic 101?

Wedding shower gift....fancy word. 


Hmmm, I see I see. Basically registry to both, then the clutch on the day of when I see her (it is for her honeymoon. I wasn't planning on doing it, but I saw in the registry that they are touring Europe and I figured a kit of little things to take would be useful). I'll up the makeup (and prob bring a little kit to adjust if necessary after I arrive). Got it, thanks!


The black/white dress I was talking about was this one:


I would like to go with the beige polka dot (but is it ok to show a little cleavage at a wedding? o.O)

Re: I'm going to a friend's wedding, any wedding basic 101?

Of course it is fine to show a little cleavage at a wedding!  Just make sure you bring your fashion tape so you don't slip out Smiley Wink


But that white and black dress is super gorgeous and I think it is patterned enough to not violate the "don't wear white"

Re: I'm going to a friend's wedding, any wedding basic 101?

Oooooo....I love this dress!  You can't go wrong with this one or the polka dot one.  If you are worried about cleavage, wear a silk camisole underneath. It is okay to show a little cleavage at a wedding, just don't show it ALL!!!!


I do agree that a wedding gift is for both, even though guys don't get real excited about towels or kitchen utensils, but girls can use tool sets   I love the clutch idea for the bride especially for her honeymoon.  Let her know she needs to open it to take it with her or she might not get it until she gets back.


A butterfly garden sounds so cool, but it will probably be humid.  Grab your blotting papers and wear whatever makeup is "normal" for you.  Bright metallic shadows covering the whole lid might be a little much. But if that's your norm, go ahead.  Have fun!

Re: I'm going to a friend's wedding, any wedding basic 101?

I think @wingatprsct and I are about the same age and level of thinking Smiley Happy. That black and white dress is beautiful and if you like it, go for it. The other dress definitely doesn't show too much cleavage unless your fit is really different. 


I agree, make sure you tell the bride to open her gift before she goes. You might even add more practical things. A nail file, bandaids, moleskin for blisters, inexpensive, short bladed scissors, mini clear nail polish if you have some around, a small thing of mints, a mini antibacterial hand gel or some wipes, etc. If I thought more I'd have more ideas, so send a note if you want more thoughts. But I'll say with all of my travels, scissors that you don't care about and can afford to ruin or lose are one of the best things to pack. Oh,vans those bandaids and maybe a small thing of pain killers. 


Sorry, I got off track here. I think whatever makeup you wear will be fine and so will that gorgeous black and white dress or the polkadot one. It sounds low key and I hope you have fun.

Re: I'm going to a friend's wedding, any wedding basic 101?

where is the wedding? if it is in a big city and at a fancy hotel, then i think you can dress up more than the below photos. if it is in a smaller venue or outdoors then i think the below dresses are appropriate.

Re: I'm going to a friend's wedding, any wedding basic 101?

ah, the wedding's at a Butterfly Garden, 80 degrees inside, then a hebachi dinner afterwards. I like the white polka dot dress, but, well, the top is kind of low and it's been a while since I showed my cleavage......


I think I'm going with a colorful eyeliner, tinted lip balm and mattifying powder, that's it. mmmm......maybe a bit of shimmer powder on the leg/shoulder.......


I decided to dedicate the registry to the groom, and put together a little emergency/travel kit for the bride. A little clutch with bandaid, hand sanitizer, stain remover, floss, flashlight/bottle opener key chain (ok, it's a free thing with logo on it, but it's useful, but is it ok if I put it in the gift?) etc.

Re: I'm going to a friend's wedding, any wedding basic 101?

if you want, i think you can dress it up a little more, especially on the makeup front! why not do full eyemakeup and lipstick? it is an evening wedding! plus, when do you ever get the opportunity to really dress up outside of weddings? have some fun!

Re: I'm going to a friend's wedding, any wedding basic 101?

lol, y'alls emphasis about not upstaging the bride has me paranoid. Is a bold lipstick ok? I'm so tempted to go for a glossy red. If not, then one of these 2 eyelooks depending on the shoe/bag:


My flight lands at 3pm, the wedding starts at 5pm, and the drive is 1hr 50min so I think I would like to try to be on time even if I don't wear a full face, altho I can do the eye look on the plane.


ps. It's not at a big city and my friends are nerds so, I don't think it's going to be too upscale....

Re: I'm going to a friend's wedding, any wedding basic 101?

yes, you can absolutely pull off a bold look and either one of those eyelooks! of course, i would probably do that much makeup just for a trip to the grocery store or to check the mail so to me it's not even close to being too much. 

Re: I'm going to a friend's wedding, any wedding basic 101?

haha 95% of my friends don't wear make up, so even if I just put on lipstick and absolutely nothing else people were like.....O.O

Re: I'm going to a friend's wedding, any wedding basic 101?

Oh, I would wear the black & white dress!  It's super cute, looks comfy, and seems just the right amount of dress up for an evening dinner.  As long as you aren't totally blinged out & wearing white, you don't have to be so worried about upstaging the bride.  But that dress, a little clutch, and makeup with one focal point (eyes or lips) should be perfect!

Re: I'm going to a friend's wedding, any wedding basic 101?

I agree- also keep in mind that this is an evening wedding which tends to be more formal than a daytime wedding. I generally go by the rule that it is better to be over-dressed than under-dressed.

Re: I'm going to a friend's wedding, any wedding basic 101?

DEFINITELY don't wear white and keep your makeup neutral.  You don't want to outshine the bride on her big day!  A couple of years back at a friend's wedding one of our mutual friends wore a short white dress.  She looked great, but not the right day to wear it, of all days.  My dress was a halter dress that had a grey/white/black print on it. 

Re: I'm going to a friend's wedding, any wedding basic 101?

*facepalm* I've heard don't wear white before and it's common sense but when I was pulling out my dresses I forgot about it *puts back the black/white floral dress* Is a short sleeved white shurg ok? or preferably not?

Anyways, the dress will be one of these 2 (not my pics):


With one of these bags (red or black with the first, pattern with the second):

2013-07-22 18.14.32.jpg

And one of these accessories (2 pandant goes with peach dress, but the rest can go with either).

2013-07-22 18.18.06.jpg

Shoes will just be something like this (not my pics):


Does that work?

Re: I'm going to a friend's wedding, any wedding basic 101?

I love the first one!  It really screams summer wedding attire. The collar on the second dress seems to make it more casual but could still work especially if you added a sheer colorful scarf to your dress or bag or a more delicate necklace (think pearls).  Adding a white shrug to either dress would also be appropriate.  Actually, a black and white floral would not be bad for a wedding if it is a small to medium print (not too loud) and predominantly white.  You just don't want to wear all white.  I attended a wedding once where the ex-girlfriend wore an all black dress!!!! 


Definitely NOT the black purse.  It seems too casual for a wedding.  The red one would be okay, but a simple clutch in a neutral color would be even more appropriate.  The strawberry necklace is lovely and you can go with or without the white shrug plus light metallic shoes The second dress with your floral bag, white shrug or sheer scarf in a pale solid (not both), the circles necklace and clear/ gold bangle and light metallic shoes would definitely work.


Hope this helps!

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