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I have 2 questions ( pretty off topic actually xD )

I ask things like this because most people are there are a little older than me, I don't have any older sisters and my mom is really not the best person to ask, so thanks a lot c: here are the questions !!!

1. Do you guys think it's okay for me to be a misandrist ? ( definition: the extreme dislike of men by women ) 


2does it true that guys think it's ' cute ' when a girl is angry? Why? 

Re: I have 2 questions ( pretty off topic actually xD )

1. I think having an extreme dislike towards men can maybe be more harm then good. Like having anger and dislike that you think about a lot might make you more unhappy. I understand how you feel though in a sense. You should look up Radical Feminism. I think you might like it hah. Anyway, I think it is important to remember not all boys are the same and give them a chance. I know if you are younger it can be really hard.


2.I think some guys do unless you are like really angry hah. It obviously differs based on the situation but I would say it has a lot to do with like gender roles and patriarchy. Some boys don't take girl's anger seriously because they don't take girls seriously. By saying their anger is cute it is demeaning/a way to not face why she is mad and allows for a boy to feel more powerful over a girl. Anyway, I'm probably going into this too much.

Re: I have 2 questions ( pretty off topic actually xD )

1. I think it's wrong to hate or dislike someone because of their gender. There are good men and bad men, just as there are good women and bad women. 

2. No, I doubt it. When guys say they think it's cute, they're usually just teasing. If a girl was *truly* mad, it wouldn't be cute. Now, if a girl was just *fake* mad, that's a different story. (ish.) 

Re: I have 2 questions ( pretty off topic actually xD )

1. You have to remember all people are different boys and girl some boys even act like girls and some girl act like boys. So you can't really just hate the entire population of boys when none are exactly the same. Now it's very common that a group of guy friends are very similar because friends really influence you ALOT whether you want to admit it or not. I would say to just be really open minded to the possibility of them being any kind of way. Try being nice and making friends and find out for yourself.


2. No lol. If anything they might think you make a cute face when your angry or something but not everyone makes that face. But when your angry and it's directed at them. Most likely they won't find that attractive and if they do you might want to question why cuz they might have problems. Lol also even if you aren't angry at them but your alwayss angry at someone or having all kinds of drama and you always tell them everything. They don't think girls in drama all the time are attractive either. I have a lot of guy friends and they say yes they do feel bad for you but when your always having problems they start to assume it's probably something you are doing that's getting you into the mess (most of the time it is, sorry) and they don't want to start a serious relationship with someone with so much baggage. 

Re: I have 2 questions ( pretty off topic actually xD )

1. It is no more okay to be a misandrist than a misogynist. Both are blind hatred of another person based on gender. Why would one be okay and not the other?


The guys of your age are almost biologically **bleep**holes. Some of them stay that way, but most grow out of it eventually. Mostly. I know it's kind of lame, because everyone says this, but do try to hold on. Pretty much all of the cool, interesting people I know had extra rough teen years (me included.) 


2. Guys are people, too. Just like girls, what they think and like varies from one to the next. Smiley Happy  Personally, I've never had a guy say that to me. But that may be because I rarely express much anger and when I do, it's kind of a lot. ... Come to think of it, I've never heard a guy say that at all. Hmm.

Re: I have 2 questions ( pretty off topic actually xD )

1. no, its not ok to be a misandrist. as others have stated below, its also not ok to be a misogynist.


2. i think some guys think it is ok for a girl to be angry because they like seeing passion in a woman. so long as its not petty anger - ie, they are angry about something important and interesting - i could see how a guy would think that is cute.

Re: I have 2 questions ( pretty off topic actually xD )

It's never ok to be hateful towards any group of people (or everyone). That said, we're all guilty of having anger or hatred towards groups of people or individuals, but we should strive to rid ourselves of those negative feelings. Life is more enjoyable and more productive when you're not busy disliking others. (I would know -- I'm so busy being irritated with others that I never get anything done! I need to work on that. Smiley Wink


Sometimes guys think it's cute when girls get angry; other times, not so much. I think it completely depends on what your "angry" looks like, your relationship with the guy, and his personality as well. Thinking back to all the men I've known, I can only think of one guy who used to find amusement in me getting pissed (at him). Chalk it up to that rush boys get with that childish, pulling the girl's braids and pushing her in the sandbox kind of behavior. Most other times, guys think I'm just nuts when I'm mad, lol.




Re: I have 2 questions ( pretty off topic actually xD )

1. "No" is the short answer; the longer one is that it's never a good idea -- dangerous, even -- to generalize any large demographic. People are different, and even if you've had terrible experiences with men, or you're close to someone who has (your mother, sister, friend), it doesn't mean that any one person can have the same characteristics based purely upon gender. 


2. I'm sure some think it's cute, but I find it demeaning because -- intentional or not -- it can invalidate the anger and the reasons behind it. It also depends on the context. It may be one thing if this is a general observation made when both people are teasing (i.e., not genuinely upset), but in the moment of a real argument, if the object of the anger states, "You're cute," it discredits the person and his/her reasoning. It's never a nice feeling when your anger isn't taken seriously. 

Re: I have 2 questions ( pretty off topic actually xD )

A: No, because not all of them are the same. Keep looking, you will find the one who
is completely diff. from the rest. I know from experience and almost giving up myself, like you
and almost hating them all! I am glad I gave the one a chance.


B. Yes, they think that sometimes. It depends on crazy angry you get.
I hate it when I hear it, it makes me angrier. I don't want to be cute when I am angry!

Hope we all helped you : )
FYI I know what you mean on you can't ask your mom! I can't either, some stuff
she just doesn't get.


Re: I have 2 questions ( pretty off topic actually xD )

^~^ I'm glad 

Re: I have 2 questions ( pretty off topic actually xD )

I think it's fine...I dislike men too at this point. But I know I ain't going to hate them forever. I did see an adorable guy on the bus a month ago (but was to chicken to talk to him.) Then again...I want to be single for a really long time. I'm just to fragile at this point to have a man. I have 2 people flirting on me...Both of them are not my type and wouldn't be caught dead dating either of them. I want to focus on me, and my dreams, and learning to love myself before I love others. 


I saw this saying on a sweater I want: Cats are my boyfriend! (I think that's so true, and adorable)

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