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I love... beauty in ALL forms

I know I already have an I love... but given some of the threads here over the past couple of weeks I have to get this off my chest.


I LOVE that we celebrate beauty in ALL forms here at BT- and that this is (mostly) a no judgment zone. I LOVE that we see the beauty in all- and refuse to conform to one group's view of what is perfect/beautiful and what is not.


I LOVE that BT is a place where you are beautiful, no matter your age, size, shape, color, gender, or any other label that society likes to throw out.


Keep celebrating the REAL beauty and love out there, BT!

Re: I love... beauty in ALL forms

LOL, no more of those for awhile- probably until fall collections hit stores.

Re: I love... beauty in ALL forms

i still love the pictures of all the items you got. I like it when people post pics with their hauls. Gives a "face" to a product Smiley Happy


Re: I love... beauty in ALL forms

And I love getting storage ideas as strange as it seems!  I applaud those that are brave enough to post their actual faces- my arm or hand is as much as I'll ever show.

Re: I love... beauty in ALL forms

I LOVE......


this thread Smiley Very Happy Keep the positives running, can never have enough loveee threads.


I would post more pictures of myself if they didn't automatically end up on google images...but because they do, my arm of hand is as much as I'll ever show too. >_<

Re: I love... beauty in ALL forms

Well put, starletta! This forum is so friendly and fun. I hope it stays this way. It can stay this way if we all are accepting and understanding of each other (and of Sephora, which is an amazing store...)

Looking forward to sharing much more positivity with you guys!

Re: I love... beauty in ALL forms

Here!  Here, Starlett!


I also love that this board celebrates beauty in all its forms.  It's a relief to come to a beauty site and see products, discussions and hints for all skin types, skin tones and age groups.  Even more helpful is that people are willing to think outside the box.  The experts are also great!


For instance, my skin has been oily all my life and even though I've used products to address that particular issue, now that I am of a certain age those products are a little too harsh.  I love being able to get opinions about my skincare routine from others who are experiencing the same hormonal and environmental issues.


And, if it weren't for this board, I would still be wearing bronzed-colored blushes simply because I bought into the myth years ago that dark-skinned women should stay away from bright cheek and lip colors.


Re: I love... beauty in ALL forms

I'm a member of a few different forums, but gravitate towards BT the most. 

For the most part everyone here is great! Some of the negative threads I can do without,but understand that sometimes people need to vent & are unsure how to properly get their point across. 

Re: I love... beauty in ALL forms

I love to see the love and the positive energy around here!

Re: I love... beauty in ALL forms

I just wanted to bump this thread.


Thank you BT for being an awesome place. I looked at my profile today and couldn't believe how quickly my post and heart counts have jumped.  That's such a testament to what a wonderful community this is.



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