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Re: I LOVE...... NOSES

Hahaha yay!  I like to use my nose to smell pretty perfumes!

Re: I LOVE...... NOSES

At first I thought, "that's a rather random statement".  Then I realized it's a remarkably astute observation.


On a side note...


I like dorks.  They make the world more amusing.

Re: I LOVE...... NOSES

They're a great place to have freckles!  Freckles make me look younger and I think, more playful.

Re: I LOVE...... NOSES

Oh man, I LOVE freckles!  They are so distinct and beautiful and FUN!  Both of my sisters get the most wonderful freckles across their noses in the summer and I get so jealous.  I agree that they really do add a bit of playfulness to natural looks.  I also think they make bolder looks seem more edgy or avant garde.

Re: I LOVE...... NOSES

Is this about noses or dorks??? But anyway I love freckles too my little boy has like painted on little tiny freckles the kind you see painted on a doll's cheeks.

Re: I LOVE...... NOSES

What an awesome thread!  I have come to love my nose and it's little bump.  And with my face shape, and hair color I have been told many times that I look like Sara Jessica Parker. The funniest was when the guy at Home Depot loading the shower basin into to back of my truck said "do you know you look like Sarah Jessica Parker?"  I'm like yeah yeah yeah  I get that a lot.  


I also get a little freckling in the summer and I don't know what it is but yeah makes me look a little younger too! Freckles rock!

Re: I LOVE...... NOSES

I don't like my nose b/c I have a fat alar cartilage and acne ;(

Re: I LOVE...... NOSES

Pfft, the subject made me smirk. I'm ok with it. The thing is I have a big head (ha!) but a nose with almost no nose bridge, so it's super hard to find any type of glasses that are big enough for my head but flat enough in the front for my tiny nose (and I have terrible eye sight). I used to frequently have pimples around my nose area cuz it's oily, but my skin got drier and now the pimple region has moved to my chin cuz I'm stressed. The weird thing is, my nose is the most sensitive to temperature part of me. It's the first to sweat in the summer, but the worse part is sometimes I seriously feel like it's gonna be frozen and fall off in the New England winter. I have more than once semi-seriously thought about those clown noses for winter weather protection. And I feel like the point of my post is slowly drifting to a random direction (was there a point?) so I'll stop here.


Re: I LOVE...... NOSES

I Like this post considering I can't stand my nose so it's nice to show it a little love I guess! I pierced my nose and keep a diamond stud in it as an attempt to make it look cuter- but I agree with the freckle statement! My mom and sister both have freckles and I'd love to have them but nope, not my luck I guess! Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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