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I love...the color pink!

I love all things pink-- pink cell phone case, pink ipad cover, pink clothes, pink sunglasses, pink wallet, pink lip gloss, pink nail polish, etc...


Although I like all shades of pink- light pink, dark pink, hot pink, my favorite is hot pink nails, and baby pink lip gloss.  


i used to love purple but over the last few years, I've come to associate all things girly with the color pink.  If I lived alone and not with my husband, I'd have a pink bedroom, but I've spared him and compromised.


My best friend says that you don't have to be a girl to love pink, but husband seems to think its a "girl-only" color.  Any thoughts? 

Re: I love...the color pink!

Obsessed with pink. I even painted my closet bright pink while my boyfriend was out of town on business when I was mad at him. Maybe it was childish, but the color is gorgeous & I don't regret it one bit. My boyfriend will wear pink & purple every now & then. He has a really nice pink tie for his tux that looks so sharp on him. I can't ever find the right pink stuff for him so I let him do his own shopping. 

Re: I love...the color pink!

My husband thinks that too. I have bought him some of the prettiest pink shirts and I have just as quickly returned them.

Re: I love...the color pink!

I've done the same, bought my husband a pink shirt and he shut it down very quickly.  He has a gender specific thing  going on with him.

Re: I love...the color pink!

I go through phases with colors.  Without noticing it, I'll often come home from a shopping trip with all clothes/accessories/makeup in a single color.  Oops.


I'm back on a blue and green kick right now- but I do enjoy pink.

Re: I love...the color pink!

I'm obsessed with bright green, the color of new leafs and lime. I go through phases where I liked blue, then red, then orange, then yellow, and now green. Occasionally I would see something orange or yellow and obsess over it, but I always come back to green.


I like pink lipstick/blush, otherwise it's as good as any other color. I think it takes a certain type of confidence and guy to pull off pink. Some guys look good in salmon pink, and others look good in fushia, but you do need to know how to coordinate and own it.

Re: I love...the color pink!

My dog has a pink nose.  I can always tell when he has been digging because he looks like a regular dog with a black nose!

I like pink, peony and lilac-pink are my favorites. I have little pink accents in my bedroom and hubby hasn't said anything, possibly because it goes with the purple-green theme of the room. Try sneaking in pink pillows or window treatment pulls, it's a quick way to pinkify!

Re: I love...the color pink!

My favorite color is pink also.  I have a pink phone case, a few pink sweatshirts, t-shirts, tank tops, sweaters.  I even had a pink leather purse and matching wallet.  I gravitate toward pink eyeshadow and lipstick and blush.  My favorite is BE loose blush is giddy pink (I will be very upset if they discontinue that color)!   My fav of their eyeshadow is finese.

Re: I love...the color pink!

You love pink like i love the color orange! My nails are most the time painted orange. I've never been too obsessed with pink though, but i do love pink when choosing a lip gloss, i love a sheer pink gloss since i don't love a full on pink lipstick!

Re: I love...the color pink!

I am a little obsessed!!!

Re: I love...the color pink!

Just a tad, Lol

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