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I got an interview!

So I just posted the other day asking you ladies for advice on what to put on my resume, and I just got a call from DSW and they want me to come in for an interview! The lady called me and right when she said she is from DSW I got SO excited! Lol, she gave me a phone interview and I felt so nervous because that was pretty much my first interview ever, I felt like I wasn't as confident as I should of been. I have an interview with the manager this Tuesday, and I am sooo nervous! Lol, I need your advice again.. 

What should I expect? What should I wear? (I know I should wear something like a black skirt and some adorable shoes but I just don't know top wise) What is a good way to practice for an interview? Oh my gosh haha, I know that just getting an interview doesn't mean I have the job yet, but I am so excited! I feel weird about it though because my boyfriends sister also applied and she also got an interview and its an hour before mine, the only difference is is that she actually has job experience and I don't, it makes me sort of feel like I have competition :/ So I really want to make a great impression on the manager.

Thanks so much ladies! I really appreciate all of your advice!



Re: I got an interview!



My quick tips of advice:


1. Be yourself and stay positive! Smiling and keeping a happy vibe is super easy to pick up on!


2. Dress to impress and wear a nice shirt, pants or a skirt or even a sweater/cardigan in simple colors if you can! Keep the focus on yourself rather than what you wear!


3. Really SELL yourself and what a great person you are, your past skills, how excited you are for the job and what you have to offer!


Best of luck to you and we all can't wait to hear when you post again that you GOT the job!


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: I got an interview!

That good luck bear is so cute!

Re: I got an interview!

So you know that you did well to actually be called in to meet the manager, and you know you have all our support behinfd you!!

Re: I got an interview!

just try selling yourself during the interview. Expect questions like : Why do you think you're a great fit for our company? And if you don't have any sales experience just put emphasis on your upbeat personality and how you love to work with people etc. Dress Professionally. I would wear a longer blac skirt or pants. I would wear a collored shirt. 

Re: I got an interview!

First of all, you don't have to be nervous and you aren't in competition with your boyfriends' sister. You are your own awesome person and you need to feel it! Tell yourself that you are the best person for the job and you just have to tell the manager that you are the best candidate because you are a hard worker and are willing to put in the time to make the store the best in the business.

Don't use slang and um in your conversation, and you can practice this at home. Try to present a polished professional appearance. Black skirt, beige top, sensible jewelry, no odd color hair, etc. If you can actually see the manager or employees of the department a couple of days ahead of time, you can dress in a similar manner. Prospective employers don't try to trick you but they ask questions that help them determine how well you will fit their needs. If you don't understand a question or need a couple of seconds to think, ask for clarification. Take a walk around before your interview to calm the butterflies in your stomach and don't drink a soda, you don't want your stomach making noise during the interview, or worse, have to burp!

Good luck, hope you ace it!
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