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I Love...

In keeping with the spirit of "love" posts, here's mine! 


I love the process of applying makeup. I find it so relaxing and it feels like art as I sweep on different products and colors. I enjoy the process of coming up with a look for the day, and love switching it up everyday. I have also found that since I spend a lot of time looking at myself in the mirror I have come to accept and love my flaws, and I appreciate my own unique look. For me makeup goes beyond the superficial necessity, and has helped me build confidence and love myself. I hope everyone else has found this feeling I have, and if not, I hope you find it soon Smiley Happy

Re: I Love...

I just cant get enough of all these love posts Smiley Very Happy So refreshing.


I find makeup application relaxing too (unless I'm pressed for time)! I love trying new products, reading reviews, getting feedback, playing around with different colors, watching youtube tutorials/reviews/makeup collections Smiley Very Happy


What can I say....its a full time hobby Smiley Very Happy

Re: I Love...

I application to it's like your happy because you know your fixing to put it on and then step by step your smile always get biggerSmiley Wink

Re: I Love...

@beautylovingirl @sephoramusthave

This is what I love about BT most people really just "get" it, especially since as I grew nobody in my family wore makeup, it's nice to have a place to go where people share these feeling!

Re: I Love...

@kenny- Aww that's so sweet and I hope you always feel like you can share your feelings here with us. Smiley Wink

Re: I Love...

I know what you mean- and I love that feeling as well.  Doing my makeup is my favorite part of getting ready in the morning.  It's soothing and often sets the tone for the day.  Am I feeling bold? Sweet? Conservative?

Re: I Love...

Yup, it's a relaxing ritual that just puts you in a good state of mind.   You feel you look better, you feel better Smiley Happy

Re: I Love...

I love makeup and applying it too.  It makes me happy.

Re: I Love...

I love sleep. It's interesting suddenly how wondrous and alluring the idea seems after a couple all nighters and sitting in the same chair for 12hrs. The cool sheets against the skin....head gently sinking into the pillow...let your body sink into a quiet rhythm ..and feel everything slowly fades away....


30hrs without sleep and counting, better go work some more if I want a couple hours tonight. =.=

Re: I Love...

For some reason your sleep response made me think of Hiss the snake from Robin Hood!


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